Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 216 - I came


「Welcome, Mai-san.」


 Saturday morning, it's the usual time to go to the other world.

 Mai-san is also going to come with us this week.

 It's for Mai-san's grandfather, that is to say, to get the previous Demon Lord recognize her and also in order to train herself.




 when I was going to show Mai-san inside,

 out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something like a faint shadow moved.



「Is something wrong, Onii-san?」


「No, I felt like something moved......

 it seemed to be my imagination.」



 As soon as I said so!

 Mai-san kicked the floor and jumped out.




 Mai-san jumps toward the emergency staircase with terrible momentum.

 I who didn't know what happened for a moment chased after Mai-san in a hurry.




「What the heck, Mai-san?」


 When I chased after Mai-san and came out of the emergency staircase......


 Mai-san was holding down a black shadow.



「It hurts, it hurts. It's painful, Captain~.」


 The identity of the black shadow......


 was Yurie-san......



「I came❤.」


「You've come......

 why are you here, Yurie-san!?」


「Did you intend to go out with Captain behind my back?

 With my Captain......」


 Somehow, Yurie-san's eyes are scary......



「Did you talk to Yurie-san, Mai-san?」

「No, I didn't.」


「Ehe, I've been tailing (stalking) Captain❤.」


 Uwa, donbiki[1].



「Tailing me without being noticed by me, you have improved your skill too, Yurie-kun.」

「I've been praised by Captain.」


 By any chance, has she been tailing until now?



「Captain, although you have me,

 you were coming to meet, onii-san, huh!」


「What are you talking about!?

 I've said that I'm asking Aya-san and onii-san's help about my ojii-san.」


「No! When Captain met onii-san awhile ago,

 you had a feminine expression!

 I know it!」

「What!? What feminine expression!!?」


 Umu, what to do......

 it has become an intense troublesome situation.




「What is it!?」


「Since I will give you this, please let today's matter go.」


 Sink or swim, I'll try to temp her with something.


「What is this!?

 Tempting me with such a thing......

 Captain is wearing the same too!!?

 Matched? They are the matched!!?」


 What I gave to Yurie-san is the【Sacrificial necklace】.

 It's something I bought originally for Yurie-san.

 It's a matter for great congratulation if I can temp her with this......



「T-, This is, t-, tempting me with things like

 a matching necklace, I-, I-, I-, I'm not going to do it!」


 Umu, she's not tempted, huh......


「It can't be helped, since I'm going to stay overnight at your house tomorrow, let today's matter go.」

「C-, C-, C-, C-, Captain!!!???

 G-, G-, G-, Going to stay at m-, m-, m-, my house!!!??」



 The situation had been resolved due to the holy sacrifice of Mai-san,

 Yurie-san waved her hand like a puppy's tail whilst having a nosebleed and left.

 She said that she's going to prepare for her meeting with Mai-san in two days.



 At long last, we have been released from Yurie-san.

 I showed Mai-san inside the house.


「Onii-san, Yurie-san caused you trouble, didn't she?」

「No, but you going to stay at her place, is it really fine?」


「What's the problem?

 Well, it's because Yurie-san feels lonely too~.」


 Well, let's leave Yurie-san to Mai-san.



 There's also the matter about Yurie-san, this may be the only time that Mai-san can go to the other world this time.

 Let's visit all the mana crystals within this week.


 While thinking such thing, we transferred to the other world.




「We've come, Lela.」

「Welcome back, Seiji!!」


 When Lela took my hand, she blushed and bloomed with a smile.

 N?  There's something strange with her attitude?



「Come to think of it Lela, like every night at night......」

「Idiot, don't talk about that in front of everybody!」



 Was the thing you were doing a secret physical training?」





「But Lela, too much intense training isn't good!

 Since you're doing it before going to bed, do it rather a little lighter.」


「T-, T-, Tra-, training!!?

 Then, that throbbing of Seiji...'s not......」


 Lela's face suddenly became bright red,

 and she took refuge in the next room.



 The heck has happened to that Lela fellow?

 Is she not feeling well?




 After a while, Lela whose face still bright red timidly came out whilst looking down.


「Lela, are you okay?

 Are you not feeling well because of you constantly training at night?」

「T-, That's no-......

 Please, forget about that already......



 Oops, was it a secret that she was training?

 I've done something bad.



「Well then, tell me about the matter of the devil-kin.」


「Oh, for the time being, the devil-kin had been discovered in three places.」

「They have been already discovered, huh.」


「They might have done something for sneaking in until now.

 For the time being, the ones who had been discovered were the ones in......

 Nippo, Ikebu and here, Shinju town.」


 I've expected the Ikebu and Shinju but Nippo is unexpected.



 According to Lela's story, it seems to be as follows:


●Shinju town

 A suspicious hooded person was discovered in town.

 The soldier ordered it to show its face by taking off the hood but ignoring the order, it fled.

 All the guard soldiers searched but they didn't manage to find it.



●Ikebu town

 Adventurers found several devil-kin in the forest near the town.

 The adventurers attacked by the devil-kin, the situation fell into battle.

 One of the adventurers was injured, taking them into disadvantage.

 Other adventurers came to help.

 The devil-kin withdrew, disappearing from sight.



●Nippo town

 Adventurers discovered a devil-kin-like person in the forest near the town.

 Without chasing it too far, he went back to the town and reported it.

 A devil-kin search party was formed but they didn't manage to found it by searching the forest.



 Something like this.

 For now, it was good that it didn't cause significant damage.

[1] drawing away from someone 'cause of their speech/actions.