Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 231 - The devil-kin countermeasure meeting

 We escaped from the believers of the Elena religion,

 and went to Lela's place.


「Yo! Lela, how's it going?」

「S-, Seiji! You've come.」


 Since Lela held out her hand, I shook her hand normally.


 However, no matter how much time passes, Lela isn't releasing my hand that she grasped.

 What does she want?






 Aya chopped my hand from the side!

 With that momentum, the hand which was shaking hands with Lela came off.


「What did you do that for, Aya!?」

「Nothing in particular!!」


 Chopping your brother's hand without any particular reason, huh!?

 I don't get what the heck is that supposed to mean!


 For some reason, Aya and Lela are glaring at each other.


 Why are these two people at daggers drawn?

 Is it because I've been chopped?



「First of all, Lela, have you got any new information about the devil-kin?」


「I haven't got any new information in particular.

 Since every town strengthened their vigilance, they can't attack readily.」

「I see, that's good.」


「And, something good has been completed.」


 The thing that Lela showed proudly

 was something like a wooden cup.



「Ah, the twin-magic-stone-style string phone!」

「T-, That's right...why did you speak ahead.

 Even though I was going to surprise......」


 I knew of it since I was also there in the actual creation site.



「Where is it going to be distributed?」

「It has been decided that the feudal lord of each town will have one each.」


 That's good, the communication between each towns will be simplified with this.


 It may also be possible to start a telegram service before long.




「It will be noon soon, are you going to have lunch?

 I'll have it ready.」

「I have a slightly minor errand.

 Please treat Aya and the others to lunch.」



 Are you perhaps going to a place of another woman?」

「Well, the destination has a woman as well......」



 Why are you trying to bite off your handkerchief, Lela?



「Well then, please take care of the rest.」


 I sensed danger which I didn't understand well so I teleported to the dragon-kin's village to escape.




「You're the human who the Elder-sama was talking about, huh.」


 The gatekeeper stared at me scrutinizingly.

 I don't have such a hobby.



「Well good, you may pass.

 Don't cause any trouble in the village.」

「Y-, Yes.」



 Having managed to get in into the village, I rushed toward Elder-sama's place.






「You came.」


 Gadol greeted me.


 Then, upon entering Elder-sama's house―

 there was a crowd of men gathered and everyone glared at me simultaneously.



「H-, Hello.」


 It's somewhat an awfully away feeling.



「I'm sorry, but I have something necessary to discuss with everyone fast.

 Can you wait a little?」

「Is something wrong?」


「Actually, the people who had gone out to hunt beside Gadol, Halva, and some people,

 were attacked by the devil-kin, you see.」


 Elder-sama said so calmly,

 but the surrounding men were feverish as if they were going to start a yakuza dispute.



「Please wait a moment,

 can you tell me about it?」

「But this is a dragon-kin's problem.

 It has nothing to do with you, has it?」


「Humans and demon-kind have also been attacked by the devil-kin.

 And I also happened to be present in both actual place.

 Would you like to exchange information?」


 So it's not just us who have been attacked!」


 Perhaps they have mistaken you for humans and attacked, but......

 I won't say that.




 When I put their stories together―


・Those who had gone out to hunt had been attacked in their sleep.

・Several people who were injured managed to arrive at the village after a struggle.

・There's a lot of people who has gotten missing.

・Those who suffered injuries have no chance to survive because of the poison.



「Wait a moment!

 Since I have several【Poison healing potion】here, please use them to treat those people.」


 That saved us!」


 I handed out about 10【Poison healing potion】.


「Is this enough?

 Because I will make them here at this place if it's not enough.」

「It's alright, thanks.」


 After receiving the【Poison healing potions】, Elder-sama's grandchild went to deliver them toward the injured people in a hurry.



「Seiji-dono, we kept being indebted to you.」

「No, it's nothing.」


 They said that the good you do for others is a good you do for yourself.

 It's particularly not because Elder-sama's grandchild is cute, okay?



 The information I provided was the devil-kin uses varieties of magic stones,

 and discussed about the possibility of the village being attacked by monsters controlled by the devil-kin.


 The village was located on top of a cliff so if normal monsters were to attack, they wouldn't be able to come, but if the devil-kin were to use bird-like monsters that fly into the sky, they would not be restricted.

 The village people had decided to prepare『bows』and the like in preparation for that kind of monster.





 It was then when the devil-kin countermeasure meeting was about to end.



 Leaning on the shoulder of another, one of the injured people went inside Elder-sama's house with desperate look.



「T-, There's something I have to report!」



「You've woken up!

 But, you went here to report in spite of your injury!?」



 A large number of devil-kin which appeared from the『Pine cave』has been sighted.」



「『Pine cave』!?

 Err, the devil-kin appeared from such a small cave?

 How many?」


「There were at least 100 or more.」



 It’s impossible for such a small cave to contain so much.」

「No, we certainly saw it.」



 When he reported up to there―

 that injured person fainted.



「Treat him quickly!」


 He was urgently transported by the men who were at that place.



「Umu, is there something in that cave??」


 Everyone has been lost in thought.



「Excuse me, but what is the『Pine cave』?」


「It's a cave which was opened from a large rock that stood alone in the forest,

 and the people who had gone out to hunt sometimes used it for camping.

 The inside of the cave is only wide enough for about 10 people to enter.」


「Perhaps there's a hidden passage?」

「It has been frequently used since long ago,

 there's nothing there other than a strange stone statue.」


 Strange stone statue, huh~.

 It's suspicious......



「Where is it located?」


「Gadol, tell me its location.」



 Led by Gadol, I went out of Elder-sama's house.




「The large rock which can be seen over there is the『Pine cave』.」


 It could be seen from the front of Elder-sama's house!

 In the direction which Gadol was pointing at, a large rock was visible.




 That area was the place where I should have searched around yesterday.

 If there was a hidden passage, or a hidden room, and the devil-kins were there―

 I should have been able to confirm it in the map.



 Why was there no reaction in the map?