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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 049 - Gadol and Halva

When I went back to the participants’ waiting room, the room was wrapped in a strange atmosphere.

「What’s with that previous match! As my relative, exposing such a disgraceful behavior, don’t you understand that it wasn’t supposed to be seen!」
「But, nii-sama, that’s……」
「Don’t talk back!」

The dragonkin man『Gadol』is hitting the dragonkin woman『Halva』.
To hit his imouto, unforgivable!

「It was a mistake to have brought you.You don’t have any use anymore. I’ll deliver you to your death right here.」
「Ah, forgive me, Nii-sama !」
「No more discussion!」

I didn’t understand how it turned out that way in an instant.

『Gadol』probably have personal aim other than the competition, with an ominous grim aura in the ragged spear, he thrust it towards『Halva』without hesitation.


『Gadol』’s spear was aimed at 『Halva』’s heart.
However,『Halva』warded off the aim slightly and it pierced through『Halva』around her flank.

My sanity returned by Aya’s scream and furiously dashed between the two people.

「You, what are you doing!!?」
「This have nothing to do with you, stand back, outsider.」
「Stand back!? This is your imouto! What are you doing to your imouto!!?」
「Such a person is not qualified to be my sibling, she’s useless even if she lives.」
「Such a thing aren’t for you to decide!」


『Halva』collapsed behind me.
Dangerous, the wound seems considerably deep.

「Aya!! Elena!」

Aya nodded lightly and ran to get Elena.

「Fu, she can’t be saved anyway. Reflect upon your shamefulness in the underworld.」

『Gadol』said so and went out of the room.

「Anchan, I’ve brought Elena-chan.」
「Seiji-sama!  T-, this!」
「Elena!  Heal her quickly, it seems to be terrible.」
「Y-, yes, I understand.」

Elena began to heal『Halva』’s wound with magic.
I won’t absolutely forgive that『Gadol』!

「Elena-chan, how was it? Can she be saved?」
「I-, I don’t know, she might be in considerable danger.」

I tried to use【Appraisal】on『Halva』and her HP is running low.
It seems impossible to save her.

「What is it?」
「Let me use【Stamina transfer】.」
「But, it’s also dangerous for Elena.」
「I know but as it is, I can’t help『Halva』-san.」

While we’re talking,『Halva』’s HP went down to the danger level.

「Fine, but, let your HP recover while using it.」

Elena use【Increase wound recovery rate】and【Stamina transfer】to heal『Halva』’s wound and HP while using【Stamina recovery】to recover her own HP.
I’m monitoring the two’s HP with【Appraisal】while giving instructions to Elena.

「Seiji-sama, the bleeding won’t stop. A-, at this rate……」
「Can’t you somehow stop the bleeding with【Water magic】?」
「【Water magic】?」
「Blood is similar to water, right?」
「Y-, yes, I’ll give it a try.」

Elena grasped the【Water rod】in her right hand and began to cast【Water magic】in parallel with the others.
The competition officials and participants gathered around and watched Elena’s healing.

「I-, it’s no use, even if I prevent some blood from flowing out, blood after blood flows out after another.」
「First, you have to prevent the blood from coming out of the wound then apply pressure on it while blocking off the vein at the same time.」
「Y-, yes.」

Elena began to apply pressure to the wound using【Water magic】which somehow prevent the blood from overflowing.

「It’s better than before but the blood still overflows little by little.」

This is bad, what should be done?

「Elena-chan, is it not possible to return the blood to the original vein?」
「It’s no good, because once the blood exposed to the air, it immediately hardens, it’s dangerous to return it back to the vein.」
「Then, how……」

「Seiji-sama, will it be fine if the blood didn’t get exposed to the air?」
「Oh, that’s right, what about it?」
「Seiji-sama, please take out your water and give it to me.」
「Oh, I understand.」

I took out the mineral water, opened the cap and handed it to Elena.

Elena controls the mineral water and clogged『Halva』’s wound with it.
I see, you want to protect the wound with water?

However, the dragonkin’s blue blood steadily mixed into the water and it became turbid blue.

「Elena, make a pathway for the blood in the water.」
「Pathway of blood……
I-, I understand, I’ll give it a try.」

Elena created a somehow simple vein in the water that covers the wound and was able to completely prevent the blood from overflowing.

【Stamina recovery】,【Increase wound recovery rate】,【Stamina transfer】and Advance【Water magic】, 4 magics were being used in parallel.
I completely realized that「Elena is amazing」.

However, Elena’s MP is steadily decreasing too, I took out a【Candy】and gave it to Elena.

After a while, the wound’s recovery rate became exceedingly fast.

What, Elena’s【Water magic】became level 3 and【Recovery magic】’s level rose to 4.

With the level increased, the wound was healed in an instant and the wound finally closed off completely.


Voices of admiration leaked out from the surrounding people who saw that the wound healed rapidly.

When『Halva』’s wound closed off completely, Elena’s MP was almost spent too.

「Elena, good work!」
「Seiji-sama, thank you!」

「Unbelievable! Such a terrible wound has been completely healed!」
「There was a crystal clear water that covered up the wound!」
「The wound healed in an instant!」

『Halva』’s wound was healed and she was taken by the people of the medical team to the medical room.

「Elena, are you alright?」
「I-, I’m fine.」
However, when Elena tried to stand up, she staggered.

「You’re not fine at all.」
I princess carry Elena.

「Ah!  S-, Seiji-sama.」
「Leave it to me.」
「Y-, yes.」

I also bring Elena to the medical room.
Elena smile blooms while blushing bashfully and I held her in my arms.