Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 238 - Nippo defensive battle

When I check the situation of each town―


There are few enemies in Ikebu town, and in Shinju town where Lela is, and the enemies seem to have been considerably pushed back.

The battle in Demon town where Mai-san is seems to be safe as well so it’s alright.


The Nippo town where Aya and Hilda are is slightly losing ground.

Let’s help first from this place.


I check up on other towns just in case, but haven’t seen any new enemy.

The devil-kin seem to have already taken out all of their pieces.


「Lyle Gewalt, I’ll leave this devil-kin woman to you.

 Don’t kill her since I will torture her later and have her speak out.」




I went back to where Elena and Yurie-san are―


「Elena, take care of Yurie-san for a while,

 I will go to help Aya and Hilda.」

「Understood, please leave her to me.」


This place will be alright if I leave it to Elena.


I moved to Nippo town using【Teleportation】.




When I arrived at Nippo town, the sun had already set, and it had become dark.



「Aya, Hilda, are you guys alright?」

「Ah, onii-chan, you came!

 With this, we’ll win!!」

「Seiji-onii-chan, we don’t have anymore candy.」


 That much candy I handed over has already been used up, huh…...

 it seems to have been quite a great fight.



「Yurie-san was found.

 She’s being nursed by Elena right now.」


 She’s being nursed, does she have injury somewhere?」


「She’s not hurt, just sleeping.」

「Is that so, that’s good~.」



「Onii-chan, I’ll leave Hilda-chan’s matter to you.

 I’ll be gone for a bit.」

「Going to the toilet?」



 I’ll beat the devil-kins!」

「Wait a moment.」


「What is it!?

 Are you going to stop me?」


 Those fellows did something terrible to Yurie-san.

 Don’t hesitate to punish them.」


I cast【Quick】magic on Aya.


「Leave it to me!」


Like a dog when provided pet food,

Aya jumped out with tremendous momentum.


And then, bodies of monsters and devil-kin being blown off could be seen from afar.




Then Rondo who look tired began to talk.


「Seiji, you came back, huh.

 Who was it that rushed off just now?」

「It’s Aya.」



 Haha, you’re joking again.」


Somehow or another, Rondo doesn’t seem to understand Aya properly.



「How’s the war situation?」

「The enemy is numerous, it has been a hard fight.」


Coming here to help was a correct choice after all.




When we were having such talk, a soldier rushed up in a great hurry.


「It’s serious! The devil-kin penetrated the town!」



Led by the soldier, Rondo and I rushed towards the place.




At the place, a lot of soldiers had surrounded something.

When I look at the center of the circle―



A lone devil-kin…...


was rolling about with laughter…...



「What on earth is this!?」

「We don’t know, he’s already like that when we found him.」


I see, so that’s the reason!


「This is the effect of Elena’s magic.」

「What do you mean by that, Seiji?」


「Elena cast a magic which covered this town, right?

 A tickle attack will immediately strike at the enemy who invaded the town with its effect.」

「So that’s what it was!

 That means, it’s Elena-sama’s blessing!

 How wonderful!!」


Rondo knelt down and offered a thank you prayer.

He’s completely a『believer』, huh…...



Another soldier who was gasping for breath came over again.


「Rondo-sama, the enemy’s coordination has collapsed.」

「What did you say!?」


When I looked toward the enemy’s direction,

*bang bang* an enemy was launched like a skyrocket in the distance.


It’s Aya’s doing.



A short time later, that『indecent skyrocket』―

began to rotate around a fixed spot, creating a circle.


And then―


Right in the middle of the enemy, a tornado was completed.



The monsters and devil-kin who had been blown up by the huge tornado scattered in all directions, and fell like rain.



After a short time, the tornado vanished―


At the mountain of the unmoving monsters and devil-kin,

there was Aya’s figure stood dauntingly in the center.



I rushed over toward Aya.


「Good work.」

「Hiyaa! Rampaged, rampaged!」


Aya bloomed with a smile while gasping for breath.




The huge tornado was the deciding factor,

the monsters and devil-kin scattered, running about trying to escape.





At Rondo’s signal, the soldiers started to charge at the crowd of monsters who were running about trying to escape.




The soldiers advance to rout the monsters.




After a short time, the fight ended in complete victory.


「Seiji, Aya-san… Hilda-san, thank you for your cooperation.」


Rondo said so and offered a handshake to Aya,

but Aya hid behind me.


Rondo seems to be serious too.



「Hilda had become strong, huh...」


Misha-san keeps on petting Hilda.


「It’s good that I was able to be of help to Misha-san.」


Hilda seems to be glad being petted too.



Now then, let’s see the situation of the other towns.


The fight in Ikebu and Shinju are still on-going, but it seems they have a lot of room to spare.


As for the demon town……

the intense battle is still on-going.



「Aya, Hilda. Mai-san is still fighting.

 Let’s go to help her.」



When I was about to use【Teleportation】, at the spot where the two people gathered,

Rondo and Misha-san came over as well.


「Seiji, you’re going already?」

「Yeah, a companion of mine is still fighting.」

「I see…... don’t force yourself too much.」



「Aya-san too, please come again.」



Aya, say something, will you?



Misha-san took Hilda’s hand, loathing to part with her.


「Hilda, visit again, okay?」



While being seen off by Rondo and Misha-san,

we went to the demon town.