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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 066 - A wolf and the yellow morning sun

In the evening, the three of us are eating dinner peacefully and confirm Elena’s『Healing local idol』-like situation.

「Ah, Elena.」
「Yes, what is it? Seiji-sama.」
「What were you doing during the day?」
「Well, I went to the shopping district.」

「An-chan, Elena got various things from the people at the shopping district.」
「Hou hou, That’s amazing.」

Oblivious to my worries, Aya and Elena began to appraise the gifts. 
Sweets, pork cutlet, melon bread, taiyaki, pot, sandals, umbrella, rice, salt, sugar, soy sauce, miso, Japanese rice crackers, toilet paper, electric massager, rose bouquet, cooking oil, aromatic candle, cosmetics and so on……
There was also a strange one in the middle, though the people with pure heart wouldn’t able to see it as strange.

「So, why did everybody at the shopping district give you various things?」
「It was thanks for treating their illness and injuries using magic.」
「N?  You used magic Elena-chan!?」
「Was it bad?」

「Well, everybody at the shopping district seemed to be good people and safe.」
「Oh, well.~ If there’s something happen to Elena-chan, me and anchan will just protect you.」
「Both of you, thank you.」

Well, it would be impossible even if I told her to stop using magic to treat injuries and illness before her eyes, we’ll be able to manage somehow.

「How about you Aya, how was the first day of the junior college?」
「I made 3 friends, the club invitations stuff, we look around the campus together and chatted at a fast food restaurant afterwards.」
「Did you join any club?」
「I intend to join the combat sports club, I’m thinking of karate department.」
「Join a more girly club.」
「What’s that? It’s particularly good because I’m selfish.」
「Well, if you say so. If you join the karate department, don’t use magic in a match, okay?」
「I know.」

While having such conversation, we finished dinner and decided to resume 『Potioncraft』-ing.

「Aya, do you want to try『Potioncraft』a little bit more? Don’t you want to get the bonus stats when you raise the skill?」
「Really? Might as well try a little bit more.」

We began to『Potioncraft』but, Aya got bored and stopped after brewing 3【Illness mitigation potion】and reached level 2.

「A little bit more, hang in there.」
「I dislike science experiments.~ I’ll depend on Elena later on.」

Aya said so and returned to her room. Why have you grown to such a child, oniisan is sad.

「What are we going to brew?」
「It’s a『Potioncraft』level 3,【Wound healing potion】.」

The recipe is this.
│【Wound healing potion】
│ 【Medicinal herb】50g
│ 【Purple grass’ root】20g
│ 【Magic water】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Potioncraft】Level 3

「How are we going to make【Magic water】?」
「According to the recipe, you can make it by using【Recovery magic】on【Purified water】. This would only be possible with Elena.」
「Yes, I’ll try.」

Elena holds the【purified water】in hand and tried putting【recovery magic】on it using trial and error, I prepared the【purified water】using【water magic】in the meantime.
Finally, Elena succeeded in making【magic water】, since a sufficient amount of【magic water】has been made, I had Elena rest at once and began to brew【Wound healing potion】first.
To start with, I severe the【root】from the【purple grass】and segregate it, I dried it and used the same procedure we did on the other potions afterwards.
Although the crafting of the【wound healing potion】had gone well, it didn’t raise the level of【Potioncraft】at all. I brewed 30【Wound healing potion】and the level went up from 3 to 4 at last.
Apparently, you have to succeed once to level it from level 0 → 1, three times from 1 → 2, 10 times from 2 → 3 and 30 times from 3 → 4. I wonder if it’s required to succeed 100 times to raise it to level 5?

「Now, next is Elena’s turn, do your best.」

Elena also crafted 30 vials of【Wound healing potion】and her【Potioncraft】has risen to level 4.

「Though the next recipe is【Curse healing potion】, we have insufficient ingredients, let’s make it next time.」
「What ingredients do it needs?」
「Let me see, the recipe is.~」

│【Curse healing potion】
│ 【Purple nettle】50g
│ 【Salt】10g ※
│ 【Holy water】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Potioncraft】Level 4
※The【Salt】to be used should be above A rank.

「This, since there’s【salt】, we have to look for【purple nettle】and【holy water】.」
「Can we make【holy water】with magic like【magic water】?」
「It’s like【magic water】but it seems you have to use【light magic】to make【holy water】so we couldn’t make it currently.」
「Is that so, it’s regrettable.」

The potions we brewed today were as follows.

【Illness mitigation potion +1】x 2,【Illness mitigation potion +2】x 1,
【Wound healing potion +1】x 29,【Wound healing potion】x 30 and
【Wound healing potion +3】x 1.

With this, our『Potioncraft』-ing ended for today……but, I started again after getting back to my room.

The potion I’m going to craft alone is this!

│【Stimulant potion】
│ 【Mandrake root】50g
│ 【Strength recovery potion】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Potioncraft】Level 3

I bought the expensive【Mandrake root】for this.
Since there’s only 7【Mandrake root】, I need 7【Strength recovery potions】to go with it.Then, I used the expensive【mandrake root】luxuriously and tried to brew a【Stimulant potion】……
Maybe its’ because my【Potioncraft】raised to level 4 but the quality became【Stimulant potion +3】.

「I did it!!」

I tried to take a sip to test it.


This was exactly what『it’s no use in crying over a spilled milk』be like. That night, I became like a hungry wolf, I suppressed the lust to attack lamb-chan which was sleeping peacefully in the next room by counting the prime numbers一unable to sleep, I prayed to the yellow morning sun.