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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 056.5 - Elena’s learning Japanese (Interlude)

Elena began to study on Tuesday.

Aya has to look after Elena’s studying while I’m at work.

「Well then, let’s learn『Hiragana』first.」
「Yes! Aya-san!」

「No good! Call me『Aya-sensei』.」

For some reason, Aya wore teacher-like clothes and held a retractable【Pointing stick】.Where did she get those from……

Why did I have to see this scene?~
I’m task switching between【Tracking】and my work, that’s why I saw that.
Well, it kind of feels like I’m looking at multiple monitors.

「So, when you’re learning something in Japan, there’s a【Law】which states that you have to call the other party,『Sensei』.」
「There’s something like that? I understand. Aya-sensei!」

This brat Aya, don’t teach lies to Elena!

Aya progresses the lesson with a broad smile.

「Well then, let’s read the【50 sounds table1】.」
「Yes, Aya-sensei.」

Aya, you rascal……
Whenever she was called『Sensei』, there will be a smirk pasted on her face, it’s disgusting!

Elena was very cute while she read the 50 sounds table aloud.

「Hey, Maruyama, stop grinning while working. 」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

Dangerous, my face broke into a grin before I noticed.
I must concentrate on my work.

「Then, how do you read this character?」
「Hai, it’s『a2』.」
「That’s correct! Next, this character?」
「This is…… it’s『ya3』.」
「That’s also correct! So, when you read those two sequentially together, what happens?」
「『a』…『ya』… 『Aya』!! It’s Aya-sensei’s name!」
「It’s a big check!!」
「Aya-sensei, please don’t hug me too much! I-, It’s painful.」

Aya hugs Elena with every little thing. Truly, enviable…outrageous!

However, Aya is good at teaching. I wonder if she’ll become a teacher in the future?

Perhaps, Delaidos common language and Japanese has a lot of similarities in pronunciation and characters, Elena learned Japanese steadily.

「Then, let’s read this picture book next.」
「Hai, Aya-sensei.」

Aya took out the picture book of『Snow white』and read it to Elena.

「……Snow white got married with the prince and they lived happily ever after, the end.」

Having finished reading the picture book, Aya raised her head,
Elena was crying for some reason.

「Why are you crying Elena-chan!?」
「Because it was really good that Snow white found happiness!」
「Even so, don’t cry!」

That’s right, that’s right, there’s no need to cry.
If Elena ate a【Poisonous apple】I would revive her.
How would I revive her?
Of course!……

「Somehow, I feel like somebody is prying!?」
「What happened Aya-san?」

「An-chan! You bastard! Stop prying!」

Dangerous! Did she noticed that I’m peeking!?
No no, that’s impossible. Calm down, let’s count the prime numbers.

「No, I thought I felt An-chan’s prying eyes. It must have been my imagination.」
「That’s right, Seiji-sama is not a peeping tom.」

Ku! When Elena said that, the sense of guilt felt like an extreme torture.
I’m unable to endure it any longer. I closed the【Tracking】’s video quietly……

Translator notes and reference:

1The 50 Sounds Table (五十音 in Japanese) is the basis for hiragana and katakana charts –Lingwiki↩