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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 094 - Confound you! Go ahead and kill me right now?

The tracking beacon which issued forth a『Caution』was the one attached to the bag of【Wheat flour】.
Apparently, when you attach a beacon on things, it’ll issued forth『Caution』when being stolen.

In my room, I can only watch where the bag of【Wheat flour】was being stolen.

The perpetrators were orcs, who on the surface were men, not only the【Wheat floor】but other foodstuff as well.
The perpetrators, under the cover of night, carried the stolen foodstuff into the Slums.
The perpetrators who carried the foodstuff into a warehouse-like building in the Slums, reverted back to orc form after they stopped using【Magic stone of Human transformation】.

Should I get it back when I return to the other world tomorrow?


 The next morning, when I tried to check Lela’s situation, it hasn’t turned into a「Confound you! Go ahead and kill me right now[1]」-like situation yet.
Throughout the morning, I procure wheat flour and delivered stimulant potions to the Director.

Just before noon, Lela’s tracking beacon issued forth『Danger』this time.

Elena and I hurriedly arrived at Ikebu town……

Outside the north gate of Ikebu town, an intense battle was unfolding.

「Elena, I’ll rely on you to treat the injured people.」

Elena began to treat the people who were injured in the battlefield. 
I moved to the frontline and used【Water cutter】towards the group of orcs, mowing them down.
Why did I use【Water cutter】intentionally, you ask? Because I cant’ afford to use Lightning under the watchful gaze of many people. The【Water cutter】was the strongest besides Lightning magic.
I should’ve also practice more magic other than Lightning.

Elena was contributing to the battle by healing the injured soldiers and enabling them to return to the frontlines.

With Elena and my participation, the frontlines had gained the advantage but……
That reminds me, Lela was nowhere to be seen.

When I checked her position through the tracking beacon, Lela was moving away from the battle field.
What the heck are you doing!?

When I confirmed Lela’s present situation on the video―

4 orcs were holding each of her limbs? She was being carried away with her limbs outstretched.
She had been caught!
But, these orcs had bodies one size larger than a normal orc. Are they High Rank monsters?

When I turned on the sounds…..

There was no「Confound you! Go ahead and kill me right now!」and the like.


She wailed with tears and snot dripping down.

「Disgraceful~!! To begin with, why orc, I hate it~~!!」

Somehow,『Iron wall Lela』’s image was……

「Oink oink.」「Oink-」

When I listened, the orcs conversation can be heard.
When I tried to use【Language Acquisition】―

┌─<Language Acquisition>─
│【Orc language】acquisition
│ Please choose the acquisition level:

│・Level 1 (Consumption: 50 MP)
│  You can speak by babbling

│・Level 2 (Consumption: 100 MP)
│  You can speak at an everyday conversational level

│・Level 3 (Consumption: 200 MP)
│  You can speak fluently

As expected, the orcs have been talking in the Orc language.
Using 200 MP, I tried to learn【Orc Language】level 3―

『This, human female, noisy.』
「Exactly. Moreover, this female, really, ugly. Goblin king, might get angry.』
『Armor, high class. If he gets angry, armor, take off, use.』
『That, good idea. Armor, once taken off, ugly female, throw away.』

Those are terrible things to say……
Perhaps, orcs and humans have different aesthetic sense.

Because she was indeed pitiful, with【Teleportation】, I moved in front of the orcs to take Lela away.

『Wait a moment.』

The orcs were surprised when I suddenly appeared and abruptly stopped.

『You, who? Human, how, speak?』
『I’ve come to help that female.』
『You came, to help, this, ugly female? You, amusing.』

I’ve been laugh at by an orc. Shit! 
When I used【Appraisal】on the『Orc』, it was a『High orc』. It was a High Rank as expected.

『You guys, what do you intend to do by abducting this ugly female? You don’t intend to mate, do you?』
『Ugee! I won’t do, such a thing! If I’m to do it, those pigs, better than, this!』

That was a terrible thing to say, but of course Lela didn’t understand what had been said, or she would shout「Rapist!」or something like「Murderer!」and struggle. Even I didn’t want to see that coming.

When I took out the Replica Sword and lowered myself into a fighting stance, only two of the High Orcs stepped forward, while the remaining two held Lela.

The two high orcs and I break into a run simultaneously but the other side’s feet were hit by the Electric shock and came into a stop. The high orcs cooperation had collapsed.
One of the high orcs drew a sword from its waist and made a side sweep, while dodging it with a jump, I completely cut off its defenseless neck.

Stepping over the shoulder of the high orc who had its head missing, I jumped over towards the high orc who was paralyzed by the electric shock.
At the same time the high orc recovered from the electric shock and raised its eyes, its head also rolled over with a *tumble*.

The two, who held Lela, threw her at the back. They drew their swords from their waist and took a fighting stance.
Lela was suddenly thrown to the ground.

「Gya! Ouch! Ouch!! You don’t need to be so rough!」

It seemed Lela thought that the orcs were being rough and wailed furiously.

「Errr… Lela-san?」
「Gyaa! An orc talked!」

Muu, she was already in a state of panic and no matter what I say, she just wailed *Gyaa! Gyaa!*.
I was fed up and decided to keep quite for a while.
With Lela’s wailing as BGM, the two high orcs and I glared each other.

The high orcs attacked me from left and right, intending to pincer attack.
The swords of the high orcs had been swung down simultaneously from both sides. As I dodged them using【Teleportation】and moved behind the orc from the right, I slashed it across its back.

While the high orc who was slashed screamed, it frantically tried to cover the cut across its back with its both hands. The next moment, both its hands were also cut off by me and fell to the ground.
The high orc bled intensely and fell down. It stopped moving.

The last monster was pierced by【Lightning flash】, paralyzing its body, and was beheaded from behind.

I wiped off the filth on the Replica Sword with cooking paper and sheathed it―
Finally, the cut off head of the high orc fell down with a *tumble tumble* and hit Lela, who was crouching, in the head with a *thud*.

Lela finally regained her composure and looked up―

In front of her, was the freshly-severed head of the high orc with a terrible expression……


Lela directly fainted.

But, I hope she won’t get traumatized by the orc……
Well, she’s rather convenient to carry when unconscious.

I lifted Lela up and returned to the original position where Elena is using【Teleportation】.

Translator notes and reference:

1殺せKu! Korose!” (Confound you! Go ahead and kill me right now!) is a stereotypical eroge phrase by a female knight about to be raped by orcs. [return]