Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 078 - Operation goblin subjugation, start

After deciding the strategy, we were about the implement the operation goblin subjugation when a new『Caution』mark appeared on the map from a different direction.

「Wait! Something is coming.」

We hid ourselves and watched the situation.
Fortunately, the mark isn’t coming towards us but towards the village.

「Good, they didn’t seem to notice us.」
「Onii-chan, look at that!」

When I looked at the direction where Aya was pointing,
there was an orc, not a goblin.

「Why is an orc in a place like this!?」
「Perhaps, the orc has come to attack the goblin village?」
「Seiji-sama, it doesn’t seemed to be the case.」

The orc knelt down towards the goblins for some reason and handed a huge box to one of the goblins.

「Why is the orc obeys the goblins? No matter how you look at it, an orc is stronger than a goblin.」
「Oh, Seiji-sama! There are people going inside!」
「What did you say!!?」

We saw the orc brought a cage where people are confined inside. So the orcs had been abducting people to offer to the goblins!? But, why would the orcs abduct people for the goblins? I don’t quite understand.

Meanwhile, the orc left the village.

「We must help those people quickly.」
「Wait, let’s look at the situation first with the lightning spirit.」

I cast【Summon lightning spirit】and the lightning spirit appeared.

「Scouting again? I’m not a scouting spirit.~」
「It can’t be helped.」
「I~ understand!」

I put Aya’s tracking beacon on the lightning spirit temporarily and make it go on a reconnaissance.
Besides the ordinary goblins, there’s also a goblin with large build inside the village who gives orders to the ordinary goblins.

「What’s that big goblin?」
「That’s a hobgoblin.」

Elena told me.

The lightning spirit continued to scout, it found the building where the captives are kept and sneaked in.

「Ah, the people are being forced to work.」
「They are creating something.」
「What are they making?」

The lightning spirit approached the things they are making.

「Ah, it’s a magic stone.」
「The goblins are abducting people using the orc in order to create a magic stone.」
「But, the workers are divided up.」

The workers are divided by gender and age from 12 to 50 years old, there doesn’t seem to be a reason in dividing the people they abduct to make a magic stone.

When the lightning spirit moved to the next room, a craftsman-like person was teaching a large group of people how to make a magic stone.

『If you don’t learn how to make a magic stone, you’ll be killed by the goblins. Everybody, let’s work hard to learn how to make magic stones.』

I see, after abducting the suitable people, they are teaching them by force.
The lightning spirit returned after scouting.

「Thank you very much, you helped us out a lot.」
「Are you going to raze the village using magic again?」
「No, it’s fine this time.」
「Is that so? Well then, I’m going to return.」

As the lightning spirit said so, it returned.

「Let’s go and rescue them immediately.」

「No, let’s do it according to the original strategy.」

「There are too many captives. We won’t be able to fight if those people are made to become a shield.」
「Is that so?~」
「Therefore, luring out the goblins from the village then defeating them is a better strategy. Do you agree, Elena?」

We decided to implement the strategy as planned.

「Aya, I’ll entrust you to lure out a smaller number as possible at the beginning.」

I put the tracking beacon on Aya again and let her lure out the goblins. Elena and I moved under the big tree nearby which serves as a landmark and wait while watching the video of Aya.

Aya picked up a pebble and threw it towards the goblin from the forest near the village.


The pebble hit the goblin on the head, it turned around to the direction where the pebble came from. There, Aya posed『spanking her own buttocks』…… are you a kid!!?


The goblin who was hit by the pebble started to run towards Aya, there were also two other goblins who noticed the goblin’s actions and followed.

「Onii-chan, I was able to lure in three of them.」
「Alright, good! Elena, do your best.」

With a feeling of a support, I cast【Quick】and【Barrier】on Elena and【Slow】on the goblins.

「Get ready!」

Elena, with【magic rod】in her right hand, rushed towards the goblins who were confused and surprised. With a form similar to the tennis’ backhand, she hit the first goblin on the flank.


The attacked goblin flew to a far away tree while rotating. It crushed, drilled into the tree and stopped moving. 
The remaining goblins were struck dumb by the exaggerated occurrence. And Elena…. was also dumbfounded. The magic rod’s power probably surprised even herself.

「Elena!  You mustn’t let your guard down.」
「Ah, yes!」

Elena focused again when she heard my voice and carefully approached the remaining goblins.
The two remaining goblins were scared and stepped backwards.


The goblins were driven into a corner and one of them rushed blindly towards Elena. Elena flinched a little but firmly resisted it. Elena thrust the magic rod around the chest area of the rushing goblin in order to push it back.


With Elena’s thrust, the goblin was blown away to the back and collided with the other goblin. The two goblins were tangled to each other and collapsed. They didn’t move anymore.

「Elena-chan is amazing! Defeating two monsters simultaneously.」

It seemed Elena couldn’t believe that she did it herself and was dumbfounded. She was astonished and confused.

「Good going Elena! Keep it up!」

「Yosh Aya, make the next one also about the same.」

Next, Aya brought along 5 goblins.

「I’m sorry, it’s a bit too much.」
「Yosh Elena, attack using magic first.」

Elena held the【Water rod】in her left hand and with【Cloudburst】, she brought a rain right above the 5 goblins. Perhaps her magic power rose from before, the rain’s might is frightening. 
The goblins struggled under the cloudburst but only 1 managed to come out from it.

「The rain is exactly right on the money!」

Aya, who was around the cloudburst, kicked the goblin who managed to come out back inside.
When the rain stopped before long, although only 4 out of 5 monsters were drowned and were not moving anymore, there’s still 1 monster breathing.

「Elena, there’s still 1 of them left.」

Elena held the magic rod in her right hand, she hit last goblin hard and dealt the coup de grâce. Dual wielding rods looks good too.