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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 237 - Konbu Maki



Elena shouted worriedly.


Without an opening being created for her to splash the【Curse dispelling potion】over to Yurie-san, Elena was in dire stress too.


I have to do my best to create an opening to Yurie-san here……

I have to, but…...

It’s no good.

I have to greatly avoid the tentacle attack more than necessary at any cost.

This is the courage to take another step!! 

I resolutely took a step forward toward the incoming bunch of tentacles.

『Here it goes!!』
『I’m gonna treat you with L.O.V.E!』


The moment the katana and the tentacles collided,

I put the katana back into the inventory and slipped under the bunch of tentacles.


And then, I hold the bunch of tentacles with both hands.


It’s totally like……

like a『konbu maki[1]』tied up in a bundle with『kanpyo[2]』......


『Kyaa! What are you doing with a young maiden's important part~?!!』


Yurie-san screams.

As I’ve said so, what important part!?

「Elena! Now!!」
「Yes! Seiji-sama!!」

Elena controlled the【curse dispelling potion】with 【water magic】using this chance―

and splashed it over to Yurie-san’s face!

『Kyaa! What this!!?』


Yurie-san was surprised at the facial-cumshot[3] and pulled the tentacles back in her skirt.

「I did it, Seiji-sama.」
「You did well, Elena.」

I was going to hug Elena, but…...
I was dodged by Elena.


「Why did you dodge, Elena?」


When I look carefully at my body―

it had become sticky with the liquid that smells like a rotten cheese.

I see, it was during the konbu maki strategy a while ago……


It can’t be helped, let’s put off hugging Elena for later.



When such a thing happened, Yurie-san began to suffer.


When I looked carefully, a black smoke shrouded from her face together with the sound of something melting and sizzling.



After Yurie-san writhe for a while, she collapsed and stopped moving.

「Is she alright?」
「She’s certainly fine since the curse has just removed.」



While we were watching attentively,

Yurie-san’s mask came off and fell down on the floor.



When I used【Appraisal】, Yurie-san’s『curse』had disappeared.


「Yes! The curse is dispelled.」

Elena who heard my words quickly rushed up to Yurie-san.

「It’s alright, Seiji-sama.
Yurie-san doesn’t have any injury.」
「Is that so! That’s good.」


Yurie-san seems to have expended magic power, and just asleep.


「Seiji-sama, let’s carry Yurie-san to my room.」
「Ou, leave it to me.」


I wiped the sticky juice smeared on my body,

wrapped Yurie-san in a bath towel,

and took her to Elena’s room in a princess carry.



There was a new bed placed in Elena’s room.

The King probably prepared a new bed for Elena when she comes back.


「Oi, Seiji!」


When I was thinking who it was, the King willfully barged into Elena’s room.

「What it is, King?」
「What ‘what is it’?
Other than such a thing, what are you going to do with that woman!?」

「I’m not going to do anything, just nurse her.」
「That woman is the enemy who attacked me, you know?!!」

「Otou-sama, you’re wrong!」


Since Elena objected suddenly, the King was surprised.

「This Yurie-san is an important friend of mine!
She was manipulated by the devil-kin!

 She’s not an enemy!!」
「I-, Is that so…...」


The King flinches at the so angry look of Elena.



Oops, I forgot the other woman.

「Elena, I’ll leave Yurie-san to you.」
「Yes, leave her to me.」

「King too, don’t bother Elena.」
「Don’t order me.」

Sigh, the king wasn’t helping~.



When I came back to the audience room, the woman with a shield was still unconscious.


I endured the sticky bad smell and performed a physical check-up on the woman.


When I took off the woman’s hood, she has two horns as expected.

She’s a devil-kin after all.


And then……

She had【Magic stone of confusion inducement】,【Magic stone of confusion erasure】, and【Magic stone of suicide】in her person.


│【Magic stone of confusion inducement】
│One can induce confusion to a person.
│It’s necessary to draw near during the inducement.
│Rarity: ★★★★
│【Magic stone of confusion erasure】
│One can erase the confusion of a person by pouring magic power
│while having bodily contact.
│Rarity: ★★★★
│【Magic stone of suicide】
│One can commit suicide by pouring magic power,
│completely obliterating the body, and one’s belongings.
│Rarity: ★★★★


These are nothing but dangerous magic stones.


The story I can see from these three was……

1. Act together, and manipulate Yurie-san.
2. If the strategy fails, kill Yurie-san.
3. Then she will commit suicide, destroying the evidence.


Such a flow was my hypothesis.

Incidentally, the black shield was―

│【Shield of everlasting darkness】
│A shield which cancels magic invocation,
│but can’t block physical attacks.
│Rarity: ★★★★


It was as such.



I put the shield and the three magic stones away into the inventory,

and tied the hands of the devil-kin woman behind her back.


Then, Lyle Gewalt entered while gasping for breath.

「King-sama! Are you safe!!?」

「If it isn’t Lyle Gewalt.
Did you only shamelessly appear now?」

「S-, Seiji!!
What of King-sama!?」
「He’s safe.
And, as you can see, I caught this devil-kin as well.

 Or rather, where have you been until now?」

「I seemed to have been put asleep somehow or other,

 and woke up just now…...
I’m ashamed.」


Well, I figured.

「Lela was worried, you know.
Contact her quickly.」
「I-, Is that so…...」



I was able to save the Royal Capital somehow.

And, got back Yurie-san as well.


The rest, I’ll finish the battle in the other towns and return to Japan.


I whipped my tired body and stood up.

[1] Konbu maki is a seaweed roll. Konbu is the large, thick seaweed that is sold dry, and also a play on words with “yorokobu” meaning “be happy” so people eat konbu maki over the new year’s for good luck.

[2] long dried strips of a gourd that's soaked to soften and used to tie the konbu maki.

[3] Seriously, I don’t know how to translate 顔射 any better than this.