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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 047 - Aya vs. Lela

I understood then that the Dragonkin『Dolar』’s offensive is considerably dangerous. 
In the finals of Block D,『Dolar』’s attack destroyed the arena’s floor. Destroying the arena which didn’t even break when it was slammed by the giant’s hammer.

The floor is currently being repaired, so the competition is temporarily suspended. Well, it might be fine since it’s already noon.

I utilized the time and went to where Aya’s next opponent,『Lilya』is and moved slightly closer, I used【Appraisal】on her again.

│Name: Lela Lyle Gewalt (♀)
│Occupation: Aristocrat’s daughter
│Age: 17

│Level: 12
│HP: 270
│MP: 180

│Power: 19 Endurance: 22
│Ability: 18 Magic power: 19

│【Light magic】
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Light

│【Sword techniques】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Vertical slash
│ ・Foot Sweep Kick

│【Shield techniques】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Block
│ ・Shield evasion

This is the first time I saw a person with【Light magic】.
It’s not going to be much for Aya based on the status but her good equipments are troublesome.

「You, the one who’s looking at me, it’s a breach of manners for a commoner to stare at an aristocrat.」

Suddenly,『Lela』called out to me.
However, is there such a manner!?

「Excuse me, I’m just confirming what kind of fellow is my imouto’s opponent.」
「I see, a relative of my opponent.」

「By the way, why does an aristocrat’s daughter competing in a commoners’ competition?」
「Your way of speaking is inadequate, well, it can’t be helped since you’re a commoner. To answer the question, aristocrats aren’t particularly prohibited to participate in this competition.」
「But, aristocrats originally have admissions to the mana crystals even if they don’t compete in this competition, right?」
「My purpose isn’t the admission to the mana crystal, it’s to win the championship of this competition.」

「I see, you are here to harass.」
「What did you say? It’s different kind of thing.」
「Is that so? If you win the competition, a commoner won’t be able to have an admission to the mana crystal.」

「An aristocrat’s circumstances takes precedence over the circumstances of a commoner.You don’t even know such a thing, this is why a commoner……」
「Is that so.」

This fellow is hopeless.
I left the place and came back to where Aya is.

「Anchan, what did you talk about with that person?」
「Rather than talking, she just picked a quarrel when I got closer. It seems I was impertinent in spite of being a commoner.」
「Eh~ She’s that kind of person.」

「Next up, women’s division’s second round will commence. 
Participants no. 1 and no. 2, please come up to the arena.」

「Ah, it’s me, see you later.」
「Oh, good luck!」

After showing me a v-sign, Aya head towards the arena.

「Well then, women’s division, third match, participant no. 1『Lela』versus, participant no. 2『Aya』.」

「Then, begin!」

Aya and Lela took their stances and glared at each other.

「Come now, observe the great battle, Iron wall『Lela』and Swift wind『Aya』’s match has begun.」

There’s something attached to the names of the two?

Since Lela won’t be making a move herself and just stood there, Aya slowly shorten their distance.


『Lela』’s rapier suddenly thrusts forward and attacked Aya.
Aya was caught off guard by the sudden offensive, she wasn’t able to completely evade the attack and grazed her shoulder. 
Aya quickly take a distance, the shoulder part of the leather armor got torn off and there’s a little blood visible.

What the hell!
That weapon, its blade hasn’t been dulled.

Aya was surprised too about her injury.

「Uh-oh, participant Lela attacked and injured participant Aya! Participant Aya is in a pinch!」

Such slow and leisurely commentary of the situation! It’s a foul play to use a weapon with its blade hasn’t been dulled. 
I looked for the competition’s staff to appeal for Lela’s foul play.

「Oy, wait a moment, the blade of Lela’s weapon hasn’t been dulled?」
「Yes, that’s right, is it a problem?」

「Haa!?  Don’t『Yes, that’s right』me!
Using a weapon with its blade hasn’t been dulled is a foul!」

「No, because the rule is that when an aristocrat fights a commoner, normal weapons can be used, it’s not a foul play.」
「W-, what did you say? Why is there such a rule!?」

「Originally, the rule about using weapons that has its blade dulled is a measure in order for a commoner to avoid injuring an aristocrat accidentally, there’s no need for aristocrats to follow it.」
「Oh, that’s good, I understand.」

I understand shit!!

Aya seems to have understood the situation from the surroundings, glaring at Lela with more focus.

Aya observe Lela carefully while moving and sneaking behind Lela.
Lela didn’t even move, following Aya by only moving her neck. Perhaps, she can’t move? 
Only when Aya tried to approach that Lena quickly assumed a fighting stance.
Aya circled around Lela once more to increase her speed.
Finally, when Lela could no longer keep up with the reaction velocity, Aya plunge in towards Lela’s blind spot, slashing with a knife.


Although Aya’s knife hit, it was blocked by Lela’s armor and didn’t manage to do any damage.
Lela attacks with her rapier.
Aya barely dodged by going underneath the rapier at the last minute, rolling over to take a distance.

Shit, it’s getting dangerous.

However, Aya move towards Lela persistently.
And then, barely avoiding the rapier in the last minute in the same way and move towards Lela again repeatedly.

What are you doing!? Watch out! Think a little bit more how to fight!

However, as the similar attack repeated for a while, Aya gradually became skillful at dodging it. It seems to be a timely use of wind magic to correct her trajectory.

Then, the nth attack happened.

Lela attacks with her rapier aimed at Aya’s face, but Aya without trying to dodge, keep charging.

Watch out!

At the time when Lela’s rapier was about to pierce through Aya’s face, Aya slashed with her knife, raising it up from below, deflecting the rapier’s attack.
Lela’s attack had been brushed off and her arm was completely stretched out into the air.


It was Lela’s scream.

When you look carefully, the knife was pierced through the armpit of Lela’s armor.

Apparently there’s a gap on the armpit part of the armor.

Lela writhes scandalously on the arena.
「Ouch!! What’s the medical team doing!? Help me quickly!!」
The unseemly grievous cry of Lela resounded through the arena.

「P-, participant no. 2, 『Aya』’s win―――!!」

The medical team heard the voice of the referee and hurriedly came over and placed Lela on something like a stretcher and carrying her away to the medical team’s room.

「A huge eventful unexpectedness, participant『Iron wall Lela』has been unexpectedly eliminated on the semi-finals, winning and advancing to the finals is『Swift wind Aya』!!」

The arena was engulfed by loud cheers!

It was terrifying!
Because my【Vigilance】magic reacted with only『Caution』degree, I endured from forcefully breaking in, the feeling almost kill me.

On the arena, while Aya is having Elena heal her wounds around the shoulder, she answered the spectators’ cheers with a smile.