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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 218 - Sister army corps

We hasten the repair work of the landslide site.


 After a while, I can hear voices coming from the other side of the collapsed cliff.

 They are probably people who got trapped.





 With a shout, Mai-san destroyed a huge boulder―

 when the huge boulder crumbled with *gara gara*, the other side was finally visible.




 Cheers break out on this side and the other side of the collapsed cliff simultaneously.


 When the cloud of dust caused by the destruction of the huge boulder cleared up―

 a sister obaa-san appeared.


 The sister obaa-san is taking along a sister army corps of about 50 people behind her.





 The townspeople who were doing the repair work in the beginning rushed toward the sister obaa-san and knelt.


 She seems to be a higher-up somehow or other.


「Butte-sama, it's the best that you're safe.」


 That sister obaa-san is called『Butte-sama』, huh.



「You must have been in a lot of trouble, thank you so much for your hard work.

 By the way, is there no food?

 We were robbed off of food by thieves, there isn't anything for the healers to eat.」

「I'm sorry, Butte-sama. The townspeople were robbed off of food too.」

「That's troublesome,huh......」


 The sisters in the back hang their heads down when they heard it too.


「Butte-sama, what is that staff?」



 When I looked closely, Butte-sama held a shabby staff.

 It's a staff that can really be called hastily made, a cloth adequately wrapped around a tree branch which has fallen somewhere.


 No, no. I mustn't judge it by its appearance.

 Ah, it may not look like it but it's probably a really great staff.


「To hold such a hastily made staff or something......」


 It was a hastily made staff according to its appearance......


「The【Staff of Asclepius】......

 was stolen by the thieves......」



 It seems to be a name of some great staff.

 It will certainly be a great staff.



 When I was thinking such a thing―

 Butte-sama suddenly looked over here,

 and called out to me.


「Oya, you're Princess Elena's escort......

 if I'm not mistaken, Seiji-san.」


 N?  How does she know my name?

 Ah!  If I'm not mistaken, this person was probably also there when the aristocrats gathered in the war.


「H-, Hello......」


 Umu, I'm not very good at dealing with aristocrats.

 When I give a poor response, they may suddenly get angry.



「You being here means, has Princess Elena also come?」

「Yes, she is treating the injured people in the town.」

「What!? Elena-sama!

 Let's also go to the town quickly.」


 We went back to the town with Butte-sama.




「How terrible......」


 Butte-sama and the sisters were dumbfounded when they saw the condition of the destroyed town.


 However, we didn't even see a single injured person whom we had seen a lot earlier.

 Perhaps, all of them went to where Elena is.



 When I checked the map and went to where Elena is,


 in a place that seemed to be the assembly hall of the town, Elena was performing treatment amidst of many injured people.

 Hilda was moving about busily, giving the injured people water to drink.


「Elena, are you alright?」

「Seiji-sama...and, Butte-sama!」


 Butte-sama walked over to Elena and knelt.


「Princess Elena who treated the injured people of my town, how should I thank you......」


 When Butte-sama appeared, the surrounding people were also surprised,

 and when they saw Butte-sama kneeling toward Elena, they were further surprised.



「Butte-sama is kneeling down......」

「......P-, Princess...that young woman is!?」

「I though that she is a wonderful healer but......

 to unexpectedly be Princess-sama......」


 When they found out that the person who was casting recovery magic on them is the Princess,

 a commotion broke out in the assembly hall.



「Butte-sama, please wait because I will heal the injury this person.」


 As Elena said so, she cast recovery magic to the injured person.



 The injured person lying in front of Elena had his wound steadily healed under the effect of recovery magic and his painful expression gradually loosened.


「P-, Princess Elena......

 since when were you able to learn recovery magic up to here!?」

「It's thanks to Seiji-sama.」


 Butte-sama looked back and stared at me.


 I trained Elena. How's thattt?



「Princess Elena is joking again.」


 Butte-sama seemed to have taken it as Elena's joke!


 Well, Elena's recovery magic is the result of her own hard work, there's no need to thank me.



「Princess-sama, since we will do the rest, please take a break.」


 When Butte-sama says so......

 the sisters in the back look gloomy.


 The oba-san[1] sister who seems to be the oldest among the sisters steps forward and whispers into Butte-sama's ear.

 I pricked my ears up a little and listen.



「Butte-sama, we are also exhausted with the fight against the thieves and everyone's magic power has run out.

 Without food and if we overuse our magic power in this situation too, we might also collapse.」

「What did you say!?

 For all that the Princess-sama have done so far, we can't just stand by and do nothing.」


 It seems that they are barely『scraping by』somehow or other.


 Then, it's our turn.



「Hilda! Come over here for a moment.」



 I called Hilda.


「Seiji-onii-chan, what is it?」

「Since those sisters seem to be in trouble of running out magic power, give them candy.」

「Yes! Understood!」


 Hilda rushed out vigorously,

 and kept on giving the sisters candies.


 Cheers broke out from the sisters who got candies, saying「It's swee~t」.



「Aya, Mai-san!」

「What?」「What is it?」


「Since we are going to hand out food, please look for a metal that can be used to create a pot and something that can be used as a firewood.」

「Roooger!」「Leave it to me.」


 Aya and Mai-san rushed out of the assembly hall.




 When I cleared up an open space in front of the assembly hall―

 Aya came back with a huge bell.


「Onii-chan, I've found this!

 Can you make a pot with this?」

「Where did you find this?」

「It has fallen.」


 Is this bell not something important in the town?

 I'm having trouble deciding whether it's fine to use it.



「What on earth are you going to do?」


 Someone called out from behind and when I looked back―


 it was Butte-sama.



「You're just in time, Butte-sama.

 I'm planning to distribute food with the food we brought,

 so can I make this bell into a pot?」

「This bell is......」


 It seemed to be an important bell after all.


「It can't be helped.

 To alleviate the people's hunger is our bigger priority than the bell right now.

 But, how are you going to make a pot out of that bell?」

「I'l do it like this.」


 I re-shaped the bell into a pot with【Earth magic】.



 So you are a【Earth magic】user, huh.

 Besides, such a big thing......

 maybe what Princess Elena said wasn't wholly a joke.」


 It seems she understood my greatness somehow or other.


「But, where is the food?」

「Oh, I've been carrying it using magic.」


 I took out a large leisure sheet and spread it on the ground.

 I took out all the food in the inventory and placed it on top of that, creating a huge pile.


「Wh-, What!!?」


 Butte-sama looked at the large amount of food and nearly jumped out of her skin.



「Now, what soup should I make~.」

[1] Aunty