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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 050 - Seiji vs. Gadol

The competition resumed, the match of golden armored『Rondo』and dragonkin man『Gadol』has started.

The second match went far different from my and『Nix』’s match.

『Rondo』swung his huge sword and『Gadol』dodged it by a jump that surpassed that of an ordinary person, the huge sword sliced empty air.
When the huge sword sliced empty air, it caused the wind to burst. Rather than【Wind magic】, the wind burst was caused purely by the weapon’s wind pressure.

After jumping,『Gadol』attacks『Rondo』with a spear from above,『Rondo』dodges it with a back-step.
With the spear avoided, it slammed on the arena floor along with a loud sonic boom, the magic of the stone floor absorbed the impact, creating a hole of 1 m in diameter with a depth of 30 cm.

The battle continued for a while and the arena became full of holes.

Then finally,『Rondo』stepped a foot in a hole, lost his footing and failed to step back, his foot received『Gadol』’s attack.

「O~to! Participant golden armored『Rondo』got hit by participant『Gadol』’s jump attack!
It left a dent mark on the foot part of『Rondo』’s golden armor!
Participant『Rondo』is in a pinch!」

『Rondo』was limping and couldn’t perform a step-back and gradually received even『Gadol』’s normal attacks.

「Participant『Rondo』’s prided golden armor that was made to take hits, is now full of dent marks!」

The golden armor has dent marks all over, some parts of the armor came off and there’s a part where a hole opened.

『Rondo』exerted all his remaining strength and swung the huge sword,『Gadol』dodged it with a jump.
Then he got off balance, trying to step back in order to dodge『Gadol』’s attack from above, and he fell down.


『Gadol』’s spear pierced through『Rondo』’s thigh.

「Gug gyaa~!!」

『Rondo』screamed, directly fainted.

「Pa-, participant『Gadol』wins!」

The referee announced『Gadol』’s victory, the arena fell silent from the excessive spectacle.

Elena rushed up to heal『Rondo』, but was in trouble because of the spear stuck in『Rondo』’s thigh and couldn’t start the treatment.

『Gadol』approaches Elena.

He kicked.

The event happened in an instant that I also couldn’t not react,
this motherfucker『Gadol』, he kicked Elena!!

I rushed up to Elena at full speed to help her up.

「Motherfucker! Why did you do that to Elena!!?」

「She was obstructing me from taking the spear.」
『Gadol』said so, twisting the spear which was stuck in『Rondo』’s thigh, he put strength into it and pulled it forcefully.

「It’s a borrowed spear and has been stained with dirty blood of humans, I’ll have them prepare a substitute spear later.」

『Gadol』said and left.

Elena hurriedly rushed over to『Rondo』and began her treatment.

Due to『Gadol』pulling the spear weirdly from『Rondo』’s thigh, it was overflowing with huge amount of blood, the arena became a pool of blood.

I’m trembling with anger.
(『Gadol』, I won’t absolutely forgive you!!)

By Elena’s【Recovery magic】,『Rondo』has survived but he didn’t regain consciousness and was brought to the medical room.

For the arena’s restoration, the competition was suspended for a while, my anger has no sign of calming down.

Although the competition was resumed after a while.
「The next match is the【Finals】of women’s division but, participant『Halva』is currently recuperating, the men’s division’s【Finals】will be carried out ahead instead.」

Me and『Gadol』are at daggers drawn on the arena.
「Oy, you forgot your weapon.」
「I don’t need the sword, this one arm is enough.」

「Uh-oh, it looks like participant『Seiji』will be fighting without a weapon despite this being the【Finals】. Will he be alright!?」

「Kukuku, have you gone mad?」

I’ll stop holding back now.

「Participant『Seiji』, are you really fine without a weapon?」
I nodded at the referee.

「T-, Then, men’s division’s【Final】match~


『Gadol』was hit by me and was blew off.

「Huh!? Ah! Participant『Gadol』was blown away! How on earth did that happened!?
Participant『Seiji』, who should’ve been in a slightly distance away, moved and attacked『Gadol』instantaneously.
But, what’s with that power behind the barehanded attack? It’s so incomprehensible.」

Of course, it’s【Teleportation】and【Lightning Fist Raigeki Ken】was used afterwards.
Only to this guy, I’ll beat the hell out of him without holding back.

「Y-, you bastard, how dare you hit me.
I don’t know how you did it but I’ll make you regret for hitting with that filthy human hand of yours.」
「『Filthy』!? If Dragonkins are all just like you, then Dragonkins are『Filthier』.」
「H-, How could you, I wont absolutely forgive you!」
「That’s my line!」

Me and『Gadol』clashed on the middle of the arena with the two of us, simultaneously dashed.

「This is an intense fight! However, participant『Gadol』’s spear didn’t manage to land a single hit on participant『Seiji』. Participant『Seiji』managed to dodged them all.
On the other hand, participant『Seiji』’s attacks hit participant『Gadol』with certainty.
But, what kind of might was that!? It’s clearly visible that they were only ordinary punches but participant『Gadol』seemed received a considerable damage with every blow.」

『Gadol』took a few steps back to dodge me and glared at me furiously.

「Curse you! Curse you!」

『Gadol』continued to be beaten up by me and he seems to have accumulated a considerable amount of stress.

When I stepped forward, the guy freaked out and he dodged by jumping into the air.
And, it’s the all famous, attack from above.
When I took a back-step to dodge,『Gadol』grins and persistently performs jump attacks.

「Uh-oh, this is participant『Gadol』’s specialty, jump attack! Is everything will be over for participant『Seiji』with this!?」

「What’s wrong, can’t do anything about my jump attack?」

The idiot barks.
The jump attack of『Gadol』was repeated by countless times, I observed it slowly and carefully.

Then, the moment of who-knows-how-many-times jump attack.


The moment『Gadol』reached the apex of his jump.
I appeared right beside『Gadol』.


I knocked『Gadol』down using【Lightning Fist Raigeki ken】in the face.

As I landed on the arena,『Gadol』slammed face first to the ground at the same time.

The referee approached and checked on him,『Gadol』didn’t move an inch.

「Men’s division, Champion~, p-, participant『Seiji』!!」

The referee declared my championship loudly.


The arena was engulfed in loud cheers.

「The champion is participant『Seiji』!!
But, what the hell was that final attack?
Participant『Seiji』, who should’ve been on the ground, instantly appeared in the sky……
I totally don’t understand but it was an amazing match.」

Elena rushed to me and checked if I have any injury, when she saw that I don’t have any, did she calm down.
Then she approaches『Gadol』, intending to heal him……

The【Vigilance】magic sensed『Danger』.