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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 051 - Gadol’s spear

The【Vigilance】sensed『Danger』for Elena, who’s approaching and intending to heal Gadol.

Gadol remained still on the ground when suddenly, a spear thrust towards Elena.


I used【Teleportation】and moved in front of Elena, but I wasn’t able to cast【Barrier】in time.

I somehow managed to prevent Elena from getting hit by the spear.

Godal’s spear pierced through my right hand, it penetrated and stopped only when the spearhead poked out about several centimeters on the back of my hand.

It hurts~~!!

But, I can’t let him pull out the spear. I endured the acute pain that ran through my right hand and grasped the spear tightly with my left hand and tried to break it free from his grip.
Gadol isn’t saying a word for some reason, I struggled to make the spear move somehow.

Shit! A pain transmitted to my right hand from the spear!!

If you look closely, this was the spear with grim ominous aura which inflicted serious injury to Halva, this spear wasn’t from the competition.
It was brought in from somewhere! That explains as to why it penetrated through my right hand.

「Se-, Seiji-sama!!」
「Get away Elena, it’s dangerous.」
「B-, but, your hand was injured……」
「Don’t worry about that! Get away from me!!」

However, Elena panicked and didn’t move.

「Aya! Get Elena to a safe place!」
Aya quickly brought Elena away to a safe position.

「Hey Gadol! You’ll be punished for trying to attack Elena!」

Even if I talked to him, Gadol didn’t answer for some reason.

N? Looking at Gadol, his condition is a bit strange. His eyes aren’t focus and doesn’t have life. Is he unconscious by any chance?

「Participant Gadol, the match is already over. Please put down your weapon.」

The referee is trying to stop Gadol but Gadol doesn’t react at all.

「It’s useless, Gadol has lost his sanity. Please let the surrounding people evacuate, it’s dangerous.」
「Y-, yes, I understand.」

I grasped the spear handle with my left hand and managed to pull out the spearhead from my right hand.
But, I can’t use my right hand to hold it as it still hurts.
I have to manage somehow with only my left hand.

I tightened my grip to the spear with my left hand and kicked, the moment my kick hits, an electric shock shot out from the foot likened to the lightning fist.
The electric shock passed through Gadol, it caused his grip from the spear loosed for a moment but he immediately recovered and it wasn’t able to make him let go of the spear.
I kicked Gadol with electric shock over and over again, and after a dozen of times, he let go of the spear at last and then he collapsed in place and didn’t move anymore.

The people from medical team saw the scene and fearfully approached Gadol, after confirming the he’s not moving, he was carried away in the stretcher.

I felt a sense of discomfort at the ominous spear that remained in my hand.
I tried to use【Appraisal】on the spear.

│【Devil’s spear】
│Cursed spear
│Raises the status of the wielder.
│In return, it gradually destroys the wielder’s mind.
│Rarity: ★★★★

Danger found!

Gadol’s condition, was it because of this spear?

As for keeping and discarding this, both are dangerous so I keep【Devil’s spear】away into the inventory.

Elena rushed up to me with a momentum like she would fall over and took my hand.

「Quickly, heal!」
「Oy oy, I’m fine, no need to panic and calm down a bit.」
「B-, But, Seiji-sama was injured for protecting me……」
「Oh, it was good that Elena wasn’t hurt. In comparison, it was fine that it’s me who has been injured.」

「*Cough* Anchan! Flirting in the open!」
「I-, It’s not flirting!」
「Your hand is being held by Elena-chan, don’t stretched it out under your nose afterwards.」
「Hand, it can’t be helped because of the injury.」

「To begin with, Elena-chan is mine, if you want to flirt with Elena-chan, forget it because I refuse!」
「Since when did Elena became yours!?」
「Mou! Be quite you two, I can’t concentrate on healing!」

「「I’m sorry.」」
We’re both scolded by Elena. orz

The competition official approached, wanting to say something with apologetic look.

「There has been many troubles and I think they were all very serious, 
But it’s about time to resume the competition……」
「What’s next?」
「Next will be the women’s division’s【Finals】.」
「Ah, it’s me.」

Aya went up to the arena.

「Let’s continue, the women’s division’s【Finals】will be carried out.」

However, on the arena, there’s only one person,『Aya』.

「Women’s division’s【Finals】, participant『Halva』renounced from the competition because of her injury, participant Aya won by default.」
「Women’s division’s【Champion】, participant Aya!」

Although it received an applause from the spectators, it’s a very foolish championship.
Aya also has a complicated look.
Well, since Aya wouldn’t be able win against『Halva』, let’s be glad for the time being.

「Let’s continue and move forward to the awarding ceremony.
Men’s division’s【Champion】, participant『Seiji』, please come up.」

When I tried to stand up and go to the arena.

「Seiji-sama, please wait a moment, I’m not done with the healing yet.」

I’ve been restrained by Elena.

「I give up.
Oh, right, you should come up together with me Elena.」
「Eh, b-, but……
Ah, please wait.」

I went up to the arena while being healed by Elena.

「Then, we’ll start the awarding ceremony.
First, women’s division’s【Champion】, participant『Aya』!」

Aya stepped forward and received a bronze shield from the ojiisan who probably the boss of the competition.
Aya raised the shield high up into the air and showed it off to the spectators.


The spectators erupted in cheers and applauded.

「Moving on, men’s division’s【Champion】, participant『Seiji』!」

I also stepped forward after I asked Elena to release my hand for a moment and received a same bronze shield as Aya’s from the boss-like ojiisan.
When I raised the shield into the air to imitate Aya.

*clapclapclap clapclapclap clapclap*

The spectators erupted in cheers and applauded louder than Aya’s.
When I looked over to Aya, while making a slightly regrettable face, I clapped my hands with a smile.

Finally, the long competition was over,
is what I thought but……

「At last, there’s an awarding of『Special Award』specially for this time.」

(Special Award? What is it?)
A murmur of puzzlement ran through the spectators.

「This time’s competition met various troubles and there’s also many people who got injured. 
However, thanks to a『Certain someone』, we were able to continue despite all the troubles we met and somehow managed to proceed until the awarding ceremony.
Now, the winner of【Special Award】is the one who rendered the most meritorious services in the competition~~~!」

(Well, this is obvious.)

「Medical team, Healer『Elena』-san!!」

Voices of surprise resounded from the spectators.

「There should’ve been more than one healer prepared for this competition but there’s only『Elena』-san remained. As the competition advanced, somehow the other healers quit.
『Elena』-san healed all the injured people in the blink of an eye while being only one person.
Moreover, all injuries were serious and life threatening.
There were often cases of someone who collapsed from overuse of magic.
This is for the dedication to healing without regard to oneself, I will award this『Best Healer Special Award』from the competition’s management!!」

(*nod nod* It seems the competition management understand it well.)

Elena wasn’t able to understand what has happened and only stood flustered.
I escorted Elena as she stepped forward.

Elena received a huge trophy decorated with an image of a macho man and staggered.

Me and Aya stood and sandwiched Elena, we supported Elena’s arm from both sides and raised the trophy high in the air.

*clapclapclap clapclapclap*

Thunderous cheers and applause for Elena engulfed the whole arena.

Elena, whose both arms were supported by us, just stood there with her eyes blinking.