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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 043 - Seiji vs. Riche

I used【Appraisal】again on my first opponent『Riche』.

│Occupation: Martial artist’s apprentice
│Age: 15

│Level: 10
│HP: 210
│MP: 44

│Power: 30 Endurance: 15
│Ability: 28 Magic power: 10

│【Body technique】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Foot Sweep Kick
│ ・Counter

His occupation is『Martial artist’s apprentice』, I wonder if he’s training in some dojo?
He’s the same age as Elena.
His strongest stats is Power besides Ability.
While his【Body technique】is the same level as mine.

There’s not much difference in level and basic stats and perhaps there’s enough room to spare.

When I climbed up on the flat stone arena,『Riche』politely bowed.
I remembered back when I was a student and took lessons on kendo and Judo so I unconsciously returned the bow.

「Nice to meet you.」
「Nice to meet you too.」

『Riche』seemed to be a little tense.

「From this onward, the【Body reinforcement temple】’s Sunday fighting competition will commence.
During which, using my privilege, the sales of【Voting tickets】will now be closed, I hope you understand.
Well then, first round, men’s division, first match,『Seiji』vs『Riche』match will now be held.」

「Kill each other!」

I heard some strange jeering, it finally started it seems.

「Participant no. 2,『Seiji』! With his weapon, a strange『Sword』.」

Because my name was called, I raised my fist to get the audience’s appeal but there wasn’t much reaction.
I wonder if I missed the timing?

Also, strange『Sword』?
More than that, I wasn’t able to put the【Buckler】that I bought yesterday into use because of its incompatibility with this『Sword』, I wonder if it’s a mistake to buy it.

「Participant no. 3,『Riche』! His weapon,『Knuckles』.」

When『Riche』’s name was called, he put his hands together and bowed to the four directions.

「Then, begin!」

Uo, suddenly it begin!?
I hurriedly grip the【Replica sword】and cast【Quick】magic on myself.
At first, I plan to use【Slow】to seal him off.
It’s not a rule violation, it’s the idiosyncrasy of the competition to restrict the opponent’s movements but there’s a possibility of it pouring cold water on the competition’s climax.
Well, if it get dangerous, I may be forced to use it.

『Riche』lowered himself into a fighting stance, and approach using suri ashi1.
I too, take the stance of kendo and draw closer.

When『Riche』got closer to some extent, his steps abruptly stopped.
Using his left fist, he approached aiming at my face, taking my stance to chudan, I performed a parry with the katana by executing『Kote』.
With his fist parried,『Riche』’s stance collapsed so I followed with『Men』,『Riche』quickly jumped backwards and the『Men』sliced empty air.2 

Iyaa, the『Kote』splendidly connected but the『Men』missed, this guy is also quite good.
However, it seems『Kote』hurt『Riche』’s left hand.
If it were a sharp sword,『Kote』would have already decided the victory and defeat.

It seems『Riche』sensed that I’m strong and didn’t pursue the offensive.
This time, I take the initiative to attack.

I immediately step forward and execute『Men』, 
but『Riche』dodged it by tilting his body to the right and performed a counter, a right hook.
However, because of the difference in reach, the instant before『Riche』’s right hook arrive, I was able to pull back the katana and take『Riche』’s fist by the katana’s base3

The katana and the knuckle collided producing a loud「Gakin!」sound, breaking『Riche』’s knuckle into two.

「I give up!」
『Riche』took 3 steps back, bowed and declared his defeat.

「『Seiji』and『Riche』’s match, participant no. 2,『Seiji』’s win―――!!」


When the referee declared my win, from the spectators’ delight, mad screams broke out.

『【Sword Art】acquired.

【Sword Art】is now level 2.』

Hooray, Level 2【Sword Art4】get!

│Name: Maruyama Seiji
│Occupation: SE

│Level: 13
│HP: 353 (+49)
│MP: 3350 (+26)

│Power: 32 (+3) Endurance: 32 (+3)
│Ability: 132 (+4) Magic power: 335 (+3)

│【Space-Time Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Information Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Lightning Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Body techniques】(Level: 2)
│【Sword Techniques】(Level: 2)

│【Sword Art】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Dual strike ★NEW
│ ・Tsubazeriai5 ★NEW
│ ・Weapon break ★NEW

「Thank you, it’s my complete defeat.」
「Ou, you were also good.」

We shook hands.

However, this guy『Riche』is stupid too.
At the medical team, he asked Elena to heal his left hand with【Recovery Magic】, afterwards putting it under his nose.

I should’ve killed him.

Translator notes and reference:

1Suri ashi is a foot work, like this.↩
2Chudan or “middle-level posture” is the most basic stance, providing balance between attacking and defending. Men is one of the five strikes in kendo (along with tsukihidari kote and migi kote). It is a long slashing stroke that falls on the centre-line of the head. Menalso designates the movement, the target, and the part of the kendo armour that covers the whole head. The kiai for this strike, as for all strikes in kendo, is the name of the target area. Basically, Seiji used hidari kote (strike to the left forearm) here since Riche used his left fist―Wikipedia↩
3I think it’s referring to the katana’s habaki? Basically, the blade’s base.↩
4刀術(Toujutsu) basically means art of wielding sword while 剣術(Kenjutsu) means art of sword fighting which was translated in the past chapters as [Sword Techniques], if you have any naming ideas, please let me know on the comment section.↩
5Tsubazeriai means hand-guard fight. Know more about it here.↩