Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 241 - Changing clothes in the darkness

「Waa, it was tiring~.」


I finally returned to Japan.

Hilda is being carried by Aya and is sleeping soundly too.


Aya and Elena went to their room to put Hilda to bed.



「Mai-san, since I will send Yurie-san to her house, I’d require your help, is it fine?」

「Help? Yes, it’s fine.」


I teleported out using【Teleportation】with Mai-san while carrying Yurie-san in my arms.




「It’s pitch-black, shouldn’t the light be turned on?」

「Since we don’t want anybody to know, please bear with it.」

「Well, that’s right, isn’t it~?」


Although I can see because I have【Night vision】, Mai-san seems to be having a hard time to move in the dark.



We moved quietly,

and laid Yurie-san down on the bed.



「Then, what should I help you with?」


「Uhm, I’m sorry, but…...

 I want you to take her clothes off.」




 It’s that as expected…...」

「You’re wrong! It’s Yurie-san!」


「......Are you planning to do something naughty?

 But why me? Do I have to help onii-san’s pervert deed?」

「Mou! You’re wrong!!

 The clothes that Yurie-san is wearing right now are the clothes which the devil-kin put on her, right?

 It’s no good unless we try not to leave evidence of something like that from the other world!」


「Ah, I see!

 Sorry, sorry. I misunderstood.」


Mai-san seemed to have finally understood too.

She began to undress Yurie-san in the dark.



「Hey, onii-san,

 do I have to also take the underwear off?」


U-, Underwear!!?


To suddenly have a really irrelevant talk when I have a skill called【Night vision】on……

Sorry for having an irrelevant talk.



「T-, T-, That’s right, it may be better to take it off~.」


「Hey, onii-san~.

 Are you by any chance looking?」


The hannya like smiling face of Mai-san appeared in the darkness.


「I-, I-, I’m not l-, looking~.」


I slowly turned around.



The sound of Mai-san undressing Yurie-san from behind can be heard.


The devil and the angel whisper close to my ears.



『Oi, turn around and look at it carefully!

 It’s pitch-black, and Mai-san won’t notice it anyway either!』


『No, no. You must think about Yurie-san’s circumstances properly!

 It’s necessary to check whether her body doesn’t have any injury.

 Look back right now and look at it carefully.

 It’s pitch-black, and Mai-san won’t notice it anyway either!』





However, as a coward DT, I don’t have such courage,

I wasn’t able to move while suffering from mental anguish.



「Onii-san, since she may catch a cold if she stays naked, may I put pajamas on her?」

「Yes! It’s as Mai-san says!!」


It became a strange wording for some reason.


「Well then, can you take the pajamas in the dresser?」

「Yes! Understood!!」


I took out the pajamas from the dresser according to Mai-san’s instructions,

and gave it to Mai-san while facing to the back.



「You can see after all!!」


Oops!! It was a trap, huh!?



I kneeled on the ground the whole time until Yurie-san’s changing of clothes was over.



「Onii-san, until when are you going to kneel on the ground?

 I almost trample you.」


「Are you done?」


I asked while kneeling on the ground.


「Un, I’ve already put the pajamas on her, and since I’ve also covered her with futon, it’s fine even if you face here.」



After obtaining Mai-san’s permission, I got up and tried looking at Yurie-san―

Yurie-san was sleeping soundly.


「Mai-san, can I put a tracking beacon on Yurie-san?」

「Why are you asking permission from me?

 Since we have no choice but to leave her here as it is, it won’t be strange to monitor her, right?

 Well, it can’t be helped, right?」


「Well then, excuse me while I put a tracking beacon on her.」


I got Mai-san’s permission,

and put a tracking beacon to Yurie-san.


Since I’ve already used up all of them,

I’ve taken off the tracking beacon attached on the entrance of Shinaga town.

Although I’m worried about the matter of the devil-kin, it can’t be helped.




On the next morning, I was  worried about Yurie-san and got up early.

I check the tracking beacon, but Yurie-san was still sleeping.


It can’t be helped, let’s wait for her to wake up while preparing breakfast.



When I was checking up on Yurie-san’s condition while preparing breakfast―

Mai-san woke up.



「Good morning, onii-san.

 How’s Yurie-san’s condition?」

「Good morning.

 Yurie-san is still asleep.」


I’ve made the video visible to Mai-san as well.


「Umu, I’m getting impatient~.

 Should I call her and wake her up?」


「Let’s watch the situation a little bit more.」

「Umu, I see.」




Even after waking everyone up and when we were eating together, Yurie-san was still sleeping.

We watched Yurie-sans’ video while eating breakfast.


「She hasn’t woken up yet, huh.」

「Should I call her after all?」


When we were having such talk―




In the video, Yurie-san yawned and got up slowly.


「Ah! Yurie-san woke up!」


Yurie-san wakes up and looks around the surroundings, seemingly half asleep.


Now then, how things will turn out?



Without knowing that she’s being watched by us,

Yurie-san got up unsteadily, turned the T.V on, and watched the T.V absentmindedly while rubbing her eyes.



「Does she remember the other world?」

「Hmm… I wonder.」


And then, when Yurie-san was watching the Sunday morning’s news program, and today’s date was hugely displayed…...


Yurie-san slowly recalled about the situation…...

and slowly began to get confused.