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Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 236 - Grotesque woman

The multiple jet-black tentacles that stretched out from the inside of Yurie-san’s skirt swooped down on Elena who dislike them.




I drew the White Belt Sword and slashed at a jet-black tentacle.


『Gyaa! Being rough with a little maiden’s important part.』


Yurie-san screams.


What important part!?



The tentacle that I cut off fell down on the floor with「becho」sound.

What’s this!?


A sticky liquid has stained the White Belt Sword which cut the tentacle...

Or rather! This sticky liquid smells like a rotten cheese!



The most unpleasant thing is that the cut off tentacle is still moving with『une une』on the floor.


Upon observing it for a while―


the cut off tentacle suddenly stiffened,

and with *whoosh*, spat out a white liquid.


The white liquid splashed into a fan-shape on the floor, a squid-like smell wafted from it.


So disgusting…...

I don’t want to cut such a tentacle with a valuable sword.


The room was filled with an unpleasant smell of squid and rotten cheese.




『Arara, I’ve made a mess~.』


Yurie-san starts a tentacle attack once more.



I can’t let Elena be stained by such grotesque tentacles.

Although it’s gross, I have no choice but to do something.


When I cut the tentacles off,

it stained the floor in many parts of the room.


Since I don’t want to approach the stained floor,

the places that I can fight decreases as I cut a tentacle.


This is dangerous.

If I make a bad move, my foot will slip at that sticky white liquid, and I will fall down, then my entire body will become sticky…...


just thinking about it makes my back freeze.



I don’t want to hurt Yurie-san, but there’s no helping it.

I have no choice but to do it!


I used【Flammable gas generation】and【Ignition】spells, and a flame gushed out like a flamethrower.

And the flame went towards Yurie-san.


However, my flame was thwarted by the shield woman who butted in, and didn’t reach Yurie-san.



『Kyaa! I will wet my bed if I dreamed of fire!』


It’s not a dream!

Since you might wet your bed, please wake up quickly…...



The shield woman protects Yurie-san.

I raised up the flame to my heart’s content.



「Stop! My castle will burn!!」


If it isn’t the King who is hiding at the back of the room, who is?


Useless King, be silent please.

Bear with one or two castle!



When the flame died down, the white liquid which covered the floor―

dried out…...


Moreover, it being heated by the flame, a smell of burnt rotten cheese, and burnt squid filled the room.

Elena holds her mouth too.


However, I was somehow able to do something about the bad footing with this.

Although I don’t want to step on the dried out part, I can’t ask too much.



I began to run―

not towards Yurie-san but towards the shield woman.


『My koneko-chan, watch out!』


Yurie-san spread out tentacles in order to protect the shield woman.





I【Teleported】behind the shield woman, and pushed the woman’s back with a *thud*.




The woman who had been pushed in the back approached the attacking tentacles…...




she left a scream, and had been engulfed in the tentacles.



『Hm? I attacked Koneko-chan by mistake.』


When the tentacles which engulfed the woman loosened―

the woman who was covered with juice all over emerged inside.


That woman was twitching with *piku piku*,

and had fainted with an awful expression.


My condolences.



『Uh, Yurie-san.

 There’s no one who will protect you anymore.

 Please give it up.』

『I’ve made a mistake~.

 But because of Koneko-chan jumping in~,

 I’ve unintentionally eaten a lot of sweets~.』


You have eaten!?



Using this opportunity, I used【Appraisal】on Yurie-san.



│Name: Mihara Yurie

│Occupation: Junior College student

│Condition: Cursed (Devilized, confused, bewitched)

│Level: 5

│HP: 448

│MP: 1,478

│Power: 65 Endurance: 15

│Ability: 45 Magic power: 152


│ Darkness 5, Whip technique 4



The curse’s abnormal condition is dangerous, it has three effects.

What the,『Devilized』?


Her skills seem to be dangerous too.

What the, level 5 Darkness!?

Why can she use a whip!!?



The hannya mask is probably the cause of the curse.

I used【Appraisal】on the mask.



│【Devil’s mask】

│Plants a devil’s heart to the equipped person,

│rendering him/her unable to make normal decisions.

│Rarity: ★★★★



So it’s the cause as expected!



When I took out the【Curse dispelling potion】from the inventory―


the tentacle attacked me.




I was able to dodge it somehow, but…...

the liquid which smells like a rotten cheese stained my clothes.


Yurie-san persistently attacks once more.



I don’t want to touch it!

I don’t want to cut it off!


Since I have to dodge it more than necessary, I have no time to use the【Curse dispelling potion】which I took out with so much effort.



「I will leave it to you, Elena!

 The cause is that mask!」


I shouted while throwing the【Curse dispelling potion】to Elena.


「Understood, Seiji-sama!」




And then, I kept on dodging the tentacle attack…...

I was gradually getting pushed back.