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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 222 - Staff of Aesculapius

We received a preferential accommodation at the inn which somehow restored.


 And the next day,

 we were eating the breakfast which the hostess cooked.

 The ingredients were the meat of the monsters that Aya and the others got yesterday.



「Princess Elena, everyone, good morning.」


 Butte-sama along with several sister-sans came to visit all the way this early morning.


「Good morning, Butte-sama.

 What happened in such early in the morning?」

「I'd like for Princess Elena to come to the temple of recovery.

 Of course, after you have your breakfast is fine.」


 What on earth could it be?

 Well, I'd also like to visit the Mana crystal of recovery so it's just right in time.




 We finished eating breakfast and went to the temple of recovery led by Butte-sama.



「Come to think of it, Butte-sama.

 What has happened to the devil-kin whom we have caught?」

「Those people are going to be publicly executed.」


 Umu, since they have caused that much damage, it's probably their just deserts.



 While having such talk,

 through the aforementioned landslide site, we have arrived at the temple of recovery.




 60 sister-sans arrayed in front of the temple of recovery.

 What the heck has really happened?



「Princess Elena, thank you very much for your various help on Ebisu town this time.」


 Elena smiled majestically like a princess.

 Such part was truly a princess.



 as a result of the discussion of all of us healers,

 we decided to hand this【Staff of Aesculapius】

 over to Princess Elena.

 Will you accept?」




 Wasn't it something considerably important?


「Such an important thing, I cannot accept it.」


 Elena also pulls back from the sudden situation.



 Butte-sama slowly approached Elena,

 and began to speak.


「This【Staff of Aesculapius】

 has been passed down from generation to generation to the one who mastered recovery magic.

 I inherited this staff when I mastered the recovery magic, and had been conceited.

 However-! Yesterday, I saw the figure of Princess Elena healing the townspeople's injuries and was convinced.

 My recovery magic is nowhere near Princess Elena's level.

 I couldn't help but be ashamed that I hold this staff.

 To offer the【Staff of Aesculapius】to Princess Elena is the consensus of all the healers who are here.

 So please accept it.」


「But, I'm travelling.

 If I accept this staff, the staff will be separated from this town.

 Is it still fine?」

「Yes, we are well aware of it.」


 It seems they're quite strong-willed.

 Butte-sama stares straight at Elena.



「Understood, I will take care of it.」


 When Elena said so, Butte-sama bloomed with a smile.




 The location was the dome-shaped room where the mana crystal was enshrined inside the temple of recovery.

 While the sisters stood in line and watched,

 from Butte-sama to Elena, the transfer ceremony of the【Staff of Aesculapius】was held.


 Elena changes clothes into a ceremonial dress and is totally like an angel.



 A solemn ceremony-like something was performed,

 and the【Staff of Aesculapius】was slowly handed over to Elena.


 And then, the staff which Elena received floated a little―

 at that moment-!



 the【Staff of Aesculapius】began to slowly shine.


 N?  Does Elena used some kind of magic?

 That's not it. Elena is also surprised at the light.


 After a while, the light has disappeared,

 and Elena is in a peculiar state for some reason.


 She is following the nothingness in the air with her eyes,

 and when I looked closely, Butte-sama and the sisters are also following something with their eyes in the same way.


 What is it? Is something in there?



「It's probably that light.」


 Mai-san who is watching at the side sees something too.

 Aya and Hilda can't see it.


 Aya, Elena and I can't see it,

 Elena, Butte-sama, the sisters and Mai-san can see it......

 Is it something magic-ish?





 I see!

 It's the Recovery magic spirit!



 Elena has a conversation with something invisible somehow or other for a while.

 Butte-sama seems to hear it too.

 It seems to be the spirit as expected.


 Dangerous, isn't that mean that she is going to fight against the spirit for the contract?



 After a while, Elena was trying to accept something with open arms.

 And then, when I'm thinking what she was trying to do, she made a gesture like tightly hugging something!


 Elena's body began to shine.



 Is the contract with the spirit by any chance completed?

 No fighting??


 Perhaps, there's no fighting particularly because it's the Recovery magic spirit?



 Although she was in the middle of the ceremony, I rushed toward Elena.


「Elena, did you by any chance make a contract with the Recovery magic spirit?」

「Yes, Seiji-sama.

 I've become friends with Spirit-sama.」


 It was good, she didn't have to fight.



「Princess Elena......

 as expected, you......

 have mastered the recovery magic, huh......」


 Butte-sama trembles with *wana wana*,

 she immediately knelt and began to pay respect to Elena.


 Well, I perfectly understand the feeling of wanting to worship Elena who looks like an angel!



「Butte-sama, may I use one magic?」

「Yes, by all means!」


 You don't know what magic Elena is going to use,

 but have you begun to worship Elena, Butte-sama?



 Elena raises the【Staff of Aesculapius】and begun to pour magic power.

 The staff has begun to shine,

 then a pink, gentle light spreads out into a spherical shape.


 The light swallows us and fills the entire room, and spreads out further to the outside.


 I felt power gushing forth from my body the next moment.

 What on earth is this!?


 When I used【Appraisal】on myself―

 it had become『Condition: Divine protection of the Recovery Spirit』.


「Elena, what in the world is this......」

「I asked Spirit-sama and had her wrapped the entire town with her divine protection.

 When inside this town, strength, magic power, wounds, and etc. will gradually recover.」


「E-, Elena, how long does the effect lasts?」

「It seems to last for about a week.」


 A-, Amazhing......

 I seem to have wet myself......



「Elena, may I use【Appraisal】?」



 When I used【Appraisal】on Elena―



 Eh? Is it a mistake?

 Let's check it again......




 No matter how many times I try......



 The level of Elena's recovery magic is...





 I-, It becomes......




 『7』, whaaaaaaaat!!!!?