Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 239 - Hilda’s awakening

When we arrived at the demon town, there were a lot of soldiers who were inside of the divine protection of the recovery spirit taking a break.

After taking a break for a while, the soldiers rushed out again.


It’s a repetition of such situation.

They are probably quite exhausted.



We came over to Bunmi-san.


「Bunmi-san, how’s the situation?」

「Oh, Seiji-dono. We’re saved now that you came.

 As you can see, everyone is worn out.

 Thanks to Elena-dono’s magic, we somehow managed to hold out.」


As expected, they are in a quite difficult predicament.

It’s the style of the demon-kind to fight by reinforcing their bodies using magic.

They might be weak in a prolonged war when running out of magic power is considered.


Cassandra-san came back here with staggering steps.



「Ah, Hilda.」


Hilda ran up to the staggering Cassandra-san.


「Are you alright?」

「I’m fine, just running out of magic power…...」


Cassandra-san was attended by Hilda and sat down beside Bunmi-san.


「How’s the war situation?」

「There are still a lot of monsters.」

「Is that so…...」



Mai-san came back here this time.


「Ah, onii-san, were the other towns already cleared up?」

「Yes, this town is the one having the hardest fight for the time being.」

「Is that so, I’m sorry even though I’m here.」


「And then, Yurie-san was found.」

「Is it true!?」


「Yes, she was manipulated and used by the devil-kin.

 She has no injury, but she’s sleeping now and is being nursed by Elena.」

「Is that so, well then, let’s finish the one in here and go to where Yurie-kun is quickly.」


Mai-san who heard the good news of Yurie-san mustered her strength and stood up again.



「Captain, I will go too.」


Aya follows Mai-san as well.


「Wait, both of you.

 I will put【quick】on you guys.」


Mai-san and Aya rushed out vigorously after receiving【Quick】.



I’d like to go, but the consumption of magic power by repeatedly using【teleportation】and fighting Yurie-san is slightly harsh.




「Ah, you are, Hilda-chan!」


A soldier noticed that Hilda is here and rushed up.


「Hilda-chan, can you give me a candy?」


His magic power is probably exhausted.


And then, several people nearby who heard about it gathered toward Hilda.



「I-, I’m sorry, the candies have already been used up…...」


When Hilda answered so regretfully,

the soldiers who gathered seemed to be disappointed,


「Is that so…...」


and left.


Hilda who had been left behind had become slightly teary-eyed.


If it’s this sort of thing, I should’ve brought more candy and Japanese sweets.



Hilda looked sorrowful, and while her head was being petted,

her tears suddenly fell down one by one…...


「If only we could make candy using magic~.」


It was a slip of tongue…...


Even if I say that such a thing can’t be done, it won’t be able to comfort her…...




Hilda’s eyes lit up―


「That’s so, isn’t it!? I will give it a try!!」


and replied vigorously.



Sorry, Hilda.

I’ve just said that such a thing can’t be done…...




「I was able to do it!!」




You were able to do, what??



With a smiling face,

Hilda shows me a delicious-looking orb on her palm.


What’s this?



I timidly used【Appraisal】.



│【Magic candy】

│A candy made of condensed magic power.

│Magic power is restored upon licking.

│Rarity: ★★★★









What【Magic candy】!!?



「Ah, Hilda-san.

 Can I lick this?」



Being offered energetically,

I threw it in my mouth.




And delicious!!!

My cheeks seem to be melting away!


After confirming my own status, it recovered around 100 MP like a normal candy.



Hilda, using magic…...

managed to create a candy!!!



I have Hilda to make another candy,

and although the candy is made, Hilda’s MP has only decreased by 30.


In other words, it consumes 30 MP to recover 100 MP.

After subtracting, she can recover 70 as well!!

Furthermore, if it’s made when the MP is in excess, she can use it as much as she like later on,

and she can also give it to others.



「This is amazing!!!

 Hilda, you’re a genius!!」


When I keep on petting Hilda,

Hilda seems to be happy―


「With this, I can distribute candy to everyone!」


I see,

Hilda wholeheartedly wants to distribute candies…...


「Alright, Hilda!

 You lick this candy first and recover your magic power.

 Then, you can start distributing it to everybody. Good?」



「Then, I’m going to call out the people who are running out of magic power.

 Distribute candies with all your might!」




Though I only called out a little,

soldiers who were running out of magic power gathered in great numbers.


「Please stand in line~.」


I busily worked as a person in charge of organizing Hilda’s queue.


And, as for Hilda―

while getting on the verge of magic power exhaustion many times, kept on making candies with utmost effort.


The soldiers who got a candy from Hilda,


「Thank you, do your best!」


came back to the frontline one after another.




When Hilda kept on making candies for awhile―


the candies that Hilda made started to show a change in color.



When I used【Appraisal】―

it became【Magic candy +1】.


The【Magic candy +1】was an amazing candy which also restores 150 MP.


Furthermore, it’s not only that!


What is it now!?

It also gives an additional effect of stats bonus for a certain period of time.


W-, W-, What!!!?

The MP consumption during the candy making is deferred!



And then, Hilda’s recovery magic’s level rose from 2 to 3.


I tried to make a candy as a test too…...


But I wasn’t able to do it……

It’s frustrating!

But I will allow it since Hilda is cute.