Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 230 - Terror of the new religion

While having Elena gently heal my face that has gotten kicked by Aya―

 I told everyone about Gadol and Halva.



「Then, onii-chan,

 does that mean that the devil-kin is also targeting the dragon-kin?」

「Umu, since one can't distinguish between a human and a dragon-kin by simply looking, it might have been mistaken.」


「Assuming it is so, what is being targeted doesn't change, right?」

「Un, that's right.

 Since I'm going to hear from them at noon, I'll be careful then.」


「I want to go too!」

「Since the dragon-kin's village's location seems to be a secret, I can't take another person without permission.

 I'll try to ask them when I got there at noon.」

「It's absolute, okay!」


 Does Aya mistake it for an attraction or something?



「Seiji-sama, aren't you going to pick up the staff?」

「Staff? Ah, the staff we asked to make as a present to Butte-sama.」



 We went to Rondo to inform him that we were going to depart.


「You're going already?」

「Yeah, we're busy with various things.」

「I-, I see......」


 But Rondo is only looking at Aya's direction.




「Aya-san, farewell for now.」


 When Rondo said so, he kissed the back of Aya's hand.


「What are you doing!?」




 That fellow, Aya, hit Rondo!

 the beaten Rondo had his eyes turned into dots.



「Aya, why did you hit him!?」

「Because, onii-chan, this fellow suddenly kissed me!」

「It's probably just a greeting.」

「Even if it's a greeting, unpleasant things are unpleasant!」


「Sorry, Rondo.

 In our country, there isn't a custom of kissing the back of the hand.

 Please forgive my stupid imouto.」

「Why are you apologizing, onii-chan!」


「I see, our customs are different, huh......

 I'm sorry for that.」


 Rondo is a good guy, huh.

 That may be true but it's still too early for Aya!




 We left Rondo's place and went to the Suga's weapon shop.




「Oh, so it's you.

 The staff is ready.」


 The completed staff was quite a result.




│【Staff of recovery +5】

│When using Recovery magic,

│MP usage is reduced by half, the effect is doubled,

│and the higher the magic level, the greater the effect.

│Rarity: ★★★★



「How is it? Is the result good?

 It became the best masterpiece among the things I've made thus far.」

「Yes, the result is good.」


 Elena who received the staff is also entranced.


 After paying the price,

 we headed toward Ebisu town.




「If it isn't Princess Elena. Welcome.」


 We were greeted by Butte-sama upon entering the assembly hall.


「The town's reconstruction seems to be advancing considerably.」

「It's thanks to the Divine Protection of Princess Elena.」


 Although it's the『Divine Protection of the Recovery spirit』, it has been referred to as『Divine Protection of Princess Elena』.



 While having such a talk―


「Oh, Princess Elena!」


 A child exclaimed so.


「It's true! It's Princess Elena!!」


 Somehow...the townspeople......

 are gathering one after another......


「「Princess Elena!!」」


 The gathered townspeople began to worship Elena.

 What's this......?


 The worshiped Elena is also puzzled.

 It's a totally godlike treatment.



 The『Elena religion』has permeated as far as here......


「Elena, I think you should use the『Divine protection of the recovery spirit』again?」

「Y-, yes, I'll give it a try.」


 Elena raised the【Staff of Aesculapius】and converged magic power.


 The townspeople stare at Elena with fascinated eyes.



 The next moment, the【Staff of Aesculapius】shone, and spread through out the whole town.


 The townspeople were blown away by the magnificent spectacle in front of their eyes. They were struck dumb......

 and immediately prostrated themselves one after another.

 They began to worship Elena with a more terrible might than a little while ago.



「S-, Seiji-sama, what should we do......」


「It can't be helped, quickly hand over the staff and let's go back.」

「U-, Understood.」


 Elena receives the【Staff of recovery +5】from me,

 and steps forward in front of Butte-sama.



「Butte-sama, please use this staff in exchange for the【Staff of Aesculapius】.」

「T-, This is?」


「The magic stone part was made by Seiji-sama and me.」

「A staff made by Princess Elena!?」


 Butte-sama involuntarily exclaimed so,

 and the surrounding people began to get noisy.



「「Elena-sama's staff!?」」


 Everyone, the staff is called【Staff of recovery +5】, you know~.

 It's not【Elena-sama's staff】, okay~.



 It's useless, it has already become 【Elena-sama's staff】......



 Under the attentive looks of the people,

 Elena handed the【Elena-sama's staff】(Official name:【Staff of recovery +5】) over to Butte-sama.



 Butte-sama raised high the staff that she received from Elena.




 Immediately, a tremendous cheer broke out from the people, and the assembly hall violently shook.



「What should we do, Seiji-sama?」


 Towards the excessive excited condition, Elena's eyes has become slightly teary.



「It can't be helped, let's escape everyone!」


 I gathered everyone, had Elena produced a fog, and disappeared.

 We escaped from the place using【Teleportation】just like that.



 Elena's religion is scary.