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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 275 - The party of Nancy's mom

Translator: Jei

Sunday, the next day; a party hosted by Nancy’s mom was held at the high-class hotel suite room.

The party participants are the president's grandchild, Megumi-chan; the president, the director and his wife, Mai-san, Yurie-san, Ringo, Elena, Hilda, Aya, and me.

Nancy’s mom has also an amazing energy to hold such a party right after yesterday.
She probably hold parties often in America.

Since there’s a dress code in this party unlike the party between friends that Nancy held the other day, we participate in the party dressed as suits the occasion.

Mai-san wears a kimono, just like in 753[1], it’s nothing.
Yurie-san looks like an adult with the chic dress.
Although not luxurious, Ringo’s is a dress with shining artistic sense.
Since she is accustomed to wearing dresses, Elena’s seems like a noble dress as one would expected of a princess.
Hilda wears a borrowed dress, which Elena wore when she came here in the olden days.

Aya’s......looks nothing but a cosplay......

「No, no, Maruyama-kun.」

The director led his wife and struck up a conversation.

「Your imouto-san is a very cute child, isn’t she?
You said that she isn’t pretty, but you’re also a liar, huh.」

The director said that Aya is pretty.
Somehow or other, the director’s eyes look like a peephole.

「Nee, darling. Do you prefer a younger girl like that?」

Hearing the conversation of the director and me, the director’s wife butts in.
The director's wife looks quite young, particularly her chest that goes *bain bain*.
It's probably the effect of the you-know-what potion.

「You mustn’t say such a stupid thing, you’re always the number one.」
「My dear!」

The director and his wife forgot about me and began to flirt.

When I escaped from the director and his wife,
I was caught by the president and Megumi-chan this time.

「Maruyama-kun, are you enjoying yourself?」
「Um, I guess so.」

The president seems to be accustomed to such party.

「Ah, Maruyama. Why are you here?」
「Hey, Megumi, you’re being rude to Maruyama-kun.」
「But, Maruyama is just a rank and file employee, isn’t he?
He’s out of place in the party hosted by the world-famous Nancy・Jewelry.」

The president keeps apologizing to me with glances.
He also has a position as an ojii-chan.

「Maruyama-kun is Nancy’s acquaintance, you know?」
「I see, there’s that connection, huh.
But since you, sticking out like a sore thumb doesn’t change, behave yourself.」
「H-, Haa......」

.......What’s this?

If I’m not mistaken, Megumi-chan is 15 years old?
Her bad character is by no means inferior to Aya,
but a『spoiled』JC[2] is a cute one.
Is it a reverse-reward for some fans[3]?

「What are you smirking at!? Gross!
Since I’d like to drink an orange juice, go get me one, Maruyama.」

What is this, a play?

「Since I will get you an orange juice, wait a moment.」

Unable to remain indifferent, the president went to get an orange juice on his own initiative.

「Maruyama. What are you doing, making the president work!?
At a time like this, you, who is a rank and file employee, should move on your own initiative!」
「Y-, You’re quite right.」

Somehow or other, there doesn’t seem to be an orange juice and the president went somewhere to get one.

Wait, president. Don’t leave me and this girl with just the two of us!

Megumi-chan and I were left behind and an awkward atmosphere was flowing.

Megumi-chan folds her arms, showing an angry appearance; and frequently looks at me.
Do you have something you want to say?

「Yes, what is it?」

「Are you a...n-, ninja?」
「So-! I’m asking you if you’re a ninja!」

Umu, as expected, Megumi-chan seems to be suspicious if I was the ninja at that time.

「Uhh, does Megumi-chan like ninjas?」
「It has nothing to do with me liking them!」

「Is that right~, since there’s a ninja museum in Mie Prefecture, you can probably ask the president to bring you there?」
「Nobody would ask such a thing!」

「Then, how about ninja animes?
Ninja turtle or something like that~~.」
「Mou! I’m not a child!!」

The president returned.

「Megumi, look, I’ve got an orange juice.」
「Enough already! I don’t want an orange juice!」

Megumi-chan sulked and went somewhere.

「Maruyama-kun, sorry. With a spoiled girl......
I’ll treat you to lunch next time.」

The president said so and ran after Megumi-chan.

The president seems to have it hard, too.~


After a short time, *kui kui* Ringo tugged at my sleeve.

「What is it?」
「I, uh…...could you introduce me to the president of the Nancy・Jewelry?」
「Ah, sure.」

I escorted Ringo and went over to where Nancy and Nancy’s mom is.

「Nancy, Ringo wants you to introduce her.」
「That reminds me, there was such a promise, huh.
Mama, this is『Ringo』, she’s good at drawing.
Ringo, this is my mama. Do you know my mama?」
「Y-, Yes. I know! It’s an honor to meet you.」

Nancy’s mom, who was accustomed to something like this, normally shook hands with Ringo, who was very tense.

「Ringo-san, please get along well with Nancy.」
「Y-, Yes!」

It was peaceful up to there, but......


*Tsuka tsuka* Nancy’s mom suddenly approaches Ringo and grabs her by the collar![4]

「Mama, what are you doing!?」
「Uh, uh......」

Ringo doesn’t understand, too and is confused.

「......this brooch. What is it?」
「Eh?? Brooch??
Uhh, uhh......」

It seems like Nancy’s mom isn’t grabbing Ringo’s collar,
but instead, she seems to be observing the brooch on her chest.

Nancy’s mom seemed to be strangely excited,
while Ringo was flustered at the sudden event.
Since there’s no helping it, I explain it.

「That’s a hand-crafted accessory that Ringo designed.」
「Hand-crafted? Did Ringo-san make it?」

「Uh, it’s my design,
but it’s Seiji who made it.」

「Seiji! You-!!」

Nancy’s mom grabbed me by the collar this time.
This time, she’s really grabbing me by the collar.

I didn’t do anything wrong, you know?
It’s true.

Translator's notes:

[1]Lit. mean Shichi-go-san. A festival celebrated by parents on nov. 15th in Japan, to mark the growth of their children as they turn 3, 5 and 7 y/o. (three-year-old boys and girls, five-year-old boys, and seven-year-old girls).

[2] Joshi Chugakusei = Junior high-school girl.

[3] Not sure, but I think this means the author is giving ‘some fans’(Anti-Aya) a ‘reverse-reward’ (Megumi-chan) or something.

[4]Reminds me of "Grab 'em by the p*ssy"--Trump. ㅋㅋㅋ