Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 038 - Body reinforcement temple

Morning came and I woke up.
I’m being constrained.
I can’t move an inch.

How did this happen!?

「Good morning, niichan.」
「Good morning, Aya.
Why am I like this?」
「It’s because niichan suddenly fell asleep on the bed.」

I see, I fell asleep on the bed when the liquor took effect on me.

「So, Aya.
Can you get off quickly? I-, I can’t move.」
「Oh, sorry sorry.」

At last, Aya got off from my arm which was used a pillow.
However, I’m still stuck.

That’s because my other arm is under Elena’s neck.

「Oh, Seiji-sama, good morning.」
「Good morning, Elena.」

「By the way, why are you two using my arms as pillows?」
「That’s because niichan fell asleep sprawled at the center of the bed.
So for me and Elena to sleep, we can only use niichan’s arms as pillows.」
「I see, sorry.」

「By the way, niichan.」
「What is it?」

「Isn’t it funny that we can set up the【Tent】with this much space?」
「A!? It can’t be helped! Since it’s already morning!」

「Moreover, how long do you intend to remain【Bed in】with Elena-chan?」


Me and Elena get off the bed making a *shuffle shuffle* sounds.

「Now~ then, the adventure begins today!」
「Niichan is tricky~」

I corrected my position as to not noticed by the two.

At the reception desk of the inn, I heard that there will be room vacancies this evening.
I booked a double room early morning and paid it with two rooms worth.

We had a light breakfast at the stalls along the main street. 
We went to our first objective, the【Body reinforcement temple】.

A building with a similar feeling to the【Wind temple】, though the atmosphere of the people who visits the temple are completely different.
Everyone is a『Macho man』.
Well, it’s【Body reinforcement temple】, so it’s no wonder that only these kinds of people will gather.

We went to the receptionist and asked how much is the admission fee.

「For commoners, they can’t be admitted if they haven’t win the championship of the『Fighting competion』which held every week.」
「W-, whaaat!!」

What,『Fighting competion』!
It didn’t only required an admission fee!

After asking around.
・The『Fighting competition』is held every Sunday.
・Participant registration is on Saturday.
・It is divided into『Men’s division』and『Women’s division』.
・The competition will be carried out in a tournament format.
・Long-range weapons and long-range magic attacks are not allowed.
・Weapons that had their blades dulled will be provided during the competition.
・Magicians that can heal wounds with recovery magic are being recruited.
・Magicians who worked as healer are granted admission. 
Something like this.

「I’ll be on『Men’s division』and Elena will participate as a healer.
It’s seems impossible for Aya, so please cheer us well.」
「No way!」

「You can’t possible fight『melee』, can you?
Long-range magic attacks are not allowed.」
「I’ll have a one day special training!」
「You-, how are you going to do that? You’ll just get yourself injured.」
「The opponents are all women, relax.」

Anyway, the matter about Aya’s special training until dusk is settled and we will decide by then.
Well, I have no intention of making Aya participate.

We left the【Temple】and stopped by the【Weapons and armors shop】.
However, the shop is closed.
I wonder if it’s too early?

Since it can’t be helped, we head towards the outside of the town for now.

「Hey, lad wait.」
Near the exit of the town, I was called out by a familiar guy.
N? Is he waiting for me? What’s the matter?

We are taken into the back alley with several men.

「Do you have business with me?」
「I was the one who asked you for 100 Aurum yesterday.
I asked you here to get another 100 Aurum.」
「Wa? What do you mean another 100 Aurum?」
「Listen up, I said take out another 100 Aurum.
If you don’t want to get hurt, take it out quickly!」

It seems I was misunderstood as to why I took out 100 Aurum yesterday.

Unnoticed, I cast【Quick】to the 3 of us and【Slow】to all the surrounding men.

「Adventurer-san, let’s have an honest discussion.」
「What is it?」
「The girl you bumped into yesterday is over here.」
「So what?」

「Fight with this girl 1 on 1, the loser will pay 200 Aurum to the winner, what do you say?」
「What did you say!?」
「It’s too much, niichan!」
「Seiji-sama, it’s indeed excessive!」

Truthfully this man, the【Appraisal】showed that he’s only level 3, so deceptive was his appearance as expected.
Under the effect of【Quick】and【Slow】in addition.
I also intend to block the opponent’s attacks that will likely hit with barrier, there’s no element that can make Aya lose.

「Aya, don’t you want to become an adventurer? 
Then, it’s impossible for you to become an adventurer if you can’t win to this person.」
「B-, but……」

「Use this as a weapon.」
I took out the said knife from the inventory and gave it to Aya.

「T-, this knife is……」
「Don’t you want to protect Elena?」
「Y-, yeah……
Okay, I-, I’ll do my best!」
「Aya-san, this is absurd!」
「Elena, come over and heal Aya if she gets injured.」
「I-, it’s only natural that I’ll heal・・」

「What will you do to me with such a knife?
To fight with this lass for 200 Aurum, I made a killing.

Aya holds the knife and walks towards the man.