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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 023 - Leg sweep cancelling shoryu

「An orc is chasing us! Run away!」

After them, a demon with a face of a pig appeared.
I tried to use【Appraisal】on the orc.



│Magic power:2

│【Ax technique】(Level:2)
│ ・Shield crash

Hmmm…its power and endurance is much higher than the【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】I fought before, the skill is about the same?

「Aya, Elena, I’ll go and help, the two of you please leave to a safe place. And Aya, don’t use【Lightning magic】.」
「It would be troublesome when the other adventures saw you use it.」

I take out a sword from the inventory, after using【Quick】on myself, I jumped between the orc and the adventurers.

After using 【Slow】magic on the orc like the time I fought the 【Aristocracy Union Knight Leader】, I kicked the foot of the orc who became slow motion.
But, due to the weight difference, it didn’t fall down.

Still, I was able to get its attention, the orc stopped its pursuit to the adventurers and got ready for battle.

The orc is one size bigger than me, so I can’t hit its face if I didn’t jump.

But this orc is a monster, it has an intense smell like a rotten fish!
What a terrible smell! And because I’m fighting, I can’t cover my nose!
This is a psychological damage.

The orc who smells like a rotten fish, made a back swing with his big ax, and swung it down towards me.
Because the attack is in slow motion, I was able to simply receive it with my sword but because of the difference in power, it almost knocked me over.
While I move side-wards, I dodged the attack and deflect it, the ax who missed its target slammed towards the ground.

With the orc’s body lowered, its face became defenseless, without missing the chance, I slashed it with the sword from the side.


My sword hits the orc’s cheek.
Despite of that, the sword was just able to inflict a scratch.


After that, the battle continued for a while.
The Orc attacks, I dodged.
However, my attacks doesn’t do any damage to the orc either.
The fight have completely fallen into a deadlock.

If only I can use【Lightning magic】, even if only once…

The adventurers who was chased by the orc are watching the battle while protecting Aya and Elena.

It would’ve been convenient if you guys just run away.
Although they felt responsible and acted to be a little bit useful, it made me feel irritated in reverse.

I gave up~
Because they are watching, overwhelming attacks such as【Lightning magic】is unusable.

While the battle continued-
A ball of water flew from behind and hit the orc in the face.

The hit made the orc flinched, I used that chance to slash at its defenseless belly and were able to deal a slightly deeper wound.

It seems Elena used【Water magic】to support me from behind.
Way to go Elena!

Thanks to the wound I dealt to its stomach, I was able to press the battle forward.
This time, a strange wind was blown on the face of the orc.

When I’m looking at things-
Aya used【Drying magic】to attack? Seems I was right.
What could a wind which was just as strong as a drying magic can do!?

Then, for some reason, the orc felt hot on the area where it was blown by the wind.

Oh, it’s not the【Drying magic】but【Warm dryer】!!
It’s a delicate attack but effective……

Aya persistently and repeatedly cast【Warm dryer】in the face of the orc which made it irritated.
The orc gets angry to the relentless harassment and it finally ignores me and decided to attack Elena instead.

I tried to restrain it and shift its target back to me from Aya but due to the difference in physique and power, I was pushed back little by little.
Finally, it completely ignores me, it turned to Aya and give chase.

The Orc’s feet’s movement was slow so I was going to block it but I wasn’t able to caught up immediately-
I chase after the the smelly orc, Aya run about trying to escape.

It became a mess!

I was getting fed up so I decided to use【Lightning magic】at once.

With the feeling of standing on the left batter’s box, I hit the low ball with my right hand, next I made a side sweep with my sword hitting the left shin of the Orc which was about to step forward.
I wasn’t able to inflict much wounds, but I was able to dealt a heavy blow on the orc’s Achilles’ heel, it involuntarily crouched down in pain.
Not missing the chance, I let out a jumping left uppercut, certain death shoryu technique (←↓↙).

And in that instant, the left uppercut connects to the chin!
From my left fist to the Orc’s chin, poured in an【Electric shock】.

With【Electric shock】, an intense electric current streams down the orc’s body, its muscles contracted and its body flew up with “bikun”.

It’s almost as if, by the shock of my uppercut, the body of the orc seemed to fly.
The orc’s body flew, its back toppled over with a half revolution, then the back of its head slammed into the ground.


The big orc was overturned with the pose of『Pile driver』.
The orc stopped moving at last.

一 I used【Appraisal】just to be sure, and it seems I was able to defeat it properly.

「Seiji-sama, it’s incredible!!」

Elena approaches and gave me a hug.

「It smells like a rotten fish~!!」

Aya pinched her nose while pointing at the orc.

As for the adventurers, their mouth was wide open while standing stock still.