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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 076 - To the Scab village

I woke up from my nap and checked the time, it seems the sun will set soon.
Elena is quietly reading a book.

「Morning, Elena.」1
「Seiji-sama, good morning.」
「Sorry, you must have been bored.」
「No, I’m the one who proposed the investigation of Scab village. This much is completely fine.」

「I’m going to fetch Aya now, please wait a moment.」

When I confirmed Aya’s location, the distance she covered was about 1 day by carriage. As expected of Aya.
When I looked at the video, Aya was clad in wind and rushed through with break neck speed.


As I appeared next to Aya, she suddenly halted her advance. She turned around this way and lowered herself into a fighting stance.

「It’s me!」
「What, it’s just onii-chan.」

「How was it? Was there any monster appeared?」
「There were some who appeared but I ignored them and kept running.」

「You didn’t defeat them?」
「Even if I defeat them, I’m not onii-chan so I can’t carry them.」
「Come to think of it, you’re right.」

I’ve returned to the room at the inn with Aya.

「Aya-san, welcome back.」
「I’m back, Elena-chan. Onii-chan didn’t do anything strange to you, did he?」
「I didn’t!」
「Seiji-sama slept through the day.」
「Whaaat! Worthless.」

「Please don’t say such stupid things. Since I’m going to run now, you two behave yourselves.」

I left the two people and arrived at the location where Aya had reached a little while ago using【Teleportation】.

「Well, let’s run.」

I started running with【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Quick】.
The wind feels so good. The scenery of the forest from the left and right passed and vanished behind me. I didn’t get tired no matter how much I run.
The only problem is that it’s hard to run because of the uneven ground. Can I somehow take care of this with magic?

I tried to generate a carpet of ice just slightly ahead of my feet. If only I have Earth magic, I could probably level the ground but the only magic I can use right now to make a flat foothold is Ice magic.
With the my running momentum, I get on the carpet of ice. I quickly slid aboard the ice and stopped just by sliding a little. If I’m wearing ice skates, I could probably go a little further.But, it was slippery so I couldn’t move from there. 
Since it can’t be helped, I break away from the carpet of Ice using【Teleportation】.

「I see, there’s【Teleportation】!」

Though it’s too late, I tried to advance using【Teleportation】to where I could see ahead.
The result was no good.
The『The transfer scope for visible area』that I could teleport to is at most 500 m. When transferring to long distances, I couldn’t use【Teleportation】continuously. I could teleport about 10 m in succession but when I used【Teleportation】while running, my running momentum after the teleport will be gone.
If I use 10 m【Teleportation】continuously, it would be quicker if I run.

Since it can’t be helped, I continued to run using only【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Quick】.
I also need【Wind magic】as expected, when running this way, the wind resistance can’t be ignored. When there’s an obstacle that suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, I could correct my trajectory using wind gust and avoid it. 
Speaking of which, I could pass through the enemy’s body using【Lightning flash】. If it’s a trifling obstacle, can I use it to pass through? I decided to try.

While running for a while, a tree fell down on the road.

「Now!【Lightning flash】!」

When I used【Lightning flash】, my body turned into lightning and passed through the fallen tree.

「I did it! Success!」

N?  Wait a sec?  Can I run faster if I use【Lightning flash】continuously?

I gave it a try.
It’s really faster.

「What was the trial and error until now for!?」

I kept on running using【Lightning flash】continuously. Faster faster! Without wind resistance, I passed through the obstacle in straight line. 
When I got carried away and intensely used【Lightning flash】to advance, I suddenly felt tired.
I stopped using【Lightning flash】and tried to use【Appraisal】on myself, my MP almost hit the bottom.

「Uwa, it’s my first time seeing my MP decreased to this extent.」

While running normally, I took out a Japanese sweet from the inventory and gobbled it. The Japanese sweets recover a huge amount of MP as expected, my MP recovers rapidly. The recovery amount of sugar candy in particular is absurd.
I kept eating Japanese sweets since a little while ago but my stomach didn’t feel full no matter how much I ate. Why!? Perhaps, it was usurp from the stomach when I’m recovering MP.

While eating Japanese sweets and running using lighting flash,『Caution』suddenly appeared on the map. Besides, their number is huge! They far exceeded 100.

I timidly approached and tried to check the situation. Inside the human village, a horde of goblins are gathered.
It seems that the goblins somehow took over the Scab village. Wasn’t it destroyed by the demon lord’s army!?

Translator notes and reference:

1It says ohayo, not sure, I thought it was afternoon?↩