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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 056 - A certain Monday in Japan

Monday, the next day when we returned from different world.

When I got to the company, my『Douki1』, all 5 of them who joined the company the same year as I am, were all assembled on my seat.

「What is it!? You all assembled here.」
「I have a favor to ask of you, Maruyama.」

Since there might be some people who forgot, I’ll say it for the time being,
『Maruyama』is me.

But, is this perhaps an invitation to a group date?

「Favor? What is it that you’re being formal?」
「Recently, we heard that your talent to find bugs blossomed.」

*heart thump*!?
Bad, using magic at work, did I stand-out inside the company?
However, since finding bugs is work-related, it’s fine to temporarily leave it as is~

「So, to our project, we hope that Maruyama can do a brief『Review』.」
「『Review』? Well, it’s fine but,
Huh? 『Our project』? Are the 5 of you working on the same project?」

N?  I have a bad feeling.

「I mean ‘our’, the project that each of us are working on, we hope that you can do a super brief『Review』.」
「Err… each, each of 5 people means 5 projects and you want me to do a brief review alone?」
「A favor! It’ll be our treat next time~」

The 5 people, glanced at each other and continued to persuade me persistently.

「Well, because we are from different departments, I can’t “ok” easily.」
「We already got “ok” from your department’s director-san.」

Oy! Director guy, don’t make promises so readily!

「Alright, I’ll do it.」
「Is that so, thank you very much!」
「Well, when are we going to start?」


They said an impossible thing.

「Err…please, let me explain.
Tomorrow is the end of fiscal year, right? If a bug is found by the end of the day, it’s possible to debug it tomorrow, right?
And then, it’ll reflect on your term’s achievements~」

The 5 people persuade me further.

「I got it, I’ll do it!
However, I’ll only skim through everything quickly!」
「That’s enough, thank you!」

The 5 people’s project documents piled up on top of my desk.

How did this happen!?

Since there’s too many, I only find the most dangerous bugs in each of the 5 projects and reported it one after another.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have any time for a short break as the 5 people asked alternately about the bugs.


When I’m done with work and went home, I was greeted by Elena.
「I’m home.」
「Welcome back, Seiji-sama,
It seems you’re considerably tired.」
「Iya~ Various troublesome work had been dumped on me today, I’m really tired.」

「Then, I’ll heal you.」

Somehow, that line sounds lewd,
isn’t it strange?

Whenever I went home tired, Elena will always heal my fatigue using【Recovery magic】.

This is what you call feeling good.
It feels so good like I’m ascending to heaven, both my body and mind are being healed.

「Seiji-sama, does it feel good?」
「Oh, it feels so good Elena~」

「An-chan, Elena-chan, what are you doing!?」

「Oh, Aya, welcome home.
This? I asked Elena to heal my fatigue using magic. 」

「Eh, Ah, that’s right, ahaha!」

Aya, you, did you perhaps~
misunderstand that it’s not『Heal』but something『Lewd』?

「Elena-chan, after you’re done with idiot an-chan, cast a healing magic to me too~」
「Yes, please wait a moment.」
「You only played all day, Aya, you’re not that tired, right?」

「That’s not it!
Because some friends from high school came to Tokyo today, we had a get together and sang karaoke for 5 hours, I got so tired before long.」
「Isn’t that playing after all!?」

After that, I listened to Aya’s excuse, it quickly went astray from playing all day to bragging of how she had fun.
Yada yada yada, I didn’t really listen to any of it at all.

「Since Aya had gone out to play,
then Elena was left home alone?」
「Yes, I watched DVDs in the morning,
ah, but in the afternoon, I went to the mall and shop at the bookstore.」

Shopping!? I see, since I’m giving allowance to Elena, did she use it?
But, was she able to shop properly?
I think I’ve understood the parents’ feelings when they make you run an errand for the first time.

「You went out by yourself?」
「Yes, was it bad?」

Well, I think it’s fine since【Vigilance】magic didn’t have any reaction but I’m still worried after all.

「An-chan, you worry too much. Elena-chan is already 15 years old, she can go shopping by herself.」
「Well, that’s right but……
since Japan is a foreign country for Elena, there are still various things she didn’t understand, right?」

「You were worried about me, right?
It’s fine because everybody was kind.」

『They were kind to you』?~ That’s worrisome in a different way……
Well, since there’s【Vigilance】magic, let’s not worry about it too much.

「By the way Elena, what did you bought at the bookstore?」
「Let me see~」

Elena began to display books on the table.

「First, because I’ve heard that【Picture book】was good for learning Japanese, I bought『Cinderella』,『Snow white』and『Momotaro2』.」

It’s a bit cliched but, they might be good for learning Japanese.

「Next, I bought『Japanese language』,『Arithmetic』,『Science』,『Social studies』and『Morals』for【First graders】」

Elena places the Japanese language, arithmetic, science, social studies and morals books on the table with a smiling face.

There’s no health and physical education!? I’ll personally teach her sit ups3……
Since Aya was looking at me with scary face, let’s put this matter on hold.

「Elena-chan will also be studying『Social studies』and『Morals』?」
「Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with magic but for Delaidos kingdom, I’ll learn them to become a role model.」
「Elena-chan, is really a perfect『princess』.」

Elena is great~
I caressed Elena’s head.
Because Elena is really great, I’ll also caress her other than the head.
Well, where should I caress her other than the head?4

When I’m think of such a thing, since Aya glared at me with a scary face, let’s also put this matter on hold.

Translator notes and reference:

1Employees who join the company in the same year.↩
2Or the story of the son of peach, Momotarō (桃太郎 Momotarou, literally “Peach Boy”) is a popular hero of Japanese folklore originated from Okayama Prefecture, Japan. His name literally means Peach Tarō, a common Japanese boy’s name, which is often translated as Peach Boy. Momotarō is the title of various books, films and other works that portray the tale of this hero – Wikipedia↩
3( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)↩
4( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)↩