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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 046 - Seiji vs. Macala

The women’s division had another match and immediately after, the men’s division has resumed.

The one who’ll advance from Block A will be determined by the next match with『Macala』.
I used【Appraisal】again on『Macala』.

│Name: Macala(♂)
│Occupation: Acrobat
│Age: 28

│Level: 15
│HP: 250
│MP: 200

│Power: 34 Endurance: 27
│Ability: 38 Magic power: 19

│【Wind magic】
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Wind control

│【Axe techniques】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Dual strike
│ ・Shield break
│ ・Axe throw
│ ・Dual wield axe
│ ・Septuple strike

By acrobat, it probably meant that he’s making a living by performing stunts, I wonder what axe stunts he does using level 3【Axe techniques】?
His【Axe techniques】frightfully have so many techniques.
He possessed an【Axe throw】technique which is on the top of the competition rules, so this technique is unusable and it’s better to just ignore it.
I’m worried about the abnormal【Septuple strike】technique. I don’t know what kind of attack is that, let’s be careful.

After that, he also have【Wind magic】while it being level 1. How will he use it for battle?

「Next, men’s division, Block A’s final match.
Participants no. 2 and no. 6, please come up to the arena.」

It seems to be my turn.
I braced myself and went up to the arena.

「Well then, men’s division, Block A finals,『Seiji』vs『Macala』will now commence.」

Because it’s a block’s finals, the spectators are quite excited too.

「Well then, begin!」

I launch a preemptive attack as soon as the match starts. 
I tried to attack『Macala』with【Dō1】while running but it was avoided with a high jump.
『Macala』jumps over me while rotating his body and attack aiming at the back of my head while in mid-air.
I turned around quickly and somehow blocked it with the katana.
Afterwards,『Macala』unleashed a series of attacks from left and right, the only thing I can do is to do my best to somehow block them with the katana, I am gradually being overwhelmed.

「Ooh, both participants quickly starts the match with a tremendous battle!」

Even though I have【Quick】on myself, it’s really hard.
Whenever I found a chance, I tried to attack but it would be avoided by a jump. However, there’s probably a limit to this person’s jump.

I strike with a『Men』from an overhead position so it wouldn’t be avoided by a jump, he caught the attack by holding his hands overhead and formed a cross with his weapons.

As one would expect for someone with level 3 weapon, it’s not mediocre.

As the battle continued for a while, I’m gradually getting used to the opponent’s attacks and was able to afford a little leeway.

I strike with『Men』from the overhead position making him unable to dodge.
It seems『Macala』is getting used to my attacks too, he poised himself to take it by crossing his weapons.
However, with the『Men』as a feint, I abruptly made my sword stop, from there, lowering my stance and bringing my katana back around and slashing at the now unprotected『Dō』without hesitation.2


I felt the katana smashed to『Macala』’s flank, dealing a heavy damage and producing a loud sound.
『Macala』crouched down and declared「I give up」without standing.

「『Seiji』vs『Macala』’s match,
participant no. 2,『Seiji』’s win―――!!」

「It was an spectacular match, defeating『Macala』with a superb feint attack and advanced from Block A, participant『Seiji』!」

A battle of speed and also the 1st person advancing through a block, the spectators’ cheers are considerably loud.

『Level rose to 15.』
Oh, my level is also rising steadily.
However, it was good that the feint went well.

Come to think of it,『Macala』hadn’t got a chance to use【Septuple srike】until the end, what kind of technique would that be?
I wonder if there’s a condition required before it can be used? Well, let’s keep it in mind.

After that, the competition proceeds.
Block B, the man named『Nix』who uses a knife, 
Block C, golden armored『Rondo』,
and Block D, as expected, the Dragonkin『Dolar』, won and advanced.

Translator notes and reference:

1Strike at the (left/right) flank of body, like this↩
2I’m not sure about this.. so here’s the raw: しかし、『面』はフェイントで刀を急停止させ、そこから一段階姿勢を落とし刀をくるりと翻ひるがえし、ガラ空きになった『胴』を抜き気味に斬った。↩