Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 227 - The ossan who clings to Elena

「Haa~, tired~.」

「Seiji-sama, Aya-san, welcome home.」


 We finally got home late at night.



 In the end, Yurie-san wasn't in her house.

 However, the police officers who rushed seemed to understand enough how strange it is, and carried out a thorough investigation.


 We were asked about the situation too, thus we returned home late.



 At any rate, it was a perfect behind-closed-door situation.

 The police investigated Yurie-san's house in a frenzy......


 However, such a huge quantity of toys and DVD's had been discovered,

 the people of the police had an indescribable expression on their faces.

 Will a DNA analysis be performed from such body fluids stuck on the toys?




 Hilda did her best to wait for us, but she seemed to have gone to bed first since it had become too late.



 Thus, the three of us had a late dinner.


「Now, Aya, Elena.

 What do you think about this situation?」


「I wonder if someone might have abducted her using magic?」

「Elena, there isn't anybody in Japan who can use magic other than us.」

「That's right......」



「Oh, I-, I got it!」

「Aya, what have you got?」


「The culprit is amongst us!!」


 Aya points at me while saying so.




 Well, explain it since I'm listening.」



「Elena said『someone kidnapped her with magic』,

 then, onii-chan said『there isn't anyone who can use magic in Japan other than us』,

 and, oniichan can use【teleport】magic......

 the answer which can be deducted from these......

 the culprit is onii-chan!!」




「Why did you hit me!?」

「Because we are having serious talk, don't joke around.」


「I'm not joking.」


 You're not joking, huh.

 You're too vicious......


 You're tired, Aya.

 You're worrying too much about Yurie-san, and your anxiety has piled up......

 that's why you bring up such a stupid thing.

 It must be so.


「I thought it was a great reasoning~.」


 I've piled up fatigue as well.



「Let's throw Aya's idea away.」

「What'd you say!?」


「I have an idea.」



「I know another person who can move someone using magic other than me.」

「Is there such a guy?」



 It's the fellow who summoned me into the Delaidos Kingdom.」



 That reminds me, Elena had also been hurt when I was summoned.



「Elena, do you know about the magician who summoned me?」

「No, otou-sama didn't tell me about its specifics.」


「Umu, although it's late at night, would you like to go to the King's place?」

「We're going to go now?」

「We can come back once it passed midnight, the earlier the better.」




 Elena and I, the two of us went to the other world.

 Since Hilda was sleeping, Aya had to take care of her.


「It's pitch black.」


 There was no light in the audience room, it was pitch-black.



「It's already late, I think that everyone is already sleeping.」


「Elena, do you know that King's bedroom?」

「Yes, it's this way.」


 We headed to the King's bedroom while illuminating the surroundings using【Incandescent light bulb】.




 There were a lot of patrolling soldiers on the way, but I put them asleep using【Sleep】magic and advanced steadily.


「It's here.」


 I put the soldiers who were standing guard and crept into the King's bedroom.



「Otou-sama is fast asleep.」

「Let's wake him up using magic.」


 Actually, I learned several types of magic that seemed usable when I acquired【Light magic】.

 One of them was【Wake-up】.

 It was a magic that wakes a sleeping person up.





「......N? What is it? Is someone there?」


 When I used the magic, the King woke up immediately.


「Otou-sama, it's been a long time.」

「E-, Elena! Am I having a dream!?」


 The King embraced Elena.


「O-, Otou-sama!」



「King, should I have you flirt with your daughter there?」

「Y-, You are-! Seiji!

 You bastard, did you come here to assassinate me!?」


「You're wrong as always.

 I came here because something urgent has come up.」

「At this time of the night, what is it?」


「Don't hide anything from me, did you summon a hero?」

「I can't possibly do such a thing.

 It may have summoned a person like you, I've already had enough of such dangerous thing.」


 You've said something cruel.



「Then, where's the magician who summoned me right now?」


 ......are you talking about『Val Neil』?」


 That fellow is called『Val Neil』, huh.


「Didn't you kidnap that fellow?」

「Why it become so?」


「Because when you kidnapped Elena, Val Neil disappeared as well,

 so I certainly thought that you kidnapped him.」


「If you thought so, you should've asked when we met.」


「I've done the hero summoning because I've been taken in by that fellow's glib talk, and the situation became as such.

 I haven't particularly done it to seek for honor and the like.」


 What a cold-hearted fellow.



「I don't have any business with you if you don't know that fellow's whereabouts.

 Elena, since it will be past midnight soon, let's go home.」



「W-, Wait.

 Elena, are you going?」

「Yes, I want to learn more at Seiji-sama's place.

 Ah, otou-sama.

 Will you do me a favor?」


「What is it? Anything for you, Elena.」


 This guy is sweet towards Elena.

 Well, I am too.



「My friend has disappeared in the form similar to the hero summoning.

 Val Neil-san might know something.

 Can you look for Val Neil-san with your power, Otou-sama?」


「I see, I understand. I'm going to search for him.」

「Thank you.」


「Well, then, let's go home.」




「E-, Elena~.」


 When we tried to go home, the King clings to Elena, not willing to part.


「Oi, get away.」

「No way!」

「O-, Otou-sama.」


 Although I understand his feelings,

 it's gross.





 I put the King asleep again and went back to Japan.