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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 054 - A deal with the leader

Although she tried to kill us, but it’s pitiful to leave her as is, I decided to send Lela home.

I asked Aya and Elena to hold on to me while I put a hand on Lela’s shoulder and used【Teleportation】to a certain place.

When we arrived to a certain room, a boss-looking man was organizing documents alone.
I quickly set a【Barrier】up around the room.

「Good evening.」
「N?  Who are you!?」

「It’s been a long time since we last met, Aristocracy Union Knight Leader, Lyle Gewalt.」

Previously, since I put a beacon1 on the adventurer and seen this room, this place has also been registered in the map.

「Y-, Y-, You……
Maruyama Seiji!!
A-, And, P-, Princess Elena!!」

「N?  O-, Otousama!?
And, princess, Elena??」
「Lela!! Lela! Why are you dressed like that!!?
Y-, You bastard!! What did you do to Lela!!!!?」

The『Knight Leader』was enraged and he jumped over the desk.
Since it was troublesome, I cast a weak electric shock and paralyzed him.

「Curse you!! Guards! Guards, there’s a suspicious person here!! 」

Is this a historical period drama!?

「Sorry but, I already set a【Barrier】magic up, no matter how much you shout, it won’t be heard outside.」

The『Knight Leader』bit his lower lip in anger and blood overflowed from it.

「Don’t misunderstand, we were almost killed by this Lela and just beat her instead, we’re not attacking this place.」
「Do you think I’ll believe in such nonsense!!?」

「Previously, it was you, you were going to kill me and was beaten in reverse, for a parent and child to have done the same thing, such an interesting parent and child.」

「Then, why is Lela dressed like that!!?」
「Because it’s not my hobby to hurt a girl, I took away her weapons and armor to neutralize her, and yet, she still attacked, given that, it’s unavoidable that this happened.
Or, should I have slashed her wrist that same way I did to you?」

「For the time being, since I couldn’t leave her alone with such appearance, I brought her here, should I take her back?」
「What do you want?」

「N?  What do you mean?」
「Doing this kind of threat, are you feigning ignorance?」

「Threat!? You surprised attacked me from behind, you employed an adventurer and released an orc, even Lela came at us with 10 subordinates and tried to kill us?
We just shook off the sparks which had befallen upon us!2

「What’s so bad about an aristocrat killing a commoner!?」

we are not『commoners』.」
「You’re not a『commoner』!?
then, are you saying, you are an『aristocrat』!?」

「First of all, Elena is from the『Royal Family』and not an『aristocrat』.」3
「Ah, that’s true.」
「Huh!? Otousama, this person is from the『Royal Family』?」
「Ah, that’s right.」

Lela suddenly became respectful, she took 3 steps back and knelt.

「And, Me and Aya are both otherworlder.」
「Otherworlder!? Otousama!」
「Ah, that’s true.」

「Our country is called『Japan』, but in『Japan』, old traditions such as『Aristocracy4』are abolished, Royalty and Aristocrats doesn’t exist, of course, there’s also no commoner.」
「What a joke, then who governs the country?」
「Honestly speaking, it’s the『Prime minister』.」
「Then, you’re this『something minister』?」
「I’m different.」
「Then, isn’t that the same as a commoner!?」

「Let me finish, I possessed 2 privileges5.
First, a privilege to indirectly decide who’ll be appointed as a『Prime Minister』,
second, if the requirements are met, I have a privilege to become the『Prime Minister』.」
(Well, I skipped and changed several points but that’ll do.)

「W-, What did you say……」

「In other words, the『Prime Minister』is referred to as the『King』in this country,
do you have the privilege to decided who’ll become the『King』and the privilege to become the『King』?」
「I-, I don’t have……」

「Although you can’t really determine because the country’s system is different, between me and you, whose position has the higher authority?」
「S-, Such bullshit, who’ll believe that!?」

「Well, would you like to go to my country and verify it?
However, if you come to my country, you’ll become an『Illegal immigrant』, in other words, you’ll be treated as a『Criminal』.」

「Seeing as you have no objection, have you understood?」

「By the way, by this country’s law, a person with higher position can take the life of a person with a lower position, right?」
「T-, That’s……」

「Well, be relieved because I’m not like you guys, I don’t take life just because his position is lower than mine.
However, that’s, if you make a promise that you won’t trouble us ever again.」
「I-, I understand, I won’t cause you anymore trouble.」

「Then, let’s shake hands.」
「O-, Ou.」

Me and the『Knight Leader』shook hands.

