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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 028 - Sapporo Ramen

We left the church and headed to the inn.

When we are guided to our room, there’s-
A big【Double Bed】and a【Shabby Bed】.

Aya took her places on the【Double Bed】with Elena like it was a matter of course.

Come on Aya, shouldn’t we think about the bed allocation a little bit more?
I meant it was obviously impossible for Elena to lay on the【Shabby Bed】.

But I paid for the lodging. Elena and I on the【Double Bed】 while Aya on the【Shabby Bed】should the most appropriate choice?
It’s a sound argument, but before I can even say anything, Aya glares at me.

While weeping, I went to sleep on the【Shabby bed】.


Nothing happens the next morning when we ate our breakfast so we checked out of the inn and use【Teleportation】to get back to Japan.

Aya said she wasn’t able take a bath yesterday so she took Elena and went to the bathroom.
You didn’t need to enter together though……

I’m left alone with nothing to do.
I tried to check on Aria-san using【Surveillance】.
Aria-san is cleaning and doing laundry with the children.
Well, nothing out of place.

This time I also check on Azide-san using【Surveillance】, it seems he’s at home preparing for his next trip.
Excellent, if Azide-san keeps this up, he’ll go to the next town soon.
By the time he arrives, I plan to use【Teleportation】to arrive at that location without needing to physically travelling all the way.
I’m a genius.

Finally, I tried to check on【Elena】but-

『Unable to display because of【Privacy Policy】 violation.』

A message popped up in my head.

I-I-I see!!【Elena】is taking a bath!!

I see, i see, there’s a【Private Policy】 eh~
Like this, I don’t have to worry about accidentally checking on someone having a bath.

This is good, this is good!

……I’m not crying, okay!?

 Aya and Elena got out of the bath and walked towards the griefing me. Suddenly, Aya started to spout strange things again.

「I want to eat【Sapporo Ramen】.」

「Huh? What do you mean??」
「Nii-chan, let’s go to Sapporo because I want to eat【Sapporo Ramen】.」

「Oi, Aya-san? What are you on about?」

「Nii-chan, you’ve been outside Tokyo, right? Besides our parents’ home.」
「Mhh? Outside Tokyo, besides our parents’ home? Well, I’ve been to Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Nakano.」
「They are all in Tokyo!」
「Eh? Really? Anyway, what does that have to do with【Sapporo Ramen】!?」

「What I mean is~ don’t you think it’s a shame that onii-chan’s amazing 【Teleportation】ability can only go to our parents’ house and around Tokyo?」
「Therefore, I should be visit Sapporo?」
「You got that right~」

「I refuse!」
「Why not!?」
「You only want to eat【Sapporo Ramen】. I’m not going to be fooled!」

「But, what would you do if Elena-chan wants to eat【Sapporo Ramen】, too?」
「W-what did you say!?」

「Hey, Elena-chan~」
「Elena-chan wants to eat【Sapporo Ramen】, right?」
「You want to eat?」
「Y-yes, I do.」

「Hey! Elena-chan said she wants to eat it too!」
「……Well, can’t be helped……」
「We did it!」

「By the way nii-chan, while you are on a plane to Hokaido, what are we going to do about Elena’s and my meal?」
「Meal? You guys should just go eat somewhere.」
「I don’t have money.」

「I hadn’t have the time to work because I was preparing for the examination, that’s why I don’t have money.」
「Is that so. Then, find something with this.」

 I took 2000 yen from my wallet and handed it to Aya.

「Only this much?」
「This is enough!」

「According to my research, there is a store in Shinjuku called【All-you-can-eat Sweets】~」
「Why go to【All-you-can-eat Sweets】, the restaurants around here are fine.」

「Nii-chan, think about it. A 『Lone~ly』 Elena-chan eating with croquette set meal in the nearby restaurant or a 『Cute』and『Happy』Elena-chan eating sweets in Shinjuku. Which one do you prefer?」
「T-the sweets?…」
「Right~? Then fork out 5000 yen more.」
「5000 yen!?」
「Nii-chan, you don’t want to see Elena indulgently eating sweets?」
「I-I certainly would love……」
「That’s it~ right?」
「I-I understand.」

When I took 5000 yen from the purse, Aya snatches it from my hand.

「Then, see you later in Hokkaido nii-chan.」
「Eh? It’s not right!  Elena and I will go to All-you-can-eat Sweets. You’ll go to Hokkaido.We have to split up in order to do that.」

Although I promised myself to never fall for my sister’s lip service again, I ended up booking a plane ticket on the net and went to Haneda Airport.
 The plane ticket is so expensive!