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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 029 - Aya and Elena’s great adventure in Shinjuku

I landed in New Chitose Airport.

After coming here, I realised-
I could have put【Surveillance】on any person going to Hokkaido in the airport. I didn’t need to be here myself.
It’s too late to fathom this now. orz

「I wonder how Elena and Aya are doing?」

I keep tab of Elena and Aya using【Tracking】.


「Elena-chan, this is your first time riding on an【Electric Train】, right?」
「What’s an【Electric Train】?」

「This is the underground station.」
「We need to enter a【Dungeon】?」
「It’s not a【Dungeon】~」

 Aya used the e-money card and bought a【Ticket】for Elena.

「What is this?」
「I’m not good at explaining~ If only nii-chan is here, I’ll let him explain…… Anyway, please put this【Ticket】at the hole in the ticket gate over there.」

「Y-yes. Eek! T-The【Ticket】has been eaten! What should I do?」
「It’s fine, the【Ticket】will come out on the other side of the ticket, go over there and take it.」

「Y-yes. T-there it is, there is the【Ticket】! Aya-san, here it is~」
「Elena-chan! Don’t run back!」

「Eek! The gate closed on me!」
「Don’t come back, I’ll go over, too.Wait for me.」

「I feel like I understand onii-chan’s hardship……」


「We’ll wait here for the【Electric Train】.」
「The【Electric Train】will come into this cave?」
「Yes, that’s right. We’ll ride on it to Shinjuku.」

「Is 【Electric Train】something like a horse-drawn carriage?」
「Mhh yeahhh, more or less~」

 『The train is now approaching platform 1. For your safety, please move at wait at the platform screen doors.』

「Can you hear that voice from somewhere!!? M-magic!?」
「It’s fine. That was the voice of the station attendant making an announcement~」

「Kyaa! It’s a demon!! Run away quickly!!!」
「Elena-chan calm down! That’s the【Electric Train】! Urghh, though I’m happy that Elena-chan is embracing me, was it a blunder to make nii-chan go to Hokkaido? ~」


「We finally arrived at Shinjuku.」
「Awawa!! It’s so full of people…… Waaa!!What an enormous【Tower】!!!」
「This is Shinjuku. It’s great, isn’t it?~」

「The shop we are going to…… is this one.」
「Aya-san, what’s that?」
「This is a smartphone. With this, you can figure out the location of your destination.」

「It’s like the magic map that Seiji-sama used. Aya-san can use magic map too?」
「it’s not magic but something like that.Let’s hold hands to not get separated.」


「It seems we’re here.」
「It is a terrible dungeon. If I am alone, I would not be able to arrive here at all.」
「U-huh, it’s totally dungeon-like~」

「Welcome! For how many people?」
「Sweet buffet for two please.」
「Certainly, I’ll show you to your seat.」

「Alright-! Let’s eat!」

「This is full of cute and delicious dishes!! We can choose from so many?T-they all look amazing.」
「Then, I’ll go first. Just tell me if you wanna eat anything.」
「Oh, this one is cute!」
「Then, we’ll take that.」

「Now, let’s eat.」
「Yes. Yu~m! D-deli~ci~ous!!~」
「Geez, Elena-chan, what are you doing?~ You have cream on your cheek.」


「Why did I come to Hokkaido and eat 【Stand-up-eating Soba】for lunch? Though it’s sweets, they look really delicious…… ugh, I’m so jealous.」

 After eating【Stand-up-eating Soba】alone at the airport, I took a train headed to Sapporo Station.