Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 267 - Tokyo Station

Translator: Jei
To be proofread by: DarkKnight

I dreamed of the Mt. Fuji’s summit. Nancy, who believed so, finally started to get up.
I had a delicious breakfast which had been brought into the suite room with everyone.

「Nancy, see you later~.」

Since Aya also has junior college today,
I send her off to Tokyo using【teleportation】.

「Aya-chan is also busy, huh.」
「I guess so.」


For the day two of Kyoto sightseeing―
we’re going to start from『Fushimi Inari[1]』.

「Seiji-sama, I feel that this place is somehow filled with mysterious power.」
「Indeed, there’s such feeling.」

Is it the effect of learning magic?―
I feel like it is filled with magic power for some reason.

「Oh! What’s this!?
A large number of gates(?) continue throughout the way!」
「This is what called Senbon Torii[2].」

「It’s Sen(thousands)・Shuiro(vermillion)・Torii Gate.」
「I seee.
But, it’s entirely vermillion, huh.」

「This vermillion seems to be painted using dyes made from a mineral called cinnabar.」

Speaking of【cinnabar】, didn’t I use it as an ingredient before when I made a『philosopher’s stone』which was an ingredient of『elixir』?
I used the【cinnabar】from the other world at that time, can the philosopher's stone also be made using the【cinnabar】from Earth?

We passed through the senbon torii while having such a talk.

Afterwards, although Elena healed a rheumatic obaa-san who happened to passed by using【Recovery magic】, there had been no problem in particular and we finished our sightseeing in『Fushimi Inari』.


We, who left『Fushimi Inari』,
moved to『Himeji』next.

First, we had『conger eel meal』for lunch in Himeji,
then, we went to sightseeing the『Himeji Castle』afterward.

「Shimeji・Castle is cool, isn’t it?
Particularly, the white wall.」

「It’s not shimeji, it’s himeji.
We have to get ready to go back to Tokyo soon.」
I don’t want to go back today......」

Where did you learn such a line!?
Moreover, such a line is said when two people are drinking at a bar and have gotten drunk.

Nancy *giggle giggle* laughs happily while saying so.
Well, it’s good, she seems to have enjoyed herself.


We went to Himeji Station to take a train home.

「We’re finally going home, huh~. It’s somewhat regrettable to part, isn’t it?」
「Well, since we still have one day tomorrow, let’s go somewhere around Tokyo. 」
「That’s right! Then, I wonder where should we go~.」

When we were having such talk, I felt a sign that something was approaching from far away.

「Hm? Something’s coming.」



It was an excessive event, Nancy embraced me.
Elena and Hilda hugged me, too.

「All three of you, calm down. That’s the Shinkansen.」
「Shinkansen!? Does the Shinkansen move that fast?」
「When it travels along this station, there are times when it passages through at 300km/hr.」
「300km/hour!? A...Amashing...[3]」

The shinkansen passed by several times, Nancy and Hilda seemed to have grown accustomed to it and were delighted, while Elena didn’t seem to have gotten used to it; every time the shinkansen passed by, *gyu gyu* she pressed two soft things on my body.
For a short while, I patted Elena’s head who was in a somewhat slouching posture.


When we returned to Tokyo, the sun had already set.

「Aah, we have returned to Tokyo~.」
「But, was it fun?」

Everyone got off at the Tokyo Station with a smiling face,
however, I discovered something unpleasant on the map.

A large number of dots that indicates『danger』surrounded the area of Tokyo Station.
They numbered 30!

This is bad.
At that moment-
my smartphone got a call.

「It’s from Director, what could it be?」

I have Nancy and the others to wait and answer the call.

「Hello, is there something wrong, director?」

U? What in the world is the director doing?


「Help me!」
「Eh? Director!?」

After the voice of the director asking for help, I heard a sound like a person getting struck.
What on Earth happened!?

「Are you Maruyama?」

From the director’s phone, I hear a voice which isn’t the director’s.
I’ve heard this voice before.
It’s the aforementioned mafia boss’ voice.

「Who are you?」

For the time being, I pretend not to know what he is talking about and play along with him.

「This man have been restrained. Bring Nancy along in exchange.」

What to do!?
Alright, let’s ignore him!

「Stop with the stupid joke. I’ll hung up because I’m busy.」
「Wait, this isn’t a joke......」

I hang up without listening to him until the end.
Immediately , I got a call from the director’s phone again.

I turned the smartphone off without answering the call.
Of course, I know that it’s not a joke.
However, I mustn’t negotiate here.
First things first, let’s take Nancy to a safe place.
The director may have been hit, but I have no choice but to have him endure.
While they think that I think it’s a joke, he won’t be killed.

The director will also probably be kept to the place where the pursuers from last time are getting tortured.
I have to rescue the director one way or another.

「Seiji-sama, is the call already over?」

First, we must escape from the Tokyo Station in order to be not discovered by the thirty mafias.

All the Shinkansen’s exit ticket barriers are being watched, but it’s ridiculous that there’s only one transfer/change(train) exit which is being watched.
I lead Nancy and the others from the transfer/change(train) exit which isn’t being watched towards the conventional train line.

The conventional train line is being watched too, but......
Japan is best for its number of platforms, there are also countless entrances and exits too.
All of it can’t be covered with only thirty people.

We boarded a train from the platform that wasn’t being watched and escaped from the Tokyo Station leisurely.

「Nancy, you should stay at my house today.」
「Seiji’s house!? U-, Un, okay......」

Nancy was fidgeting for some reason.
Do you want to go to the toilet or something?

Translator's notes:

[1]Fushimi Inari Taisha is the head shrine of Inari, located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. - Wikipedia

[2]Thousands of torii.