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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 217 - Ebisu town

「Well then, I will go to Masamune-san's place to get the sword, what will everyone do?」


「I'd like to check my movements using magic.

 Because I wasn't able to use magic readily in Japan~.」


「Then, I'll be Captain's opponent.」

「Aya-kun, thank you.」



「I also want to do a special training of magic.」


 Hilda said so too.

 Although we visited several mana crystals last week, she didn't get a chance to try them out~.


「Well then, I will teach Hilda magic.」



 That means, Aya is with Mai-san in her special training,

 while Elena is with Hilda in her special training......


 In the end, no one is going to come with me......

 I'm not lonely or something like that! *Sniff*......



 The four people will be having their special training outside the Shinju town,

 I've gone to Masamune-san's place all alone.





「Oh, you've come.」


 Masamune-san took out the reforged sword at once.


「Huh? It feels somewhat different from before.」

「That's right, now that it has been reforged, it's not the『sword of trial』anymore.

 The name of this fellow is『white belt katana』.」



 I tried to appraise it.



│【White belt katana】

│The sword that becomes the proof that the Sword Art has been approved.

│It absorbs the user's habit and becomes stronger.

│Ability: Raises the power of【Wind blade】

│Rarity: ★★★★


│ Subjugate Wind attribute monsters 0/10

│ Subjugate Water attribute monsters 0/10

│ Subjugate Earth attribute monsters 0/10

│ Subjugate Fire attribute monsters 0/10



 White belt, does it mean there's also black belt beyond this?

 It seems that the trial has become somewhat troublesome.

 It seems impossible to accomplish this trial in a day or two.


 I thanked Masamune-san and went back to Shinju town.




 In the grassland outside the Shinju town,

 Mai-san with Aya and Hilda with Elena were having a special training.


 Mai-san and Aya,

 were having a karate match at a lightning speed.


 Well, even if I say karate―

 it's slightly different from normal karate since explosion and tornado have occurred!



 Hilda and Elena,

 were generating ice tornado and flame tornado.



 Apart from that, around the entrance of the town, soldiers and adventurers are looking at here, watching the situation.

 Rather than watching the situation, their mouths will open half way every now and then toward the excessive happening, they can only look in mute amazement.



「Oh, onii-chan, have you finished your errands yet?」


 Aya stops her battle with Mai-san and runs toward here.


「I have received the finished sword,

 since I will now going to run towards Ebisu town, you can continue your special training as it is.」




 I part with Aya and begin to run southwards from Shinju town.


 I ran for a while, confirmed that there is nobody watching and raised my speed using【Lightning flash】.




 While running for about an hour, a smoke rising from the other side of the hill came into view.


 Is that the『Ebisu town』?



 When I crossed over the hill, I saw a townscape which spread through the foot of the mountain range.


 However, it looks strange.


 Black smokes rise up from all over the town,

 buildings, walls and the like have collapsed in various places.


 When I further approached, injured people are lying down here and there, there are people who seem to have died.



 When I finally arrived at the entrance of the town, I asked the soldier who sat injured.


「What on earth has happened here?」


「An adventurer who came from Shinju town?

 Actually, the town encountered a surprise attack last night.」


「A surprise attack!?

 Is it by any chance the devil-kin?」


「Devil-kin? Oh, that's right, it's the devil-kin, huh!

 There were certainly guys who have two grown horns.

 Those fellows attacked by pulling in a large quantity of monsters.」


 Shit, those devil-kin guys finally put it into effect!


「There seem to be a lot of injured people,

 is there no healer in this town?」

「What did you say!?

 This town is the town where the【Recovery magic temple】is located, you know?

 There are a lot of healers here than any other place.」


「Then, why is there a lot of injured people.」


「The road that leads to the district where the healers live is no longer passable due to landslides.

 It's now being hurriedly repaired by the people who survived.

 However, there isn't enough manpower......」


 When the soldier spoke up to there, he fainted while sitting.



 This is a considerably bad situation. I must hurry!



 I went back to Shinju town with【teleportation】.




「Everyone! Stop your special training!」

「Oh, onii-chan, welcome back.

 Is something wrong?」


「Ebisu town has been attacked by the devil-kin,

 getting a lot of people injured.

 Let's help them to recover, everyone!」



 I went back to Ebisu town with everyone in a hurry.




「Elena, treat the injured people.

 Don't take too much time on one person,

 after that, prioritize the people with serious injuries as much as possible.」



「Hilda, you will help Elena as well.

 Hand over candies during emergency,

 I'm depending on you.」



「Mai-san and Aya, you two come with me.

 We'll help with the repair work of the landslide site.」




 I left the treatment of the injured people to Elena and Hilda,

 we rushed to the landslide site.




 At the landslide site, about ten people were undertaking the repair work.


 However, everyone was injured and reached their limits physically.



「We are adventurers who came from Shinju town.

 We will help with the repair work.」

「Oh, thank you, you saved us the trouble.」


「I'm sorry but since it's dangerous, all of you please withdraw.」


 When I let the injured people withdraw―



 Mai-san crushes a huge boulder with her fist,

 while Aya sucks up the crushed boulder with a tornado which has a constant suction force and piles it up on the side.

 Then, I put away the huge boulder into my inventory and reinforced the cliff which seemed to collapse with【Earth magic】.



「What kind of people are you!?」


 They were surprised by our exceptional performance.