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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 030 - Track and Caution

I got off at Sapporo Station.

 When I came here I noticed-
 Though I came here with so much effort, am I going to return without doing anything?
 Eat ramen then go home?

 No no, I’ve just eaten a street stall served soba a while ago.

 Whatever. I can also come anytime.

 I went home using【Teleportation】.

 At home, Elena and Aya isn’t back yet.
 A round trip to Sapporo for half a day and merely eating a street stall served soba, I was made to perform a forced march, so I was so tired and fell asleep on the couch.


 A back alley in Shinjuku.
 Aya and Elena is surrounded by 3 suspicious men.

「Hey, you, step aside!」
「We just wanna be friends with that blonde over there, we have no business with you so you may go.」

 A man who looks like a spaniel in a handbill laughed, slowly approaching Aya and Elena with a smirk on his face.

「Don’t worry about me Aya-san, run away.」
「See, blonde wanna have fun with us, what’d I tell ya?」
「It’s not like that!」

「You aren’t listening to what we say, it seems we have to let you taste a bitter experience beforehand.」
「W-what!  You want to use violence!?」

「Well, we are now in a back alley, so even if you try to call for help, no one will hear you.」
「3 guys ganging up with a girl, how shameless!」
「Hahah! Do you want to come here and play with us three, want to do a shameless stuff?」
「You! Aren’t you embarrassed by saying such things!?  Does your heads full of maggots?」

「Let me deal with this b*tch! Hey you, you can’t even keep your legs from shaking.You’re so scared, are you going to wet yourself? Hahaha~」

(Someone help me!)

「Enough already, let’s show this pertinent woman! Blonde we’ll slowly make love later, so wait there. Hey, guys, let’s nail this woman! 」


「N? Who is it? Who made that filthy scream?」

「What are you trying to do with my imouto!!?」

「I’ve kept you waiting, it’s alright now.」


 While sleeping on the couch, 【Caution】magic suddenly informed me about the『Danger』.

 Apparently, when a person with【Track】meet a『Danger』, 【Caution】magic seems to sense it, thanks to that, I was able to know the predicament of Aya and Elena.
 I hurriedly used 【Teleportation】and arrived at the scene.


「It’s painful! Let go of my arm! My arm will break!!」

 When I release the arm of the man who was going to grab Aya-
 the 3 hooligan cautiously took a distance.

「Who are you! Where did you came from!?」

 I take this chance to use【Quick】on myself.

「Appearing suddenly and putting a brave front. Do you think you can beat the 3 of us with just yourself?」

「Did you think you can beat me with just the 3 of you? Stop talking garbage and come at me.」

「Scoundrel! Get him!」

 The 3 thugs attacked me at the same time.
 But the attacks felt so slow because of【Quick】and my several level ups.
 I casually dodged the attack of the 3 thugs but they are stubborn and formed an encirclement.
 It looks stupid, they think I can’t fight with this.

 With【Future prediction】, I’m aware of the attacks coming from behind, I avoid it quickly and tripped him with my foot, he stumbled down to the guy in front.

「Where’s that energy you used to brag awhile ago?  You can’t even do anything to me with 3 people.」

「Let’s do this!」

 Surprisingly, each of the thugs took out a knife and lowered themselves into a fighting stance. 
 Oi oi! This is Japan, bringing out weapons, this guys must’ve gone crazy.

 The 3 thugs attacked me at the same time.

 I deflect the knife coming from the man in front causing it to pierce the arm of the man in the right, to avoid the knife coming from the man in the left, I used【Teleportation】and moved to the back of the man in front.

「Gyaa! It’s painful!!」

 The man in the right with a knife pierced into his arm crouched down in pain and unable to fight anymore, it became 2 vs 1.

 The thugs who was confused by the【Teleportation】stopped their thoughtless attacks and became vigilant. 
 The silent stand-off continued for a while.

 The guy in front of me a while ago who looks like a spaniel in a handbill seems like the leader, winked to the other guy for some reason.
 What on earth are you scheming?

 The guy who seemed to be the leader plunge into me alone.
 I continue to dodge his knife-

 The other guy rushed over to Aya.
 Shoot, he’s going to attack Aya.

 I gave the leader a counter punch in the face then I used【Teleportation】and appeared between the other man and Aya.
 The guy thrust his knife, I tried to deflect it in order for it to not hit Aya but it only shifted slightly and grazed my cheek.

 I strike him into his solar plexus, and cast a weak【Electric shock】.


 That fellow gave a short scream, fell down and stopped moving.

 The leader who recovered from the punch earlier looked at me with disbelief when he saw that his friend was defeated.

「You’re the only one left, are you going to hide your tail behind your legs and run away?」

 The leader rushed to me in desperation-
 I sneaked in to his back using【Teleportation】and chopped his neck with a weak【Electric shock】, causing him to faint.


 Taking away the knives of the 3 thugs into the inventory, I embrace Elena and Aya.

「Come on, let’s go home.」

 I put a hand on Aya and Elena’s head, hugging them lightly and went home using【Teleportation】.