Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 224 - The low-life shop manager

We left Ebisu town and went to Suga town's weapon shop.



「Oh, the guy who broke my courtyard.」


 Till when are you going to quote that joke material.


 Everyone might have forgotten it, but when I bought the【magic rod】here before, she had asked me to try it out which created a crater in the courtyard.

 And then, this manager-san is a beautiful female manager-san.



 However, the manager-san seems to be somewhat more displeased than usual.

 Is something wrong?



「What did you came for?」


 I was wondering if you can make us a staff......」


「Make a staff?

 Is it the useless ready-made one?」


 Elena held out the new-made【recovery reinforcement magic stone +5】to the manager-san.



 The manager-san's eyes light up as soon as she saw the magic stone,

 and scrutinize it.


「I see, it's a remarkably high-quality【recovery reinforcement magic stone】.

 It will not become a match with the ready-made ones.


 If such a luxurious magic stone is used, the raw materials of the staff should also have to be something of level.」


「I'll ask you to make it in the best raw materials at once.」

「Hou, that's also great~.

 How about 50, 000 Aurum?」


 E-, Expensive......

 Well, it can't be helped.


「Then, we'll ask that.」

「Thank you for your continued patronage!」



 Manager-san suddenly became good mood,

 and began to clean up the mess on the table.




 Those things she was putting away right now......


 on top of the table were a gourd-like magic stone and a small, wooden barrel-like cup.


 The gourd-like magic stone would be【twin magic stones】.

 And, one of the twin magic stone was embedded at the bottom of the wooden cup.



「Is this by any chance......」

「Oh, no good, no good. That's a top secret request.」



 If it's a wooden cup, the vibration of the voice doesn't reach the twin magic stones, right?」

「V-, Voice!? Vibration??

 Did you by any chance understand what this magic tool is made for?」


「Isn't this a magic tool to speak with a distant person?

 Wasn't it requested by Kiseri-san?」

「W-, Why do you know that?」


 It's like that after all, huh.


「Didn't you see the paper cup prototype in Kiseri-san's place?

 It is I who made that.」

「W-, What!?」


 Manager-san sidles up to me with bloodshot eyes.


「I can't make it successfully no matter what.

 Tell me its problems.」


 Somehow or other, although it was requested, it seems she couldn't make it successfully and have gotten impatient.



「The materials are no good with wood.」

「However, there's no such high quality paper like that of the prototype,

 and there is nothing that can make a cup with paper.」


「How about a monster's leather?」

「Oh, there's a monster's leather, but......

 It's also impossible to make a cup with leather.」


「It's not necessary to make the whole cup with leather,

 it's fine to only make the bottom with leather and the rest with wood.」


「I see, so the material of the bottom of the cup is important.」


 Manager-san began to violently smash the bottom of the wooden cup with a hammer.

 It was quite bold.



「Ah, when you attach the leather to it, it's better to stretch it out so that it will not loosen.」

「I understand.」


 A leather had been attached to the wooden cup which had a hole opened up at the bottom, and then the magic stone was attached to the center of the leather part using some kind of an adhesive.


「Is this now good with this?」

「I think that it's fine.」


 When we try to perform an operational testing......


 on top of being durable, the sound is very audible and clearer than the paper cup version.

 This is good.



「Yey! It's a success!!」


 Manager-san was so pleased that she took my hand and jumped up and down with *pyon pyon*.

 This person has a quite cute side too.


「Guhehe~. There will be a large profit with this!」


 This person has a quite low-life side too.



「Manager-san, do you know the matter of the devil-kin?」

「Yes, they seem to be attacking humans' towns.」


「Until that matter is settled, please don't sell this magic tool to the general public.」


 Oh, I see!

 It's going to be exploited if the devil-kin get their hands on this!」


 Did you just notice it now?


「Well, it can't be helped.

 Until then, the twin magic stones......

 are going to be bought up...guhehe.」


 Low-life, beyond low-life!!



 Since the creation of the staff will take about five days,

 we entrusted the magic stone to her and left the weapon shop.




 Since I will leave for『Shinaga town』which is going to be the last destination,

 I had everyone to wait in Suga town,

 and ran eastwards from where we fought against the devil-kin with【Lightning flash】.


 After running for about an hour, the『Shinaga town』came into sight.

 Since everyone would be going to enter the town together, I went back to Suga town at once and went back with everyone using【teleportation】.



「Ehh, so that place over there is the『Shinaga town』, huh~.


 Somehow, smoke is rising it all right?」

「Ah, it's true.」


 Although I didn't notice it until Aya said it,

 smoke rises up at many places of the town.



「Seiji-onii-chan, those are blacksmith's smokes.」

「N?  Do you know this town, Hilda?」


「Yes, I'm from this town.」


 Ehh, so Hilda is from this town, huh.


 However, there's a lot of smoke rising up,

 this town has a lot of blacksmith.



 When we arrived at the entrance of the town, we were called to a halt by the guard soldier.

 For the guard to prevent the infiltration of the devil-kin, he had performed a physical examination.


 Oi, stupid. Don't touch a strange place!



 Oh, by the way, it's fine since a female soldier was in charge in the girls' physical examination.



 There was really a lot of blacksmiths in『Shinaga town』.

 The shops which lined up in the main street, about one to two buildings was a blacksmith.


 Well, since we had no business in the blacksmith,

 we asked the passersby the location of the【Mana crystal of Fire】and the【Mana crystal of Light】and rushed toward the place.




 When we arrived at the location of the【Mana crystal of Fire】,

 some kind of a construction work was being carried out.


「Excuse me, we'd like to visit the【Mana crystal of Fire】but......」


 I tried to talk to the guards.


「It's prohibited to visit for now.」

「N!? Why?」


「It seems to be a devil-kin countermeasure.

 It's to prevent the【Fire magic】from being exploited by the devil-kin.」

「Such a thing......

 We have come here with so much trouble.」


「Well, the visit that is allowed now......」


 Is there any condition?


「seems to be those who can produce fire using magic.」

「N?  Then, the only ones who can visit are those who can use【Fire magic】?」

「Well, it has been decided like that.」


「Then, it's entirely insignificant, isn't it?」

「Well, it seems so.」


 Umu, what to do.....