Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 281 - Chapter 281 - Tower of Sunrise's Thirteenth Floor

Translator: Jei

After the announcement of the Nancy・Jewelry’s new jewelry product,
I made a call immediately, but......

Nancy’s mom said,
『I will make the same thing by myself, I will show you!』
She was enthusiastic.

Is it going to be alright? I’m extremely worried.
Well, if it’s absolutely no good, there’s no choice but to help again, huh.

Because it will be troublesome if it don’t turn out well, the same goes for Ringo, too.


With this and that,
I put the matter about the Nancy・Jewelry aside for the time being.

We decided to resume capturing the『Tower of Sunrise』which had been postponed.
I’m also worried about what happened to Yurie-san during the party, it’s something that can’t be postponed for too long.

With that, on Saturday morning,
Aya, Elena, Hilda and I departed for the different world.


First, we went to meet Lela as usual.

「Yo, Lela.」
「S-, Seiji!!」

It’s the kind of behavior similar to lovers who weren’t able to meet all the while.
It’s only last week that I wasn’t able to come, it’s very exaggerated~.

「I wasn’t able to come last week,
but was there any changes?」

According to Lela’s story,
because the『Devil-kin’s statues』in various places have been destroyed, the surprise attack of the devil-kin seems to have been completely stopped.
The devil-kin came using those as expected.

「Good, there doesn’t seem to be any problem.
Is there any problem that occurred elsewhere?」
「It’s not a problem, but......」

N? Is there something else?

「That magic tool with which the feudal lord of each town can talk to each other;
there are organizations that would like to use that, I want to get permission from you, Seiji.」
「Organizations? Which organizations?」

「The three organizations--the Adventurers Guild, the Merchants Guild and the Healers Association.」

I see, they are groups who need intelligence network everywhere.

「There’s no problem with me.」
「Is that so!? That’s great.
The price of the magic tool is special, we'll have to discuss it.」

Well honestly, we have enough gold, so it’s not really necessary, though~.
But I will accept it, if they say that they will give us.

「Uh, Lela.
What are you going to name that magic tool?」
「The inventor usually name the new magic tool.
If possible, I want you to decide, Seiji.」
「I see......
then, it’s fine with『Magic Stone Phone』.」

「『Phone』, you say. What’s that?」
「It’s a tool that does something similar in my country.」

「I see, there’s such a tool in your country, huh......」

Lela looks at me in they eyes that seem to say『bring me there, too』......
but still, should I bring her along even though she doesn’t have any business there?

「Then, since we’re going to capture the Tower of Sunrise again,
contact me with the【twin magic stone】if there’s anything, best regards.」

We went to the Tower of Sunrise to escape.


finally, we can resume the dungeon capture.」

When we went to the Tower of Sunrise’s thirteenth floor――

in there, a vast wilderness stretched out.

「Hm? Is this place inside the tower?」

Aya is surprised and puzzled.

「I seems so.
Well, since there was even a flower bed in the lower floor, I suppose this floor is like that.」

However, there’s something in atmosphere that's different from the other floors.

「But onii-chan, the wind is blowing in this floor.」

That’s right! It’s the wind!
Even if there's a vast landscape that stretched out in the other floors, it feels contrived in some respects. It’s probably because there’s no wind.
However, the wind is blowing quite naturally in this floor.
That completes the atmosphere as though it was really an another place.

「There may be something different in this floor from the other floors.
Let’s act carefully.」

When we explored the vicinity――

「Onii-chan, a bird is flying.」

Aya said and when I looked up into the sky,
a bird which seems to be a slightly bigger seagull was flying.

「Is that an enemy?」

When I used【Appraisal】,
it seems to be a monster called『Albatross』.

「It seems to be an albatross[1].」
「Albatross? When you say Albatross, that albatross?」

「Since it seems to be a monster, too, it may be different from the Earth's albatross.」

When Aya and I were making such talk......

the albatross noticed us and attacked!

The albatross swooped down at me.
I promptly dodged with a back-step.



The albatross fell down crashing into the ground.

*bata bata*

The albatross gets up with a somehow comical movement;
it walks unsteadily trying to escape.

When I was going to kill the albatross, which was about to fly, with the White Belt Sword――

「Onii-chan, wait!」

Aya suddenly stopped me.

「Aya, what’s the matter?」

「Well, it looks pitiful.」
「Pitiful? But, it’s a monster.」

When I looked at the albatross,
it was walking unsteadily trying to escape.

It probably can’t fly out easily once it lands on the ground.

「But, it may attack us again if we let it escape?」
「I will do something at that time!」

Oh well, let’s leave it to Aya.

「Alright, Aya, you do something about it.
If it’s no use, I will kill it.」

When we were advancing for a while, another albatross attacked us again.

「Aya, it came.」
「I understand!」

Aya tries to send the albatross away using Wind Magic.

「This-! Teya! Dang it!」

Aya’s wind hits the albatross,
but as one would expect, it’s something only birds have,
it somehow manages to recover its posture again in the air.

「What’s the matter, Aya? You didn’t manage to do it at all.」

「Since those fellows can’t move if they fall into the ground,
shouldn’t you make the wind blow downward?」
「That’s right! I’ll try it.」

When Aya generates a downward wind,
the albatross lost its dynamic lift and fell into the ground.

「Did I do it?」

The albatross doesn’t seem to be dead,
it somehow stood up and escaped with *toko toko*.

「I did it! The downward gust is a huge success!」
「Downward gust? It’s『Downburst』.」

「What does『Downburst』mean? Cool!」

Aya seemed to like the『Downburst』,
she routed the albatrosses, which attacked in large quantities, with『Downburst』afterwards.

「Kuhahaha! Eat my Downburst!!」

Aya is in high spirits.
Weren't you just going to drive them away because they were pitiful!?

After that, thanks to the outstanding performance of Aya,
we were able to find the stairs upwards.

Translator's note:

[1]Ahodori lit. means dumb bird.