Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 279 - The Problem of the Design 2

Translator: Jei

There’s one more problem with the designs, which Nancy’s mom and Ringo drew up.
Each『jewel』is designed in the three designs.[1]

For Nancy’s mom’s『tiara』, a red jewel.
For Nancy’s『necklace』, a blue jewel.
For Megumi-chan’s『brooch』, a pink jewel.

Since those jewels were said to be prepared afterwards, the next day after making the mithirl, I went to the hotel where Nancy and her mom were staying to get the『jewels』.

「Good evening.」
「Seiji, welcome.」

Nancy greeted me.

「Hm? Your mom?」
「She’s worn out because of a hangover.」

Somehow or other, she seems to be holding parties almost every evening for the sake of making various necessary arrangements.

「I’ve come to get the『jewels』for the accessories,
but what should we do? Should we changed the date again?」
「I’ll ask mama.」

A short time later, Nancy’s mom came out, borrowing Nancy’s shoulder.

「W-, Welcome......Bleeaa-.」
「Are you alright?」

「No, I’m not fine; I feel sick and sleepy.」
「Then, you better sleep,
since it’s fine even if we postponed the『jewels』for another more time.」

「Ah, the『jewels』, huh. Even though these might not look like it, use them.」

I received three stone-like something from mama-san.

「What are these?」

「No matter how you look at them, these aren’t jewels, though......」
「Strictly speaking, they’re『ores』.」

「Uhh, what should I do with these『ores』?」
「Since we only have those at hand, do something with them.」

「To begin with, what kind of『ores』are these?」

What secret.
Alright, I’ll use【Appraisal】.

│【Nullpo ore】
│A nullpo stone ore.
│Harder than a diamond.
│Difficult to process.
│Rarity: ★★★★★

「Waa!? 『Magic stone of nullpo』!?」
「Oh, you know of it? But, what『magic stone』are you saying?
It’s『nullpo stone』.」

Wait a minute, what『nullpo stone』are you saying!?
Aren't they the same thing, but with different names?
However, it’s harder than a diamond, is there such a thing!?

When I stared at the ores like that――

「Ah, I can’t go on anymore, I feel sick, bleeaaaargh~.」

Mama-san began to throw up.

「A-, Are you alright?」
「No, I’m not fine.」

Somehow or other, with jet lag, fatigue, and alcohol, it seems to have become serious.

「Should I cast a『good luck charm』on you to make it better?」
「『Good luck charm』?」
「It’s Japanese『good luck charm』. It’s often effective~.」
「Then, please.」

『Pain pain go away~.』

I put a hand on mama-san’s forehead and cast the good luck charm.
Actually, although it’s a『good luck charm』for the pain of injuries or something like that, since I said it in Japanese, Nancy won’t understand it anyhow.

「Ah, I suddenly feel clear-headed.
A Japanese good luck charm is amazing!
It’s totally like magic!!」

Well, it’s not『good luck charm』, it’s really magic.
I acquired【Recovery Magic】with much effort, so I wanted to use it.
By the way, I’ve used【Illness Mitigation】. It’s good that it was effective against hangover.

However, I've only been given strange-among-strange ores......
what should I do with these?


I went to the Ikebu town’s Magic Stone Shop, Kiseri-san’s place; he seemed to know a lot about such a thing.

「Ah, Seiji-san, welcome.
What kind of business do you have today?」

「I’d like to ask you what’s this, though.」

I showed the nullpo ore to Kiseri-san.

「Is this some kind of an ore?」
「That’s right,
but is it possible to make this a jewel?」

「It’s easy.」

Kiseri-san calls his wife and gives her some instructions.
When his wife received the ore, she began to use some kind of magic.

*Poro poro.*

Somehow or other, using【Earth Magic】’s【Soil Control】, she removes the stone around the ore.

A short time later, a pretty nullpo stone revealed itself.

What the, I could do it, too.

「It’s a stone really similar to the magic stone of nullpo, huh......
ah, is this fine?」

Kiseri-san gives the nullpo stone back, but......
since it’s just a pretty, ordinary stone as it is, it’s necessary to polish and cut it.

「Can you possibly cut the stone, too?」
「Cut? Why would you do such a thing?」

「Eh? You don’t usually fix the shape of the stone?」
「Yes, because the power of the magic stone is weakened if dealt with in a strange way, I don’t particularly perform some process any more than this.
Besides, if you want to fix the shape of the magic stone.......
it’s impossible unless it’s the『Earth Spirit』.」

The『Earth Spirit』, huh~.
Since I almost died during my contract with that spirit,
it becomes a little trauma.

there’s no other choice, huh~.


I went to a grassland that was devoid of people.
It’s just around the place where I fought with the Goblin King.

「【Summon Earth Spirit】!」

When I used the summoning magic, a ponytailed girl, who seemed to be doing a road construction, came out.

「Oy! You-!
Although you made a contract with me with so much effort, why didn’t you summon me at all!?」

That reminds me, this fellow is an ‘ore-girl[2]’, huh.

「T-, There wasn’t anything I need you for in particular back then......」
「Well, whatever, I was summoned with much effort.
I will run wild!,
where’s the enemy?」

「There’s no enemy.」

What the, this fellow is difficult to deal with.

「Then why did you summon me!? want to see me?」

It’s really a strange fellow.

「Look at this.」
「Oh, a nullpo stone, huh.」

As expected of the Earth Spirit, it recognize it, huh.

「I’d like to fix its shape just like in this picture.
I’ve heard that it’s possible if it’s you.」
「Ou, such a thing is an easy task.」

Ooh, it can do it, huh!
As expected of the Earth Spirit.

「Look, it’s done.」

It’s certainly the shape and color according to the design.
The clarity is amazing, it’s clear that its quality is very high.


「Why do they have a tinge of magic power?」

「Ah, while I’m at it......」
「While you’re at it?」

「I turned them into magic stones.」[3]

「Turned them into magic stones?
What’s this-!!?」

│【Magic Stone of the Sun】
│A nullpo stone which shines red like the sun.
│Raises the probability to encounter fine weather.
│When charged with magic power, it can gradually make it sunny in the surroundings.
│Rarity: ★★★★★
│【Magic Stone of the Sea】
│A nullpo stone which shines blue like the sea.
│Lowers the probability to encounter floods.
│When charged with magic power, it can gradually make it rain in the surroundings.
│Rarity: ★★★★★
│【Magic Stone of Tranquility】
│A nullpo stone that shines pink like a flower’s color.
│It can improve/maintain the health of the surrounding people.
│When charged with magic power, it can heal the surrounding sick people.
│Rarity: ★★★★★

What's this!?

But......unless one charged them with magic power, he/she will just become a『hareonna[4]』, a someone who hardly encounters flood and someone who is healthy.

Well, it’s fine...I wonder?

Translator's' notes:

[1]3つのデザインにそれぞれ『宝石』がデザインされているのだ。Any help would be appreciated.

[2]A girl who uses the first person pronoun 'ore'. I just noticed, but this 'ore' looks like a pun. lol

[3]Lit. "I Magic Stone-ified them."

[4]A woman who whenever she goes out, it doesn't usually rain.