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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 294 - Idol's heart

Translator: Jei

I was peeking into Megumi-chan and Hilda going to the dance lesson using【Tracking beacon】.

「That reminds me, Hilda. What country are you from?」
「Uhh, it’s Delaidos kingdom.」

Oi, Hilda! You mustn't talk!

「Delaidos Kingdom......
 E-, Eh. O-, Of course, I know it!」

Megumi-chan, there’s also a limit in pretending to know.

While having such a talk, the two people arrived at the place of the dance lesson.

「I receive dance lessons here.」

A big mirror in a big room.
Since there aren’t any other people, it’s probably reserved.

「So, anyway, would you like to take the dance lesson together, too?」
「Is it fine?」

「An additional person wouldn’t be a problem in particular, I’ll tell sensei.
 Since I have a spare practice outfit, it’s fine for you to use it.」
「Thank you!」

The two people went into the locker room,
the video of the【Tracking beacon】was temporarily cut off accordingly.

When the video went back on, it was in the situation where the lesson’s sensei arrived.

「Sensei, can this girl also take the lesson together with me?
 If an additional charge is necessary, I’ll tell ojii-chan.」

Somehow or other, the president seems to be paying the lesson fee.

「I don’t particularly mind.」

The sensei seemed to be someone gentle and gladly approved.

「Well then, both of you, do your best!」

Megumi-chan had been taking the lesson for some time, so her movements looked good.
Hilda, too, was awkward at first, but she immediately understood the trick and her movements gradually improved.

「Hilda, even though it’s your first time, you have talent, huh!」

Well, since her status is rising considerably by leveling up,
she should be able to do it considerably like a specification.

After that, for a short time,
Hilda danced happily,
while Megumi-chan tried her best undauntedly;
I thoroughly enjoyed the dance of the two people.

No, it was a splendid dance that even if I have to pay money, I still would like to watch.

「That’s enough for today, you two.
 Megumi-chan, today was skillful than usual.
 It might be the influence of taking the lesson together with Hilda-chan.
 Hilda-chan, too, please drop in again anytime.」
「Yes! Thank you.」


After the dance lesson, the two people board a train and went to another place again.

「Megumi-san, where are we going next?」
「It’s『voice lesson』next.」

Hou, she’s even taking a voice lesson, huh.
So it’s surprisingly genuine.

「Are you going to sing a song!?
 I’m looking forward to it~.」

「Hilda, do you like songs?」
「Yes, I love it.」

「Is that so......
 Then, let’s take the lesson together again.」

The two people went to the next place happily.


「Hilda-chan, I’m sorry, but let’s do it again next time.」
「Y-, Yes......」

Hilda has been declined by the sensei of the voice lesson.

The reason why is......
Hilda was a tone-deaf......

No, no, I think it was a good song?
The pitch only slipped a liiitle, just a little,
she sang so happily,
and heartwarmingly, it was a good song.

Well, it can’t be helped since Megumi-chan’s lesson is the main this time.

However, Hilda dejectedly dropped her shoulders,
she sat down at the corner of the lesson room with her head hang low.

Megumi-chan looked at Hilda anxiously, too.

「Well then, let’s continue the lesson.」

Megumi-chan’s lesson resumed.

As Megumi-chan’s lesson went on for a while,
Hilda gradually regained her spirit.

It’s because of Megumi-chan singing in order to cheer Hilda up while smiling at her.
Hilda, hearing Megumi-chan’s song, regains her spirit steadily.

And then, the situation of Hilda listening to Megumi-chan’s song happily,
has conversely a good effect on Megumi-chan, too.

Megumi-chan sings to cheer Hilda up.
And then, seeing the happy face of Hilda, Megumi-chan becomes spirited herself, too......

Megumi-chan seems to have something called『Idol’s heart』.

「Well then, that’s it for today’s lesson.
 It seemed quite good today.」
「Thank you.」

It seemed to have been quite a good lesson,
Megumi-chan and Hilda left the voice lesson’s classroom with faces full of smiles.


「Hey, Hilda,
 would you like to come by at my house after this?」
「Megumi-san’s house!?
 I would like to go!」

「Since there’s a sound-proof room in my house, I’ll listen to Hilda’s song.」
「 it?
 B-, But......」

「Anyone has 1 or 2 things they’re bad at,
 and besides......
 let’s practice in secret and surprised that fellow, Maruyama...Seiji.」
「For Seiji-onii-chan......
 my song......
 I’d like to practice a song!」

「That’s the spirit!」

With this and that,
Hilda was taken home by Megumi-chan.

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