Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 251 - Space-time Magic

Translator: Jei

Proofreader: DarkKnight

「Hey, onii-chan, what’s wrong?」

Aya called out to me anxiously when I was surprised that the【space-time magic】became level 6.

「N-, No, it’s nothing.
 I’ll explain it later.」

Exeter is currently nearby,
our first priority is to send him to the town quickly.

「Then, let’s return to the town.」

「Well then, Toki, stay healthy.」
「Toki-chan, bye-bye.」

Aya waves her hand.
Elena, Exeter, and Hilda bowed deeply to the toki.

『Seiji of the humans.』
「What is it?」

『Can you come alone later after sending those people to the town?』
「Eh? Well, it’s particularly fine…...」

『Then, I’m counting on you.』

When the toki said so, it opened its wings and flew away.
We went back to the islet in the middle of the marsh.


When we returned to the town using【teleportation】,
Exeter returned to his mansion trudgingly.

The『divination』which is his special ability can’t be used anymore. It’s no wonder that he is depressed.

「What are we going to do now, onii-chan?」
「I’m going to meet the toki again.
 Everyone will kill time in this town for awhile.」

「Onii-chan, by any chance that toki…...
 is a female?」
「Oh, it seemed to be a female when I heard its voice.
 Is something wrong with that?」

「No, it’s nothing…...」

What is Aya worrying about?
I don’t understand it at all.

 Give us a pocket money if we’re going to kill time!」
「Ah, that’s right.
 Well then…...」

I took out three pieces of 100 A gold coins from the inventory and was going to give one to each person…...

but on second thought, I gave all three pieces to Elena.

「Why did you give all three pieces to Elena!?」
「Because if I give it to you, you’ll just going to squander it.」

「That’s not true at all!」

「Well then, I’m counting on you, Elena.」
「Y-, Yes.」

「Well then, I’m off.」

I ignored the grumbling Aya
and returned to where the toki was.


When I returned to the islet in the middle of the marshland using【teleportation】,
the toki was waiting.

『You’ve come. This way.』

When I followed the toki, there was a stairway toward the bottom in the center of the islet.
It seems to be a little bigger than the entrance of the subway.

The toki climbs down the stairway while stooping a little.

「What on earth is this place?」
『You’ll understand once we get there.』

Well, this stairway is awfully long.
We have probably climbed down roughly 50 m or so?

After a short while, we finally reached the end of the stairway
and an entrance of some kind could be seen.

『It’s here.』

When I was urged by the toki and went inside―

there was a huge dome-shape room.

I recognize this room.
It seems to be the same room as the one in the tower of sunrise’s underground where I fought the golem.

「Am I by any chance going to fight you here?」
『Fight? Why?』

Hm? It’s wrong?

「Since I fought in a room like this when I contracted the Earth spirit so, I thought…...」

『There’s also a spirit who likes to fight among the spirits.
 I’m not that good at fighting.』

Considering all that, didn’t you beat the people who came to attack at their own game?

『Our objective is that.』

When I looked at where the toki was pointing at with its wing―

there was a mana crystal!

「Mana crystal!」
『That’s right, it’s the【Space-time mana crystal】.』

「The space-time magic also has a mana crystal, huh.
 Am I going to visit that?」
『Yes, that’s why I invited you.』

「But I already acquired the【space-time magic】, you know?」

『You can’t master the【space-time magic】properly yet.
 You will be able to master it once you visit.』

I couldn’t master the【space-time magic】, it said!?

If there’s a time when my activities become a web novel, I wonder if there will be a【space-time magic】in the title since I keep using it…....

『Come along, please go and visit.』

I swallowed hard with *gulp*
and touched the mana crystal timidly.

And then-!
the mana crystal started to emit an intense light.

What on earth is this? What happened!?

After a short while, the intense light entered inside me forcefully.



When the light finally settled down,
an unusual announcement resounded in my head.

『Space-time magic has been updated to the latest state.

 【Quick】has been updated.
  The time acceleration has been improved to three times at most.

 【Slow】has been updated.
  The time deceleration has been improved to ⅓ at most.

 【Barrier】has been updated.
  The barrier’s strength rose.
  The barrier can now be freely shaped.

 【Future prediction】has been updated.
  It’s now possible to visualize the range of the attack prediction.

 【Inventory】has been updated.
  It’s now possible to create a storage space inside a magic stone of nullpo.

 【Teleportation】has been updated.
  The once-a-day restriction of transfer to another world has been lifted.

 【Summon Toki】has been added.』

It caused lot of things---!!

I’ve become able to move three times the normal with【Quick】.
And, if【slow】is ⅓―
when I fight with an enemy one on one, I’ll be able to move at nine times of speed with 3 x 3.

As for the【barrier】’s strength and shape, I can’t quite say unless I try to use it.

I don’t understand what the range of the attack prediction is either unless I try to use the【future prediction】.

As for the【inventory】, what does it mean by I can create a storage space inside a magic stone of nullpo?
Does it mean I can now use a magic stone of nullpo like as an item box-like thing?
It’s meaningless to me since I have my own【inventory】, but doesn’t it mean I can now give Aya and the others something like an item box?

I’m probably happiest about the fact that I can now use the transfer to another world of【teleportation】without restriction.
I can return to Japan and sleep soundly even if I don’t take an inn here,
and even if it’s not weekend, I can come and return on the same day at night on weekends.

I don’t understand【Summon Toki】that much.
Since the spirit itself is in front, let’s ask it.

「Excuse me, I acquired【Summon Toki】,
 but what does it mean?」

『My ability is to stop time.
 I can stop time for awhile if you summon me.』

Isn’t it invincible!!!?