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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 283 - Tower of Sunrise's Fifteenth Floor

Translator: Jei

The Tower of Sunrise’s fifteenth floor, a mountaintop sticking out from the sea of clouds.
Then the one, which suddenly attacked us there, was a monster similar to a colorful bird in a jungle that grew huge.



When that huge bird collided against my barrier and stopped its fast approach, it let out a loud cry and began to circle around us.

「Uwa, it’s a huge bird~.」

It’s Aya’s slightly ordinary impression.

When I used【Appraisal】, its name is『Fuuchou[1]』.
And it possesses Level 4 Wind Magic.

「It says it’s a Fuuchou, be careful since it can use Wind Magic.」

Although there were nothing but weak enemies up to this point, it still seemed slightly dangerous.
I stepped forward to protect Aya and the others and examined the Fuuchou’s move.


When the Fuuchou let out its loudest cry, it flutters both of its wings in the sky with *basa basa* and began to generate wind.
The wind that arose creates many small tornadoes and attacks from our left and right respectively.

Elena defends against the tornadoes coming from the left with an Ice Wall.
As for the tornadoes coming from the right, Aya created a huge tornado and offsetted the tornado with a tornado.

Hilda created a flame and tried to attack using that chance,
but the Fuuchou generated more tornadoes which hit against the incoming flame, denying it.

「Onii-chan, this fellow is quite strong.」
「That’s why I said be careful.」

Whether it was thinking that it was at a disadvantage in magic, the Fuuchou charged towards us.


I took on the Fuuchou’s beak attack using the White Belt Sword.

Although there’s a considerable power in the attack because of its huge build,
since I distribute the shock into the ground using Earth Magic,
I manage to stop the blow and the Fuuchou’s huge body makes a sudden stop.

The Fuuchou almost pitched forward under the effect of the sudden stop, but it bends its body and lands its foot on the ground, trying to somehow recover its own posture.

Hilda’s flame and Aya’s tornado swoop down towards there.


The Fuuchou made a resounding cry that seemed like a shriek while its right wing was intensely burning and it escaped to the sky.

「It’s quite tenacious.」

However, Aya’s【Downburst】attacks the back of the Fuuchou, which escaped to the sky.

While the Fuuchou had received the Downburst on its back, it escaped from there and somehow regained its posture, but since Aya generated Downburst many times, it finally crashed into the ground.

「There’s an opening~.」

Aya charges at the Fuuchou, which fell into the ground.


It’s Aya’s forte, the vital strike.


The Fuuchou raises a cry.

And then......

the Wind magic power that the Fuuchou wore ran wild......


it stirred up wind to arise,
throwing Aya into the sky.

And then, there’s no foothold below Aya, but the sea of clouds which spread out.

「Gyaaa, I’m falling~!!」

Whether she is frightened by the sudden event, Aya can’t use Wind Magic properly.

And then, Aya......

「I-, I thought I died......」

Well, I saved her using【Teleportation】!

「You could’ve somehow manage with Wind Magic to some extent.」

「Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything in this floor other than that fellow,
 let’s go to the next floor quickly.」
「Ni-, Nii-chan, wait a moment.」

N? Were you injured?

「Can I go home for a bit?」
「Go home? Why?」

「I’d like to change clothes for a bit.」
「Change clothes? Why??」

「It doesn’t matter why!」

This guy, Aya. What is she getting angry for?
Besides, she’s somewhat fidgeting......

First, I put away the Fuuchou that Aya finished off into the inventory
and received the magic stone that Hilda picked up.

When I used【Appraisal】on the magic stone, it was a magic stone that I’ve seen for the first time called『Magic stone of Tornado』.

「Oh, it seems like a good quality magic stone.」

「Onii-chan, since it’s fine to do such a thing afterwards......」


We were urged on by Aya and went home for a moment.

And then, Aya went to the bathroom hastily.

「Aya, aren’t you going to change clothes?」
「I will just take a shower for a bit.」

Such a reply came back when I talk to her through the door.

This fellow Aya, what a selfish gal.

「Since this fellow Aya has begun to take a shower on her own convenience, let’s take a break for a bit.」
「Then, we’ll brew a tea.」

Elena and Hilda prepare for the tea break quickly.

After waiting for a while, Aya finally came back and the capturing of the Tower of Sunrise was resumed.
However, I’m still puzzled why Aya suddenly began to take a shower.


The sixteenth floor is dotted with mountain-top-like rocky areas in several places
and a narrow, dangerous path where both sides are a cliff seems to have joined them together.
And then, the sea of clouds spread out below us again.

However, all around is dyed in deep red in the same way as the sunset.

Hot wind is blowing.

Even though it’s sunset, it’s hot?

When I take a good look, it’s not sunset,
for some reason, the sea of clouds......is burning with *crackle crackle*......

If the cloud burns, what will happen here?

「Onii-chan, it’s hot.」
「You should take off your clothes if it’s hot.」

「You're lewd Onii-chan!」

Where have the onii and the imouto who takes their clothes off with passion gone to!?

However, I observed the figures of Elena and Hilda, who are taking their jacket off bashfully, slowly and carefully.

「Onii-chan, look over there!」
 If it’s about Elena and Hilda, I’ve seen it slowly and carefully?」
「That’s not it! Over there!」

When I tried to look towards where Aya was pointing at,
many will-o’-the-wisps(?) were flying out from the blazing sea of clouds and blocked our path while floating lightly.

Translator's notes:

[1]Fuuchou, which made of 2 characters: 風 (fuu - wind/style) 鳥 (chou - bird), is a bird of paradise.

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