Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 048 - Seiji vs. Nix

Aya advanced to the finals and the match that followed, the one who could probably win the championship from Aya, the dragonkin woman,『Halva』’s match takes place.

『Halva』’s match progresses with her dominating it, almost winning when it happened.

『Halva』tried to avoid the attack that her opponent threw at random but for some reason,『Halva』lost her balance and the attack hit her, though it’s only one, she suffered a wound as a result.
If you look closely, there’s a little hole on the floor which was the same one as the dragonkin man,『Gadol』made just a little while ago, it wasn’t properly repaired somehow and it seems she stepped into the hole, losing her footing.
Because of her fellow dragonkin, she lost her footing and got injured, that’s indescribably weird twist of fate.

「Oo~ps,『Halva』, who’s showing an overwhelming strength got injured. Participant『Halva』was caught off guard……
Hn? Participant『Halva』’s blood color……」

The commentator seemed surprised at『Halva』’s blood color. 
『Halva』’s blood color is【Blue】instead of【Red】.

I was only like『are the dragonkin’s blood blue?~』but……
It caused quite a stir in the surrounding spectators, I wonder if blue blood is rare even here?

After that, the slight scratch didn’t do much,『Halva』won and advanced to the finals.

The match ends, Elena approached『Halva』, trying to heal her wound but for some reason,『Halva』rejected it and retired herself back into the waiting room.

Declining Elena’s precious heal, outrageous.

I’m a little bothered by『Halva』’s circumstances but it would be my turn immediately afterwards, so I used【Appraisal】again on my next opponent『Nix』.

│Name: Nix(♂)
│Occupation: Thief
│Age: 29

│Level: 18
│HP: 280
│MP: 120

│Power: 28 Endurance: 20
│Ability: 42 Magic power: 15

│【Short blade techniques】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Continuous strike 
│ ・Feint

│【Art of thievery】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Open lock
│ ・Trap discovery
│ ・Pickpocket

His occupation is a『Thief』, he’s absolutely a criminal!
What’s this【Art of thievery】skill you possesses!
Even criminals can brazenly go out and calmly compete in this competition?

His Ability stats is higher than『Macala』from before. Since the high Ability is troublesome, it’s necessary to be careful.

「Next, men’s division, semi-finals’ first match will take place. 
Block A’s participant『Seiji』and Block B’s participant『Nix』, please come up to the arena.」

I braced myself again and went up to the arena.

「From here, men’s division,『Semi-finals』’s first match,『Seiji』vs『Nix』’s match will now commence.」

The spectators held their breaths and fell silent.

「Well then, begin!」

『Nix』suddenly plunged forward and approached in a breakneck speed.
『Nix』strikes with a knife from the right. I tried to block it with the katana……


Suddenly,【Vigilance】magic sensed『Danger』from behind!
I immediately leap horizontally while turning my body to the back.

The first knife attack suddenly vanished like an illusion and a knife suddenly protruded from my left rear, it follows me as I leap horizontally. 
I swing the katana immediately and block the attack.


『Nix』seemed surprised that I was able to blocked the attack.
I’m the one who should be surprised here, did you use【Teleportation】?
No, it shouldn’t be. It’s probably【Feint】.
Moreover, it’s completely different from the『Feint』I used out of desperation in the match against【Macala】, it seems refined and genuine【Feint】.
If there’s no【Vigilance】magic, I would’ve probably lost already.
This might be dangerous.

「What!? What on earth has happened! Participant『Nix』attacked right after the match started, he disappeared and before anyone noticed he already sneaked behind・・and participant『Seiji』saw through that and blocked it by the katana!? It’s too high level that my eyes couldn’t keep up!!」
The spectators raised a voice of admiration.

It seems『Nix』felt that I’m strong, he starts attacking again using【Feint】in parallel with continuous strike.
I intend to learn it, so I carefully observe the attack.
It almost hit me many times but thanks to【Vigilance】magic, I was able to perform a last-minute block.
My breathing became disordered as I continue to receive the intensive continuous feint attacks for awhile but I was able to gradually gain insight on Feint.

「I-, I feel sick. Watching participant『Nix』and participant『Seiji』is somehow making me feel drunk. Is everyone alright? 
But, their movements are incomprehensible to ordinary people. It seems the fierce battle of these two causes them to appear then disappear.
We can’t tell anymore which one is having the upper hand!」

Gradually, I’m getting used to『Nix』’s attacks, I decided to wait for an opening and launch an attack. 
Although initially, I can only do simple attacks, I was able to gradually perform attacks that interferes with my opponent’s movements and a chance came when the space between us widened, using that as a foothold, I was able to perform an attack with feint.

「Keeping up the commentaries is hard. I don’t understand it clearly but it seems participant『Seiji』is being pushed back.」

I was able to gain a considerable insight, I perform a counter to『Nix』’s attack and from there, I was able to use more feint with my attacks.
After a while, the fierce battle is completely reversed,『Nix』became the one in defensive and his breathing gradually became disordered.
But, I still can’t land a single hit.

「These two’s fierce battle continues, how long will this fierce battle lasts?」

The opponent seems to have trouble breathing but I’m also running out of breath.

It’s going to be bad if I don’t end this soon.
There’s no other choice, I’ll only use it once.

I took a little distance and calculate the timing and when the opportunity came, I tried to start attacking. 
『Nix』tried to see through my attacks and flawlessly receiving them .
Then, when I attack『Nix』from the left, my katana and『Nix』’s knife collides!

『Nix』was slashed from behind.

『Nix』quickly understand what had happened, he leaned forward, fell, and stopped moving.
I’ve used【Teleportation】. (・ω<)

「Aa a!!
N-, Now, what on earth has happened!!?
The attack originally came from the front but then from behind!?
The attack just now, I didn’t see it at all!!
Participant Seiji’s attack which I didn’t understand well, hit and knock down participant Nix!!」

「Pa-, participant『Seiji』’s win―――!!」

「「Uwa a~~~!!!」」

At long last, the fight against『Nix』is over, a thunderous cheers broke out, *Haaaa* I tried my best steady my breathing.

『Level went up to 17.
【Sword Art】is now level 4.』

I’ve gained 2 levels and【Sword Art】also went up by 1.
It’s the first skill to reach Level 4 other than magics.

At the center of the arena, I raised my two fist into the air.