Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 036 - Elena’s dangerous healing

For a few days, I worked at the company while Elena watched DVDs and Aya prepared for college.

In regards to commuting, I normally use train in the morning and settled down using【Teleportation】to return.
I decided not to risk using【Teleportation】when going out because there’s a chance of being found out by someone at the destination.

My work went so smoothly that there’s almost no overtime.

Elena seemed quite addicted to the DVD of the magical girl series and earnestly watched it.
I took away the【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】once she finished watching the DVD and had her review it once again without『Temporary language acquisition』, it was to study and to understand the Japanese language at the same time.
Elena’s effort and love of Magical girl DVDs was worth it as Elena’s Japanese language proficiency reached the smattering level.

Aya has been going out to jog everyday with Elena.
She prepares for college a little then enjoyed watching DVDs with Elena and go out to play somewhere without definite purpose, leading a seemingly languid life.
Where is the passion you set at time had gone to!?

『Azide』-san continued to do business at『Nippo town』.


Such life continued till Friday came and I returned home using【Teleportation】as scheduled.

「I’m home.」
「Niichan! Let’s go to the different world at once!」

「What’s with that all of a sudden and no『Welcome home』?」
「Seiji-sama, welcome home.」
「Niichan, welcome back.」

「Our plan is to leave tomorrow morning, why do you want to leave now?」
「Because, I can’t take it anymore and want to become an adventurer quickly.」

「Are you a child!? Generally, the inn is roughly fully booked at this time of day, what are we going to do then? Do you want us three to camp outside?」
「It’s fine, surely there must be a vacancy even if only one room.」
「What! That’s being confident without basis.
If there’s no room vacancy, not only Aya and me, is Elena going to camp outside too?」
「Uh, I-, it’s……」
「I-, I want to camp outside too.」
「No no, it’s absolutely not okay to let Elena camp outside.」
「What if it’s me?」
「It’s no good for Aya too! 
Just give up, we’ll leave tomorrow morning as planned, understood?」

「Oh, I have an idea.
If there’s no room vacancy, we could go『Aria』-san’s place.
T-, that’s a good idea, right?」
「Well, no, it’s till no good.
There won’t be enough space to sleep with that much crowd.」
「I will make do with a【Sleeping bag】.
I-, it’s a lifetime request.」

How many『Lifetime request』do you intend to use in your lifetime?

「Oh, I understand, let’s go.」
「You say that even though I’m tired by working everyday..」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

「Seiji-sama, if you’re tired,
I’ll heal it.」
「Elena sure is gentle.」

Elena took my hand and started using magic.

「This is…… it’s being healed!」

By the power of Elena’s magic, the faigue felt coming off steadily, I felt that both my body and mind was being healed.
I’ll likely become addicted to this, it’s dangerous!

However, Elena who’s using magic looks somewhat strange.

「Elena? You look somewhat strange?」
「S-, such a…thing…I…I-, I’m fi…fine..」
「No no, your complexion is definitely strange.」

I tried to use【Appraisal】on Elena.

│Name: Elena Delaidos
│Occupation: Princess

│Level: 5
│HP: 20/104 ✹Danger!
│MP: 200/278 (+70)

│Power: 10 Endurance: 9
│Ability: 10 Magic power: 31 (+7)

│【Water magic】(Level: 2)
│ ・Water control

│【Recovery magic】(Level: 3)
│ ・Illness mitigation
│ ・Increase recovery rate
│ ・Stamina recovery
│ ・Stamina transfer ★NEW

「Elena! Wait a moment! Stop!!
Stop using magic!!」

「W-, wha…t…ha…ppened?」
「What happened!? Elena-chan’s face is pale!」
「Elena, your HP decreased! 
You’re using【Stamina transfer】not【Stamina recovery】!
It transfers your stamina to another person!」

「N? Is…that…so?」
「Quickly, restore your HP!」
「Y-, yes…」

Elena were able to restore her HP using【Stamina1 recovery】.

「Oh, I was frightened, Elena, that magic is banned!
「Y-, yes.」

A frighting start but we were able to put an end to it.

After we having prepared properly,
I used【Teleportation】and we flew towards the different world.

Translator notes and reference:

1This 体力 is confusing, it means stamina/endurance which in the status is translated as endurance and in the skill section as stamina(Elena used it to restore her stamina in chapter 33) but it was also used here to restore Elena’s HP, I can only surmise it to mean ‘vitality’ when she used it on this situation↩