Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 233 - Going around the towns

「Rondo! Something happened, let’s talk quickly.」

「What is it!? Is something wrong, Seiji?」


「A horde of monsters whom the devil-kin controls are heading towards this town.

 You have to make preparations to intercept fast.」



Upon arriving at Nippo town, the reaction of a horde of monsters that seemed to be under the control of the devil-kin has appeared on the map.

The monster types are『Great rat』and『Wolf』, but their number is quite large.

Someone may die if it isn’t handled properly.



「Alright, understood.」


Rondo seemed to have assumed such a situation and quickly began to give instructions to his subordinates.

He was quite an excellent fellow.



「Ah, it’s Seiji and Hilda!」


Misha-san spotted us and called out.

She probably came to Rondo’s place to prepare for the battle.


「Did you by any chance come here to help with the『devil-kin interception battle』, Seiji?」


The『Devil-kin interception battle』, huh~.

Since when did the battle that will be starting right now has such a name?



「Unfortunately, we only came here to inform you guys about the approaching devil-kin.

 We have to go and see the situation of the other towns after this.」

「N? That situation of the other towns??」



 the devil-kin’s attack isn’t only happening in this town, but to other towns as well.」

「It became such a serious matter, huh.」



Misha-san’s expression stiffened for an instant, and seeing Hilda’s worried face―


「Well, no need to worry since I will finish every devil-kin that comes with water magic!」


she pretended to be tough.



However, the closing in 1000 devil-kin has a scale clearly larger than the one at that time in the demon town…… will it be alright?



When I was worrying, Hilda tugged at my clothes.


「Is something wrong, Hilda?」


 I’d like to remain in this town, and be Misha-san’s helper.」


「It’s no good! It’s dangerous!」



Certainly, Hilda has conspicuously improved her skill in magic.



「Then onii-chan, I will stay too, and protect Hilda.」

「Aya, you-!?」


Well, if it’s Elena, it will become two rear guards, and if it’s Mai-san, it will become two children (appearance wise), there’s no choice but to go with the process of elimination, huh…...



「Understood, I’ll leave her to you, Aya.」



「But Aya, you are Hilda’s bodyguard this time!

 Don’t charge into the enemy alone, okay?」

「I understand already!!」


I have no choice here but to place my trust in Aya, huh.



「Rondo, Misha-san,

 I will leave Aya and Hilda to you guys, I’m counting on you.」



What are you getting excited for, Rondo?


「I will protect Aya-san!」

「Well, it’s particularly good to be considerate,

 look after her so that she won’t act rashly.」


With Rondo’s direction, she will find it difficult to act rashly…...



「Hilda will stay?

 Although I’m glad, but is it alright?」


Misha-san is worrying about Hilda, huh.

But Misha-san, Hilda has become considerably strong, you know?

Please don’t be surprised, and wet yourself, okay?



That reminds me, I’ll have Elena put a divine protection here too.


「Elena, can you use the Divine protection of Recovery spirit soon?」

「Yes, since I’ve eaten a lot of Japanese sweets, I’m already fine.」


Elena raised the【Staff of Aesculapius】and put up a【Divine protection of Recovery spirit】on Nippo town.



When the light of the【Divine protection of the Recovery spirit】wrapped around the surroundings, Rondo and Misha-san were considerably astonished.


「Elena-sama, what’s this magic!?」


「Elena received the【Staff of Aesculapius】from Butte-sama, and acquired new magic.

 It’s an amazing magic that recovers strength, magic power, and wounds as long as one is inside the town.」

「A-, Amazing!!」


Rondo looks at Elena as if looking at a god.



「For your sake, Elena-sama, I will protect this town by all means and show it to you.」


Rondo knelt toward Elena.

There’s one more additional believer of Elena.




「Well then, I will entrust this town to you guys, Aya, Hilda.」



We left Aya and Hilda and went to the next town using【Teleportation】.




We came to Cassandra-san’s[1] pioneer village.


「How’s it going, Cassandra-san?」

「Oh, Seiji, what’s the matter?」


Somehow or another, the devil-kin doesn’t seem to be approaching toward this village.



「The devil-kin is going to attack the Nippo town.

 It seems to be fine here, but please be careful just in case.」



 Are Rondo and Misha alright?」

「Since I left behind Hilda and my imouto there, they will be able to manage somehow or another.」


「You left behind Hilda!?

 Why did you do such a thing!?」


「Rachel-san, Hilda has recently improved her skill.

 She will play an active role for sure.」

「I-, Is that so?」


「Well, I will come to help if it becomes dangerous.」


「Umu, that’s for sure, okay?

 If there’s anything happened to Hilda, I will absolutely not forgive you!」




By the way, is the defense of this village alright?」


「As you’ve said, we made a wall and moat around the village, and have the soldier guards from Nippo town patrol around, they won’t be able to get us easily.」


Well, it’s probably alright since I can’t see any enemy on the map.



I put a tracking beacon on Rachel-san for the time being, and went to the next town.




We went to Suga town, Ebisu town, and Shinaga town―

and I wasn’t able to see the enemy anywhere of those.


For the time being, I put a tracking beacon on Butte-sama, and on each entrances of Suga and Shinaga town.


Since the number of tracking beacon had reached the upper limit, I removed the beacons attached on the cursed golden mask, on nose-pierced-stalker man who was still bedridden at the hospital, and on myself and used them here.


But the only one I wasn’t able to check up on was『Toki town』......


It’s impossible since I haven’t been to Toki town.

I haven’t been there since there’s no mana crystal, but if I have a free time, I’ll be sure to go there once.

[1] It was supposed to be Rachel-san who is in charge of the pioneer village. Probably an oversight from the author’s side.