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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 214 - That thingmajig’s effect report meeting

<That thingmajig's effect report meeting (day one)>


「First, the report from Maruyama-kun.」



 The place is on the sofa of the president's office.

 The director acts as the chairman.



「It's my imouto's breasts but......」


 I'm going to report the breasts of my imouto

 in front of an uncle and an old man.


 What sort of punishment game is this?



「First, the chest, the under doesn't change but the top has increased by 1 cm.」


「Just to make sure once again, you didn't directly check your imotou's chest yourself, right?」

「Of course not.

 I had the friend of my imotou to check it.」


 Since it's about Elena, it's troublesome to explain but I've decided to name her『imotou's friend』.



「Furthermore, it somewhat improved overall.

 the color of the top part has also slightly changed. End of 'exposing the secre-'」



 Reporting just this was the best I could do,

 the director tsukkomi'ed again.


「Uh, that color of the top part, how does it look specifically?」

「As one would expect, to go that far......」


「Shouldn't you take a snapshot and analyze the photo? 」


 because there's also the matter of the privacy of the person herself.」


「No, it's particularly fine.

 I'd like to see it but don't misunderstand since it's not that kind of thing.」


 When I turned toward the director with reproachful eyes,

 the director looked away.

 I will sue you for sexual harassment!




「Then, next is the report from me.」


 The next report is from the director.



「To start with, I'm the test subject but

 I drank the one for and the one for the fat,

 while my wife drank the one for the fat and the one for the breast.」


 The president tsukommi'ed here.


「It's not that you're particularly bald, is it?」

「What did you say?

 The falling hair is bad recently, the hairline too......

 Anyway, I will continue to report.」

「U-, Umu.」


 Why did the president get worked up that much?


「Anyway, my wife and I drank 'those' at about 21:00 yesterday.

 For now, there has been only one change after drinking them.」


「You suddenly drink it?」


 According to my wife's report,

 several minutes after drinking it, her stiff shoulders gradually eased up.」


 Did the director's wife suffer from stiff shoulder because of her breasts?

 If it's so, aren't they quite voluminous?


「Next, we carried out an examination before going to bed.

 To be honest, since my wife said that the area around her chest might have become sensitive, I examined it carefully.

 The result of the examination was it became a lot sensitive as expected.」


 Oi oi! That's your wife's misunderstanding!!


 Director, what are you doing under the pretext of examination!?

 And then, what are you reporting!!?



「With regards to them becoming sensitive, I conducted an examination again the next morning and confirmed that the situation continued.

 In the future, we planned to continue with the examination twice a day, before and after sleeping.」


 Don't flirt under the pretext of examination!!



「About the hair, we have confirmed that the fallen hair had been reduced and lanugo hair grew out in the hairline.

 For the weight, my wife and I confirmed that we lost about 1 kg.

 That is all for my report.」


 The director finished his report with a big smile.


 I've gotten tired just by listening......




「Then, finally, we ask the report from the president.」

「U-, Umu.」


 I'm very interested to know to whom the president gave that potion~.



「First, the test subjects are

 that one which heals wounds, my son,

 that one for the chest and fat, my granddaughter,

 and, that one for the hair......

 with regard to privacy, let's temporarily call him A-san.」


 Letting us to finish with our report then making yourself anonymous?

 So unfair!




「First, that one for the hair,

 although I...A-san usually cover it with a『wig』,

 its current condition has gone back to where it only have the right and left part remained.」


 Umu, I've known who it is but......

 it's bad if I don't pretend that I didn't notice.


「With him drinking at night, he began to have lanugo hair growing in his hairline this morning.

 Then, the remaining left and right part too began to become slightly darker in color.」


 Since I can't confirm the situation directly, I can't say for sure.




「Next, my granddaughter......

 she's the daughter of my second son, 15 years old this year and a very cute child.」


 Are you bragging?


「That child said that she wanted to become an idol last year so she began to diet.

 However, her chest shrunk due to her dieting, hurting her feelings......

 because of too much shock, she began to gain weight with the rebound.

 Finally, it became『binge-eating』.」


 I see, so that's why she needed the potion for the chest and fat.



「I was able to make her drink for the time being,

 Since she holed herself up in her room, I haven't been able to confirm yet if there was any change.」


 Umu, the atmosphere suddenly became heavy.




「Finally, my son but...... oh, this one is my eldest son.

 That fellow was an adventurous guy,

 last winter, he attempted yukiyama-tozan[1] and climbed a certain snowy mountain.

 Sure enough, he had experienced a blizzard and he wasn't able to move from his position.....

 although he was rescued and his life had been saved somehow,

 he suffered from severe『frostbite』in both hands and feet, and his face......

 Actually, the necrotized part needs to be cut off but since my son doesn't agree no matter what,

 he's still bedridden until now and continues to suffer from pain.」


 Heavy, heavy!!

 Too heavy!!!

 The atmosphere which had risen in the breasts talk a little while ago has been frozen hard in an instant!



「I tried to make him drink 'that' one for the wounds,

 and feeling the tingly warmth around his wound, he showed me a brave smile.

 For now, a bit of hope might have appeared.

 Well, it's that kind of situation.

 Thank you, Maruyama-kun.」


 The president wiped his cheek with a handkerchief and said so.




 What to do.

 It was unexpected that it had become such serious situation.

[1] Yukiyama means snowy mountain while tozan means mountaineering.