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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 088 - Darkness and Wind

「Seiji-sama, what are the other things that need to be done?」

I told the plan to Aya and Elena.

1. Improve the food situation of『Shinju town』by selling foodstuff.
2. Visit the『Earth temple』(and the『Wind temple』too, while we’re at it.)
3. Purchase equipment that amplifies magic. 
4. Check the situation of each town.

「Oniichan, why are we going to buy equipment that amplifies magic? For cosplay?」
「Actually, I’m worried so I’d like to have it as a countermeasure when something happens.」

「What are you worried about?」
「The goblins and orcs are trying to incite a war between humans and demons.」
「What are those fellows gonna do during the war?」
「Ah!  They’re going to use the chance and attack!?」
「Oh, it’s highly likely.」

「What does the equipment that amplifies magic have to do with it?」
「The troublesome part about the goblins are their large numbers. Because, even the mere Prince commanded that number of troops, I think, the units that the King would lead will probably be a lot more than that.」

「We’re going to catch the whole herd with one throw using magic!」
「I guess… but it’s only for the time of emergency.」

「Well then, as for checking the situation of each town…」
「We don’t know where the goblins and orcs are aiming at. Furthermore, there will be a shortage of soldiers in all of the towns because they are taken to war.」

「Oniichan, we also need to be careful about the Slums in Shinju town.」
「That’s right, it’s also dangerous there…… if they make a simultaneous attack, we’re going to be short on hands.」

We put the strategy meeting on hold and decided to finish our other plans. We returned to『Shinju town』and went to the merchants’ guild.

「If you have any foodstuff, we will buy it at three times the norm!」
「Three times!? Why do you want to buy it that high?」

「Actually…… someone stole a significant amount of foodstuff which the aristocrats’ army have brought. Together with all the military units, we ended up buying all the foodstuff in town……」

This is, a『Starvation tactics』caused by someone?

「I’ve brought a certain amount of flour. Is the orc’s meat edible?」
「It’s very much appreciated. The orc’s meat is also very popular amongst the soldiers. Where are the goods?」

「Because I brought them here with me, please tell me were to put the goods.」
「Well then, please put them in the warehouse at the back.」
「I understand.」

When I went around the warehouse at the back, a macho-man leisurely stood in front of the empty warehouse.

「What is it? There’s no food, the warehouse is empty.」
「I’ve come to deliver foodstuff.」
「Seriously!?  Where are the goods?」
「I’m carrying it using magic.」

I’m no longer being chased by the King, I think it’s fine for my ability to get exposed a little?

「But, please keep what you’re going to see here from other people as a secret.」
「Yes, of course.」

I took out the 25 kg【Wheat flour】x 10 and【Orc】x 100 from the inventory and put it inside the warehouse.

「What the hell–!!」

In the end, the flours were sold for 7, 500A x 10 bags, totaled 75, 000A.
While the orcs were sold for 6, 000A x 100, totaled 600, 000A.
All in all, it was 675, 000A.
When converted to Japanese yen, it was 67, 500, 000 yen.

As expected, even the guild didn’t have that amount of gold coins so they had to sell the foodstuff to each of the aristocrats’ troops and the money will be paid at a later date. 
The merchant regained their liveliness by securing a huge amount of foodstuff, all the staff members became a『Tenya wanya1』mess.
The【Wheat flour】were greatly appreciated amongst the aristocrats who made a purchase. At any rate, it was『S-Rank』【Wheat flour】!

For now, I put『Tracking beacon』on one of the sold bags of【Wheat flour】. This was the first time I put a beacon on a non-human but it was functioning without problems.
At that time, I noticed that the number of beacon I can use had been increased from 5 to 6.It seems, somehow or another, it had been increased during our fight with the Goblin Prince.


 We went to the『Earth temple』next.

「We would like to visit the Mana crystal of Earth, what is the admission fee?」
「General visits aren’t permitted right now.」

「Right now, the admission of the people who would participate in the war are being prioritized. If you want to visit at all cost, how about you participate? The Adventurers’ guild are recruiting volunteers.」

Seriously!?  This is troublesome.

「Aya, Elena, what are we going to do?」
「I’ll pass. I have to return on Sunday anyway.」
「Is that so? You don’t want to participate, Aya?」
「If I participate, I won’t be able to act freely.」

「Well then, let’s come again after finishing all the other things.」

「Uhm, excuse me.」

When we were about to leave, the receptionist suddenly spoke.

「Yes, what is it?」
「Because the『Mana crystal of Darkness』is open normally, would you like to go? It’s 10A per person.」
「Oh, right. Well then, we’d like to try.」

We went to the receptionist of the『Mana crystal of Darkness』and paid 30A. The three of us entered inside. 
There was a black mana crystal enshrined.

「It’s black.」
「Seiji-sama, I haven’t learned anything about darkness, will it be alright?」
「It can’t be helped, since I don’t know what darkness magic is. Well, let’s try.」

When we touched the『Mana crystal of Darkness』, it shone faintly and the light went inside my body.

『【Darkness magic】acquired.
【Darkness magic】is now level 3.』

I got level 3, was it as expected? 
I tried to use【Appraisal】on Aya and Elena but there was no【Darkness magic】.

「It seems Aya and Elena didn’t acquire【Darkness magic】.」
「It’s regrettable.」
「What about oniichan?」
「I got level 3.」

「What kind of magic you could use?」
「Let’s see.」

I appraised the details of darkness magic.

┌─<Darkness magic>──
│【Sleep】(Rarity: ★)
│ ・Put yourself or the target to sleep.

│【Shadow control】(Rarity: ★)
│ ・Enable to control shadows.

│【Night vision】(Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Enable to see even in the dark.

│【Night shade】(Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Enable to turn invisible but only at night.

│【Putrefaction】(Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Putrefy the target.

I controlled my own shadow and displayed a shadow picture.

「Uwa, oniichan’s shadow is moving!」
「You’re amazing, Seiji-sama!」
「It’s like this but what can I use it for?」

「What about the others?」
「After that are【Sleep】,【Night vision】,【Night shade】and【Putrefaction】.」

「Oniichan, are you going to attack a sleeping girl?」
「How would I do such a thing!?」

「I mean, sneaking in using【Night shade】, then using【Night vision】to see in the dark and【Sleep】to put her back to sleep when she is about to wake up. Isn’t it virtually used to attack a girl?」
「S-, Seiji-sama……」
「That’s not the case, Elena!」

I somehow managed to clear myself from the false accusation. We went towards the『Wind temple』.

「We’d like to visit the Mana crystal of the Wind.」
「It’s 4,500A per person.」

「Oniichan, Elena-chan, good luck.~」

We paid 9, 000A and Elena and I went towards the mana crystal. Since Aya had already acquired【Wind magic】, she stayed outside.

We arrived at the Mana crystal of the Wind but Elena looked uneasy.

「Elena, it would be fine. Did you study about wind properly?」
「Y-, yes. B-, But……」

「Let’s brace ourselves and go!」

I held Elena’s hand.
Elena was surprised, I placed her hand on the Mana crystal of Wind.


Elena unconsciously closed her eyes.
I saw the light from the mana crystal entered our bodies.

『【Wind magic】acquired.
【Wind magic】is now level 4.』

I got level 4?
Immediately, I tried to use【Appraisal】on Elena.

The level of Elena’s wind magic was…… 3!

「Elena’s wind magic is level 3!」

In front of the Mana crystal of the Wind, Elena and I―
embraced each other and rejoiced, just the two of us.

Translators notes and references:

1A Japanese slang.↩