Lela, who’s looking at us, was dumbfounded.

「With this, will you tell me how’d you make an【Elixir】to close the deal?6
「W-, What! How did it came to that all of a sudden?」

「I’m not making you say it for free, here’s an【S-rank Salt】, how about a trade?」

I took out a 1 kg of【Salt】from the inventory.

「!! These are all【Salt】!?」
「Is it genuine? The【Salt】that you used before was something I sold to the merchant guild.」
「I-, Indeed, that salt……
Come to think of it, the vice guild master of the merchant guild also said such a thing.」

「What will you do?  Because the amount is about 10 times more than the salt previously, I think you can make an appropriate amount of【Elixir】?」

「I-, I understand, I accept the deal.」
「O-, Otousama! It’s an『Arcana』that was passed down from generation to generation of our family.」
「Even if it’s an『Arcana』, without ingredients, it’s a useless treasure.」
「U-, Understood.」

「Then, it’s a closed deal.」
「But, because there’s only 1 book which the Arcana was written down, it can’t be taken outside, you’ll have to read it inside this place.」
「Oh, okay.」
「Huh!? I-, It’s fine?」
「I-, Is that so.」

I handed the【Salt】to the『Knight Leader』.
The『Knight Leader』held out the【Arcane Book】reluctantly.

「Do you really have to just simply look?」
「Oh, yeah.」

The room was dark, so I lit it up with【Incandescent light bulb】magic.

「What!【Light magic】!?」

It’s different.
Not just the『Knight Leader』and『Lela』, even Aya and Elena were surprised.

「An-chan, an-chan, how are you doing that?」
「It’s【Incandescent light bulb】.」
「I see~」

Aya tried to do it herself with trial and error.

Ignoring Aya, I checked out the【Arcane book】,
It has about 20 pages, from【Potion】to【Elixir】, the book also has several medicine recipes written down on it.

I slowly took out the【Smartphone】,
I flipped the pages one at a time and took pictures with【Smartphone】.
Because it was written in big letters, the photographs taken by the【Smartphone】was readable enough.

A light flashed with every shot, the『Knight Leader』and『Lela』were surprised and puzzled.

「W-, What’s that magic tool!?」
「This is『Photograph』, in other words, it’s a tool to preserve the『captured image7』.」
「To have such a thing……」

Apparently, the ingredients to concoct medicines such as【Elixir】, except【Salt】, are all from this world. Let’s try to collect the ingredients this time.

「Well, I’m also done with the photographs, let’s go back.」

「Princess Elena, please wait!」
「What is it?」

「Princess Elena, why are you together with that guy?」
「That’s, when I was imprisoned by otousama, Seiji-sama rescued me.
I, who can’t return to the castle anymore are being protected by Seiji-sama all the while.」

「The king imprisoned the princess!? Why did he do such a thing?」
「It’s about the war against the【Demon king army】, I went around and asked everyone for information but it seems prohibited, I was told that I can’t go out of the prison until the war is over. 
【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader Lyle Gewalt】, about the war against the【Demon king army】, do you know something?」
「T-, That’s……」

「Can’t you tell me?」
「I apologize Princess.」

「I see, I’ll look it up myself.」

There seems to be something going on.
It can’t be helped, I removed the beacon on Aria-san and put it on the『Knight Leader』.
Umu, I want more beacon.

「Seiji-sama, let’s go back.」

We went home to Japan.

Translator notes and reference:

1I checked chapter 24, and apparently what he used was [tracking beacon], I didn’t realized it until now, sorry↩
2Can’t really make heads or tails of it so here’s the raw: 俺達は、振りかかる火の粉を振り払っただけだろ!↩
3So basically, Royal Family is different from Noble Family? Correct me if I’m wrong↩
6For the ones who play DotA, this is what they called segway↩
7写し絵 lit. copied photos↩