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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 223 - Relief goods

 It finally settled down,

 I tried to think slowly why Elena's recovery magic had become level 7.


 The base level goes up to 6 by the contract with the spirit,

 furthermore, with the +1 that the staff's effect has caused, it seems to have become 7 in total.




 Well, that aside―

 let's ask Butte-sama for that thing.


「I'm sorry Butte-sama, but since we're here anyway,

 can we visit the mana crystal of recovery?」


 Money is fine, but will you make it cheaper since it only has that much function?


「It's true that there's a lot of condition but......

 we can't say such thing to you guys.

 Everyone, please go and visit.」


 It's even free, lucky!




 Our visit results were,


 Aya and Mai-san's were level 1.

 Hilda's was level 2.

 Mine was level 3.


 Well, mine is far inferior to Elena's level 7,

 but it's thoughtless to even compared them.



 With that said, when I was rejoicing that I have gotten the recovery magic―

 the twin magic stones in my breast pocket vibrated with *ton-ton*.


 It's a signal from Lela.



「The relief goods seem to have been prepared at the Shinju town.

 Since I'm going to get it, everyone please wait here for a moment.」

「「Yes.」」 「Ye~s.」 「Un.」




「Lela, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.」


 you will come immediately once I signaled, huh.

 This is somehow fun.」


「Oi, Lela, don't use it for strange things, okay?」

「I-, I know......」



「Well then, where are the relief goods?」

「It's prepared in the next room.」


 When I went to the next room―


 goods were piled up like a mountain.


「You have procured so many, huh.」

「I had a merchant to procure them.」

「With this, the Ebisu town's people will also be saved.」

「I see.」


 Although Lela only said a few words,

 her expression was happy.


 The fellow who was going to kill Aya in revenge for losing in the competition grew up so much.



 I put away all the prepared goods into the inventory.


「Well then, I'm going to deliver them to Ebisu town.」

「Ah, wait a moment.

 This is the goods' statement of delivery.

 Have them confirm it upon receipt and sign it.」


 Is this an express home delivery service!?


「What should I do after I got them to sign it?」

「Since the Reconstruction Support Unit that departed yesterday should arrive there the day after tomorrow, hand it over to them.」

「Understood, I will do so.」


 Did you let the Reconstruction Support Unit depart yesterday? You did a good job, huh.



「T-, That's right, Seiji......」

「What is it?」


「I always have you to help me with the transport of luggage, I'm sorry.」

「What are you saying so suddenly?

 Since it's the devil-kin's fault this time, it can't be helped.」

「I-, I see......」


 Lela has begun to fidget for some reason.

 Does she want to go to the toilet or something?


「As thanks for helping me, it's......

 I'd like to do something to thank you......

 don't you have...something you want from..me?」


「No, there's nothing that comes to mind in particular for now.

 It's fine since I'll be relying on you if there's something troubling happened again next time, I'll be sure to ask you at that time.」

「I-, I see......」


 Lela looked disappointed for some reason.

 Did you want to thank me that much? What a dutiful fellow.



 I bid farewell to Lela,

 and went back to Ebisu town.



 However, as soon as I came back to Ebisu town,

 the vibration of the twin magic stone in my breast pocket had become faster.


 That fellow Lela has started to train again.

 She's really a training enthusiast, huh.




 While feeling the twin magic stone in my breast pocket vibrates with *bikun bikun*, I went to the assembly hall which became the reconstruction emergency headquarters in Ebisu town.


 Butte-sama was taking the command of the reconstruction duty in the assembly hall.


「Butte-sama, I got the relief goods from Lela of Shinju town.」

「Oh, Seiji-san.

 Hm, Lela-san? Relief goods?

 What do you mean?」


 I took out the relief goods which have been entrusted to me by Lela and piled them in the corner of the assembly hall.


「T-, This is......」

「This is the relief goods' statement of delivery.

 Please check the goods and sign it.

 Since the Reconstruction Support Unit from Shinju town will seem to arrive the day after tomorrow, please hand the statement of delivery to those people.」


「It's right after yesterday so in this way......

 Besides, how did you carry it?」


 Explaining is troublesome~.


「I carried it using slightly special magic.

 Since I can't do it frequently, please don't rely on it so much.」

「Y-, yes......」


 Butte-sama was dumbfounded,

 but oh, well.




 Since they said that Aya and the others were outside helping with the reconstruction, I went to meet them.


「Oh Elena, how's the reconstruction going?」


 Elena was making a dish which was going to be distributed to the people who were working on the reconstruction.


「Welcome back, Seiji-sama.

 Since it's almost over, please wait a little bit.」



 However, Elena's cooking figure is picture-perfect~.




「What is it?」


「I have a favor to ask.」


 Oh?  It's rare for Elena to have a favor to ask.


「If it's Elena's request, I'll comply with whatever it is.」


「Thank you very much.


 didn't I get such a wonderful staff?」

「That staff..... is a good stuff!」


「But, Butte-sama may be in trouble that she doesn't have a staff.

 I'm wondering if we can give her a present as a substitute for the staff.....」


 Elena is kind~.

 I will pat her head later!



「That's right, how about making a recovery reinforcement magic stone,

 and give her a staff with it as a present?」

「That's wonderful!!」


「Alright, well then, I will go to the Suga town's weapon shop before we return back to Japan and try to request the production of the staff.」




 After waiting for Elena to finish cooking,

 the two of us replicated the recovery reinforcement magic stone from a magic stone of nullpo with【magic stone replicator tool】.




 the outcome magic stone―

 was a【Recovery reinforcement magic stone +5】!

 As expected of recovery magic level 7!

 A magnificent magic stone had been completed.


 Elena was rubbing the magic stone against her cheek with a fascinated expression.