Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 091 - Group work

Because we went around various towns in a single day today and it was also considerably late, we decided to stay at an inn in Ikebu town.

「Oniichan, why did you walk in a maidens’ room?」
「Because this room is spacious.」

「That’s not what I meant! I asked you why did you come here? After this, we are going to have girls’ fun time!」

「Yes yes, please put your girls’ fun time on hold. Let’s learn【Magic power reinforcement】together.」
「I’d also like to learn【Magic power reinforcement】.」
「I get it already.~」

We began our special training of【Magic power reinforcement】.

「What are you groaning『Umhum』for?」
「Because, I don’t know how magic power reinforcement be done. How should it be done, oniichan?」
「Even if you ask me, I don’t know. What do you think, Elena?」
「Hmm… since magic power is the power of spirit, I have a feeling that it should strengthen the spirit.」

Strengthen the spirit, huh……
Even though it’s called body reinforcement magic, it strengthens the spirit? Hmm.

When I was thinking about the various aspect of such a thing―
The face of a certain man came to mind.

Don’t give up!
Ganbare ganbare!
You can do it if you try!

That man, is the man who was called the sun god.1
(AN: It has nothing to do with the actual person.)

That’s it! 『Willpower』!

I pictured the words of the sun god in my mind repeatedly.
And then, I felt my body becoming hot!

「I was able to do it, somehow.」
「Oniichan, really!?」

I tried to use【Appraisal】on myself.
The condition displayed was『Condition: Magic power reinforcement』.
Also, the【Magic power reinforcement】magic has been added to【Body reinforcement magic】.

「I used【Appraisal】and I was able to learn it properly.」
「You’re amazing, Seiji-sama.」
「Oniichan, how did you do it?」
「What’s that?……」

I left Aya alone for a while who was grasping the feeling. Using【Magic power reinforcement】I learned with so much trouble, I decided to create【Attribute reinforcement magic stone】.

「Elena, please help me with creating【Attribute reinforcement magic stone】.」

I put the Magic stone of Nullpo on the table and sat down opposite to Elena.

「Well, what attribute shall we create?」
「What about recovery magic?」
「Recovery magic? It’s not an attribute magic.」
「That’s right, I’m sorry.」

「Hmm… perhaps…… shall we try recovery magic?」
「B-, but……」
「We’re only going to try, there’s also a lot of magic stone of Nullpo.」

We placed a hand each on the magic stone of Nullpo.
When doing it this way, it was somewhat embarrassing.

「Seiji-sama, I’m ready.」
「O-, Ou. Then, let’s do it! 3, 2, 1, go!」

While facing each other, we poured magic power into the Magic stone of Nullpo.


The Magic stone of Nullpo emitted a faint light and settled in after a short while―
The Magic stone of Nullpo had turned into a beautiful pink colored magic stone.

「We did it!」
「Its color is beautiful!」
「You were able to do it already!? Show it to me. ……It’s true, its color is beautiful!」

When I used【Appraisal】, it was―
It was【Recovery reinforcement magic stone +3】!

「It’s【Recovery reinforcement magic stone +3】!」
「Isn’t『+3』a good one?」
「Oh,『+3』is also the highest potion I brewed.」
「A-, Amazing! The magic stone which Seiji-sama and I created……」

Elena held the pink magic stone in hand and rubbed her cheeks against it, she appeared to be spellbound.
I wonder if she was so glad that a good magic stone was made?

「Oniichan, I’d like to create too!」
「Oh, which magic, Aya?」
「Well then, let’s create Wind.」
「Alright, let’s create it then.」

While facing each other, we poured magic power into the magic stone of Nullpo.

After a while, the magic stone started to shine. When the light settled―
The magic stone of Nullpo turned into a vibrant green magic stone.

「I was able to do it!」
「Its color has a good feeling.」

When I used【Appraisal】, it was―
It was a【Wind reinforcement magic stone +1】.

「It’s【Wind reinforcement magic stone +1】!」
「『+1』? Elena-chan is good.~」
「Well, it’s because Elena’s recovery magic is level 5.~」

Aya seemed to like the magic stone she created herself too. She stared at it like she was going to eat it.

「Errr… you two. Could you learn the【Magic power reinforcement】quickly? Because, I’d like to create my own magic stone too……」
「Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll do my best!」

Elena started to practice the【Magic power reinforcement】seriously while Aya was still staring at the magic stone idly. Aya, weren’t you older than Elena?
Elena continued to practice for a while but it seemed, it wasn’t going quite well.

「I-, I’m sorry. It’s difficult……」

Elena is at her wit’s end.

「Don’t need to hurry that much.」
「Y-, yes.」

Elena has fallen silent.

It can’t be helped, should I try it alone?

I held the magic stone of Nullpo in between my right and left hand. I poured【Lightning magic】with my right hand and【Magic power reinforcement】with my left hand.2

You can do it if you try, right?
After a while, the magic stone shone and a transparent purple magic stone was completed.

「Seiji-sama, it’s so beautiful!」
「It’s pretty, did you create it alone, oniichan?」
「Yeah, I was able to do it when I tried.」

I used【Appraisal】and boom!
It was【Lightning reinforcement magic stone +4】.

「A-, Amazing!!」
「There’s also +4 too, huh.」

I was also spellbound and kept looking at the magic stone I created.
I created it on my own. It was like pouring one’s own liquor and drinking it, it was a little solitary. For some reason, I was looking at it dreamily.
I kind of understand the feelings of the two.

That day, we kept creating Attribute reinforcement magic stone until late at night.
We created the following magic stones:

・Wind+1 x 2 (created by Aya)
・Water+1 x 2 (created by Elena)
・Ice+1 x 2 (created by Aya)
・Darkness+1 x 2
・And Recovery+3 (created by Elena)

In the end, I wasn’t able to create【Reinforcement magic stones】of【Body reinforcement magic】,【Information magic】and【Space-time magic】.

Aya and Elena’s learning of【Magic power reinforcement】had been quite difficult but after their long struggle, they finally managed to learn it.

When I had Elena and Aya use【Magic reinforcement magic】to create magic stones,
there were hardly『+』on them.
It won’t have『+』on it if the【Body reinforcement magic】wasn’t level 3 or above, I wonder?

The magic stones I created when I had the two to help me were as follows.

・Lightning +1 (with Aya using【Magic power reinforcement】)
・Darkness (± 0) (with Aya using【Magic power reinforcement】)
・Ice (± 0) (with Elena using【Magic power reinforcement】)

We decided to sell the bad ones and put the good ones on hair ornaments and rods.

Translator notes and reference:

1Shuzo Matsuoka or Sun god is famous for his encouraging words hence the alias. I totally recommend for everyone to watch his videos, here’s one with subs.↩
2BigYoshi thinks this is a negima reference. I’m sorry but my knowledge in anime/manga is shallow, so there might be some references I’m overlooking.↩