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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 081 - Goblin Prince 2

The prince drew its great sword and attacked me. As expected, not only the prince’s speed was fast, its sword streak was also sharp.
Somehow, I want to have an intense fight with this fellow.
 Because its skill with the sword surpassed mine, I observed carefully and saw through the sword streak. Instead of dodging it, I blocked it with the shield.
When I blocked the sword several times, the prince gradually became irritated and made a large sweeping stroke. Though the skill was good, it didn’t have spirit. It’s really regrettable.

「Seiji-sama, are you alright?」

It seems the other side have been cleared up, Aya and Elena had come to help.

「This fellow is strong to some extent.」

 When I talked, the prince flew into a rage and attacked recklessly. Are you a girl who is sharp when I look away!?
When I took the all out attack of the prince with the shield, my body floated a little.
When the prince saw that, it broke into a grin. Putting all its strength to the sword and then it hurled the sword to my body while still in the air.


I was blown away and almost crashed into a tree. I landed to its side by neutralizing the momentum and avoided the collision.

「Bad bad, I was a little careless.」
「Oniichan, is that fellow so strong?」
「To a certain extent.」

The prince seemed to be irritated when we talked in a language it couldn’t understand―

『Me, don’t, ignore.』

 Really, what a selfish fellow. It surely grew up spoiled. Finally, the prince’s sword streak had become unsystematic.
Aya and Elena withdrew a little. I dodged the prince’s sword like a jump rope and attracted its attention.

「Curse you! Don’t move!』

 The chance came when its attention was directed to me, Aya and Elena attack with water and ice from the rear. The armor that the prince wore seemed to be good to some extent, magic attacks weren’t too effective on it.
Aya who became irritated, plunged forward while holding a knife.
Even with knife attacks, it only managed to make scratches on the prince’s armor and didn’t do any damage. When Aya still persistently attacked―
The prince suddenly turned towards Aya and swung down its sword!


 Aya threw away the knife and tried a 『live blade catching』. The timing was late, she would receive a direct hit at this rate.



 The sword was blocked by the barrier I put on Aya and the sword’s speed was delayed for a moment. It was enough for Aya’s 『live blade catching』. Aya barely caught the prince’s sword in『bare-handed sword block1』.

「So close! I thought I was dead!」
「You’re too reckless, idiot!」

 But, the prince didn’t give up and put power into the sword. While in bare-handed sword block state, *slip slide* the sword was being pushed forward.

「【Electric shock】!」

 When my electric shock penetrated the prince’s armor, the prince’s body became numb and stiffened. Using that chance, Aya picked up the knife and withdrew to the back.

『You, what, magic!』
『I can’t tell such a secret to a goblin.』

 The prince and I glared at each other again, Elena charged this time. Elena! What on earth are you thinking!?
Sure enough, the prince tried to aim at Elena and took a huge back swing.


 During that instant, Aya hit the face part of the prince’s helmet with water magic! The prince faltered embarrassingly to the sudden attack.


 Elena took advantage of the opportunity and performed a rain of strikes upon the prince’s shin with all her might using【Magic rod】!


 Elena’s attacks left a huge dent mark on the prince’s shinguard. The prince tumbled and collapsed while holding its shin and screaming. Elena quickly took a distance where she couldn’t be attacked by chance. What a nice combo attack. They worked together well.
Although the prince managed to stand up somehow, it received Aya’s water attack continuously which deprived it of its sight. Elena decided to attack the shin again. The shinguard broke and peeled off. 
Aya who saw that took the chance and charged. Elena took the role of depriving the prince’s sight with water attacks and Aya cleanly cut the prince’s shin.


 The prince fell forward with a roar and crashed to the ground face first.
Elena followed with the final blow on the back of the prince’s head which crashed into the ground―
She swung down the magic rod with all her might.

 It gave off a dull sound like something broke. The goblin prince remained completely silent……

「You two did really well.」

 Aya raised an unusual laugh while Elena broke into a smile. They were trying to fix their breathing and couldn’t reply.

 When I checked our statuses, I’m level 29. Aya is level 20 while her body techniques and short blade techniques became level 4. And Elena is level 19 while her staff techniques became level 3.

 While putting the goblins away into the inventory, we went towards the village.

Translator notes and reference:

1Shirahadori or bare-handed blade block is stopping a sword stroke between one’s bare hand like this.↩