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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 228 - Brother and sister in the forest

A thorough forensic investigation has been carried out, but there doesn't seem to be any progress with the police's investigation.



 The president's eldest son have completely recovered, not only both his hands, but also both of his feet as of Friday morning, but I digress.

 I was treated to lunch every day by the president and the director.




 Friday evening.


 Mai-san came to the house, and I explained the possibility of Yurie-san being summoned.



「Then, Yurie-kun might be in the other world?」

「If she isn't found even if that much police is looking for her, then that's the only thing we can think of.」


「I see......

 So are we going to the other world right now to look for Yurie-kun?」

「Yeah, that's the plan.

 Are you going to come, Mai-san?」

「Of course, I will come!」


 The talk had been settled,

 although it was earlier than usual, we decided to depart on Friday.




「King, we've come.」

「S-, Seiji!

 Don't appear so suddenly!

 Moreover, there's a lot of people this time.」


「Well, let's leave out the introduction,

 have you found the whereabouts of that magician?」

「Y-, Yeah.

 Long ago, he seems to have been sighted in Nippo town.

 Ask Rondo for the full details.」


「Nippo, huh. Well then, see you later.」


「You're going already?

 At least, leave Elena behind...」

「See you!」


 Interrupting the King's talk, we went to Nippo town.




「Yo! It has been a long time, Rondo.」

「Seiji, Elena-sama,

 and...A-, Aya-san!」


 Rondo, why are you being embarrassed......



 Since I will have the dinner prepare right now, please eat.」


 rather than such a thing, the magician at the King's place seems to have been sighted in this town, I'd like to hear it.」


「Oh, that thing.」



 At Rondo's instruction, a timid looking soldier came.


「Talk about that magician.」

「Yes, understood.」



 According to the soldier's story......


・Almost two months ago, he happened to see that magician going out of Nippo town.

・He left the town and headed north.

・He didn't come back to the town since then.


 These were everything I could learn.



 When he went to the Royal Capital along with Rondo, he seemed to have seen a magician who was with the king at that place and remembered his face.

 Speaking of two months ago, it was exactly the time when I was competing in the fighting competition in Nippo town.

 Was he perhaps watching the fighting competition back then?


 He hasn't come back from Nippo town toward the north.

 When I think about it normally, there's a high possibility that a person who hasn't returned has been attacked by monsters, but......


 If we assume that it involves Yurie-san's case, he should be in good health somewhere.

 Is there something northwards of the town?



「I will try to search the north for now.

 Everyone, wait for me here.」


「I will also come together with you.」

「Mai-san, I'm sorry, but―

 I can't take you with me since I'm going to search using magic.

 Since I will inform you once I find something, please wait with everyone.」


「I see......




「With that decided, Aya-san, let's have a dinner together......」


 Rondo has suddenly became spirited, he's trying to take Aya's hand and escort her.

 He's not a bad guy, but......

 I feel somewhat irritated.




 The sun set, and inside the pitch-black forest,

 I was running through it using【Lightning flash】.


 Recently, I think that I'm often running about inside the forest by myself......



 I was running around for three hours,

 but I only encountered goblins, orcs, and normal monsters.


 I've already come considerably northward.

 As expected, I magician can't come deep into the forest by himself―


 let's expand the search's rage a little bit more to the east and west.



 About three more hours has passed, and it's completely dead at night.

 After I finished searching to the western side,

 I've begun to search the eastern side this time.



 Finally, there was a reaction of a devil-kin!


 Apparently, it seemed to be battling something.

 I approached hoping to not get noticed.



 One devil-kin was fighting a pair of a man and woman.


 The woman is injured and the man is fighting while protecting her.

 Due to that, it has become the man just keeps on fighting defensively, it's a pretty bad situation.


 And, these man and woman were people I know.



 I used【teleportation】toward the back of the devil-kin and made him faint with【electric shock】.




 That man was surprised at the sudden turn of events.


「It's been a while,『Gadol』, and『Halva』.」


 Y-, You are......『Seiji』!」


 The man and woman who were fighting against the devil-kin were the dragon-kin siblings,

 『Gadol』, and『Halva』.


 There might be someone who forgot,

 but these two people were players who fought against me and Aya in the fighting competition.



「Seiji, why are you here!?」

「I'm looking for someone,

 likewise, why are you fighting against a devil-kin?」


「When we were camping out in the middle of hunting, Halva was attacked from behind when it was her turn to stand guard.」

「Come to think of it, is your injury alright, Halva?」


「I-, It's fine.」


 Halva says so, but she doesn't seem very good.

 She's probably poisoned from the cut toward her back.



 Since I made【Curse dispelling potions】and【Wound healing potions】in a somewhat larger quantity than usual while I was making elixir, I had her drink one each,

 and Halva's wounds and complexion slowly recovered.



「Sorry to trouble you.」「Thanks.」


「Well, it's fine, we have gotten rid of a devil-kin while we're at it.

 Other than that, are you going to Nippo town?」

「No, we are going back to the dragon-kin's village rather than the Nippo town.」


「Dragon-kin's village? Is it near here?」

「I'm sorry, but the location can't be told.」


 It's what they call hidden village, huh.



「Oops, I almost forgot.

 I happened to have another task, Gadol.」

「N?  What is it?」


「I've kept the spear you entrusted me before.

 I have to return it.」


「That spear......

 However, that spear was cursed, you didn't dispose of it?」

「I still have it.

 and it's possible to remove its curse since I have a【curse dispelling potion】. What will you do?』


「【Curse dispelling potion】......

 is it expensive?」

「Well, in its own way.」


 It's a lie.

 To be frank, since a lot was made with my skill up, there's a lot of excess~.



「To be honest, that spear is an important thing which has been passed down from generation to generation in our village.

 Although I can't pay the price immediately,

 I want to remove the curse if possible.」

「I see, well then, right away.」


 I immediately took out that spear, the【devil-kin's spear】with *boron*.

 And then, I sprinkled the【curse dispelling potion】on the【devil-kin's spear】.




 A black-smoke-like something rose from the spear, toward the sky, and then vanished.


 I tried to use【Appraisal】on the spear.



│【Dragon-kin's spear】

│Raises the status,

│and calm the spirit of the wielder,

│and if the wielder is a dragon-kin, the effect will rise even more.`

│Rarity: ★★★★



The【Devil-kin's spear】had changed into【Dragon-kin's spear】.


「I've removed the curse.」


「Sorry for the trouble, and thanks.」

「Thank you very much.」



「I want to thank you for the spear, would you like to come to our village?」

「Isn't the location of the village a secret?」


「It's a dangerous place to promote,

 furthermore, if it's the benefactor who removed the curse of the spear,

 the village people will also probably understand.」



 I'm in the middle of searching a person, but......

 it's better to tell the dragon-kin about the devil-kin as well,

 let's try to go for a bit.




「By the way, what are we going to do about this devil-kin?」

「Kill it.」


 Gadol thrust his spear toward the devil-kin's heart without hesitation.