Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 240 - Sleeping black beauty?

The steady advance of the demon-kind has started thanks to Hilda’s candy.

As for Hilda, she keeps making candies desperately in the condition that seems she will fall asleep at any time soon.

It’s sad that the only thing I can do is to support her.

A short time later, a cheer rose up from the frontline.

What was that?

When I look toward the direction where the soldiers are looking―

there were the Demon Lord, and the Previous Demon Lord.

Where on earth were they until now?

And then, when the Previous Demon Lord raised his hand up high……

a freshly severed head of a devil-kin hang from his hand!


Then, the soldiers’ cheers rise up again.

It seems like the Demon Lord and the Previous Demon Lord have performed a kamikaze attack to take the heads of the devil-kin.

And the two people have brought home about 20 freshly-severed head with them.

The morale of the soldiers who had seen it instantly soared,

and the large crowd of monsters was annihilated in an instant.


The battle ended,

and all the soldiers gathered to where the Demon Lord and the Previous Demon Lord were.

Hilda was considerably tired, I led her by the hand.

Mai-san was urged by the soldiers and stepped forward in front of the Previous Demon Lord.

When I was thinking what the Previous Demon Lord will do…...

that fellow, the Previous Demon Lord lifted her up, and gave her a ride on his shoulder.

And he praised Mai-san’s great efforts.


The soldiers praised Mai-san with a big encouragement too.

As for Mai-san, she seems so embarrassed.

The Demon Lord shake hands with Aya and Bunmi-san, thanking them for their service.

Even when the other party is the Demon Lord, Aya is still somewhat a little quiet.

「Ah, Hilda, you’re here!」

When Cassandra-san saw us,

she approached and hugged Hilda.

「Hilda, you did well!
You’re my pride!」

Cassandra-san keeps on petting Hilda while hugging her.

Hilda who was being praised a lot by Cassandra-san seemed glad and embarrassed too.

Hilda fell asleep in Cassandra-san’s arms before long.

Cassandra-san pressed her cheeks against Hilda’s while hugging her.


「Seiji-dono, a victory celebration will be held right now, so please participate.」

Bunmi-san who came for Cassandra-san asked me so, but……. 

「Sorry, but I’ve left a friend in the human town.

 Since this friend was also caught by the devil-kin, I have to go back.」

「I see, the human town was attacked by the devil-kin too, huh…...
Understood, please come again, then we’ll drink liquor once again on that occassion.」

We found Mai-san and Aya,
received Hilda who was sleeping from Cassandra-san,

and used【Teleportation】to the Royal Capital.


We returned to Elena’s room.


Mai-san rushes up, and looks into the face of the sleeping Yurie-san anxiously.

「Elena, how’s Yurie-san’s condition?」
「She’s been sleeping since then.」

「I see, but that may be more convenient.」
「Onii-chan, what do you mean by that?」

Aya asked seemingly a little angry.

「While Yurie-san is sleeping, we’ll return to Japan.
In that case, she may think that what happened here is all a dream.」
「You’re going to keep what happened here a secret?」

「Yurie-san’s situation has become a matter for the police,
so if we have her think that it’s all a dream, it will probably be discordant, okay?」
「I see~. That may also be true.」

「Will it also be okay with you, Mai-san and Elena?」

Elena and Mai-san both nodded as well.

「Alright, then right away…...
before that, let’s say goodbye to Lela first.」

「Eh~. What for?
We should leave Lela alone~.」

Aya is on bad terms with Lela.

「I promised to help her, I wouldn’t go home quietly, okay?」


I left Hilda to Aya and went to where Lela is.


「Lela, how’s the town’s situation?」

Well, I already know that they have already finished repelling the monsters with the tracking beacon’s video though.

「Seiji! Aren’t you late!?
We have already repelled the monsters.」

「The devil-kin?」
「......We unfortunately failed to catch them.」

「Well, it can be considered good since both you and the town are safe, Lela.」
「S-, Seiji…....」

Lela draws near unsteadily for some reason.

Is there something wrong?

「I’m sorry, but since we’re going to go home soon, I’ll leave the rest to you.」
「Eh!? You’re going to go home soon?」

「Yes, since we have taken our friend back who were caught by the devil-kin, I’d like to take her back to her family immediately.」
「I-, Is that so…...」

「Well then, see you.」
「Please come visit again.」

I parted with Lela who looked lonely, and returned to the Royal Capital.


「Onii-chan, it was very fast, huh.」
「Well, I’ve only said goodbye.」
「It was very fast!」

Why are you saying that again, Aya!?

「Then, let’s return to Japan now!」

Immediately after I said so…...


Yurie-san yawned!

And then…...

「Hm? What’s wrong, everyone?
Hmm? Where is this place??」

Dangerous, Yurie-san has woken up!!

「It’s good, Yurie-kun! You’re awake!!」

Mai-san hugs Yurie-san.

「What’s the matter, Captain?」

I suddenly…...


cast【sleep】magic on Yurie-san, and put her asleep again.

「Onii-san, why did you do that!?」

Mai-san got angry.

「Sorry, Mai-san…...
But please bear with it a little bit more.」
「T-, That’s right…...

 go back while she’s asleep.
I, of all people, lost self control. It’s me who should say sorry.」

Sorry, Yurie-san, please endure it a little bit more.

I carried Yurie-san, and Hilda whom Aya had laid down on each arms,

and we returned to Japan.