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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 292 - Personal Information Protection Law

Translator: Jei

On the weekend, Elena, Hilda and I went to capture the Tower of Sunrise.

From the thirty-seventh floor, the succeeding floors were icebound cold floors.

The enemies had become considerably high-ranked, so we couldn’t advance easily as before and were only able to advance up to the forty-fourth floor in the two days of the weekend.

As for the level of the three of us, mine went up from 50→52, Elena’s from 42→46, Hilda’s from 35→42.

Aya was frustrated as her level has been completely surpassed by Hilda.
She was frustrated.

And, the best news was Hilda’s Fire magic reached level 5.

Hilda acquires a new magic that causes a huge explosion,

I had her use it once,
a group of strong enemies was annihilated by the explosion
and with a *zun*, the shockwave had affected us, too.

We named that magic,『Hilda’s zun』.

And, on the way back, I dropped by at Masamune’s place and left the White Belt Sword.
It seems that the further strengthening of the White Belt Sword can be completed in three days.
As usual, he’s a fast worker.


On Monday of the next week,
When I went to Nancy’s place in the morning,
Megumi-chan was there.

「Megumi-chan, what happened for you to be here in the morning?
 What about your school?」
「Maruyama, too, is quite stupid, huh.
 High schools are already in summer vacation.」

She has a sharp tongue as ever.
Well, it’s cute when compared to Aya’s.


When we were having such a conversation, from the inner part of the room,
a loud siren sound could be heard.

「Maruyama, what is it?」
「Ahh, it’s alright.」

I smiled pleasantly to calm Megumi-chan down
and slowly went inside the inner part of the room.


「Hiyama Ai-san, what are you doing?」

It was the panicked『Hiyama Ai』who was in the inner part of the room.
Well, since I was looking at the beacons’ video,
I knew what she was doing in this room, though.

「Seiji, what is it?」

Nancy came rushing in, too.

「N-Nancy-san, I’m not doing anything......」

I grabbed the right hand of the trembling『Hiyama Ai』
and took away the USB memory she was holding.

「Ai-san, what is this USB memory?」

「T-, That is......
 Since there’s a useful app, I was installing it in this PC......」

「It’s no good, Ai-san.
 Since this PC contains the costumers’ information,
 by the effect of the Personal Information Protection Law, it’s prohibited to insert a USB memory and also to install an application.
 Haven’t you heard it from Nancy?」

「I-, I’m sorry,
 I forgot......」

As I suspected, it’s certainly clear that Ai-san is intending to steal various information.

「What will you do, Nancy?」
「Well, anyone can make a mistake,
 be careful from now on.」
「Y-, Yes......」

She forgives her, huh!
Well, she’s playing innocent with『I didn't mean any harm』, so it can’t be helped for now.

「That reminds me, what about the other people who took the interview?」
「It has been decided that all four people are going to work,
 but since it turned out that Hiyama Ai are the only one who can work on the same day, I have her come earlier.」
「I see~.」

Such『Ai-san』seems to be sorry.
But her eyes are full of anger.
Ah, scary, scary.


「I’m sorry for what happened just now.
 Here you go, it’s a tea.」

 『Ai-san』served tea just to redeem herself.

「Ah, since I’m not thirsty,
 can you drink it instead, Ai-san.」
「Eh!? B-, But......」

「Since it’s a waste of tea which you served with much effort,
 please drink it in one go without reserve.」
「W-, Well then......
 I-, Itadakimasu......

「N-, Nothing, it’s......delicious.」

Aaah, she drank a tea containing a dust-cloth extract.

Well, because I was looking at the beacon,
I saw that she squeezed the juice of the dust cloth into the tea.

「Excuse me for a moment.」

『Ai-san』left while carrying the half-drunk teacup.

   I absolutely won’t forgive that fellow!!』

While vomiting in the restroom,
『Ai-san』poured the tea with dust-cloth extract into the washbasin
and revealed her anger towards me.

I wonder if I’m somewhat cruel?
But, it can’t be helped since it’s the other party who set it all up, right?

In the end, that day,
I stayed at Nancy’s place all day long in order to look out for『Ai-san』.


「Pardon me for leaving first.」

『Ai-san』went home, so I can finally go home, too.

Although you said that, you’re going to perform an ambush outside, isn’t that right,『Ai-san』?
Megumi-chan went home earlier, who are you aiming for?

It was me.

When I left the shop,『Ai-san』followed me secretly.

「Well then, since I have insufficient exercise recently, let’s go home while running a marathon~.」

I murmured a forced monologue and began to run.

『Ai-san』followed for a while,
when I gradually picked up speed,
while saying ‘whaa whaa’, on the way, her pumps came off and she grazed her knees.

 『Damn it!! What is that fellow!!?』

『Ai-san』went back home in frustration while stomping her foot on the ground.

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