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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 212 - Breasts measurement

「Onii-chan...wake up!」

「N?  Eh?

 Why are you waking me up, Aya?」


 Although you always sleep later than me......



「I've come to wake you up because you overslept, onii-chan!」

「Ah, is that so...I was crafting potions till late at night yesterday......」


「Is that right!? That!

 Onii-chan, did you made that potion?」


 I see, you are more concerned about the potion.


「Yes, I've managed to make it.

 I've made something amazing if I do say so myself.」





 Aya holds out her hand.


「Thank you.」


 When I took Aya's hand and tried to get up......


 Aya, this fellow,

 brushed off my hand.


 As a result, my body lost its support and my head fell on the pillow.



「What are you doing!?」

「That's not it! The potion!

 The one you've made, take it out, I want to drink it immediately.」


「You! Didn't you come here to wake onii-chan up?」

「Rather than such a thing, the potion!」


 Aya looks like an addict of dangerous drugs.



「Just wait, Aya. I'll prepare breakfast first.」

「If it's breakfast, Elena-chan and Hilda-chan are already preparing.」


「Letting the two younger people to prepare breakfast, what are you doing?」

「Because I'm the one in charge of waking onii-chan up.」


 I think your true feelings is 『since I'm waking you up anyway』, I want you to give me the potion.



「Let's eat breakfast first.」



「Although Elena and Hilda are making it with so much effort,

 you want to put it off?」

「Tsk, I understand!」


 Doesn't your personality becoming terrible just because you want to have the potion, Aya?

 It seems the potion is driving the people mad, huh......



 When I got up from the bed, it was raining gently outside.

 I wonder if it's already the beginning of the rainy season?




 When the four of us are having breakfast peacefully,

 Aya brought up the potion talk once again.


「What kind of effects does that potion have, onii-chan?」

「Le~t me see,

 it seems to have an effect on the overall size, shape,

 the color and the size of the areola,

 stiff neck prevention and so forth.」


「What, that's amazing!!」


 Aya's pupils turned into heart marks......

 you're so happy? To be frank, I don't understand it well.



「But I will just say one thing, Aya.

 If you're at least voluminous, I think you shouldn't drink it.

 But if you still want to drink it, I will allow you to drink one as a test.」

「Eh, only one?」


「At the same time, it's necessary to know how exactly they've changed before and after you use it.」


 I will show you my breasts whilst drinking the potion!?

 Onii-chan you ecchi!」

「No way!

 It will be pointless even if I see your breasts!」


 Good grief, is there an older brother who is pleased to see her younger sister's breasts anywhere in the world!?

 T-, There's none, right?



「Elena. Sorry but can you look at Aya's breasts?」

「Yes, I understand.

 But, what of Aya-san's breasts should I check?」


「For the time being, all the places connected to where the effect should be.

 The top and under of the breasts,

 the firmness and elasticity, the top's size and color,

 and such places, I think.」

「I understand, please leave it to me!」


「Umu, even though the other party is Elena-chan, it may still be embarrassing......」


「If you don't agree, then don't drink it.」

「I will drink it!」




 The breakfast was over. When I happened to pass by the front of Aya's room in order to change into a suit and go to the company,

 I heard the voice of Elena and Aya from inside the room.


「Elena-chan, where are you touching!?」

「Aya-san, please hold still, I can't measure it.」


「But, Elena-chan, that place is-!

 Hyaa! Don't touch it in a strange way~.」

「Since I'm almost finished measuring it, please hold still.

 A-, Aya-san......

 the top's shape has changed,

 it can't be measured accurately with this!」

「E-, Elena-chan,

 b-, because you're touching in a strange way!」


 Hasn't she drink the potion yet?

 However, the shape of what has changed?

 I don't get it well.



「Aya, Elena, I'm going to the company now.

 Is the measurement not yet over?」

「O-, Onii-chan!

 Haven't you gone out yet? Just go quickly.」


 You're terrible, Aya. You could've at least said 『have a good day』......


「Then, I'm going......

 when you have finished measuring, drink the potion and send me a mail with your thoughts. I'm depending on you.」

「I understand, I understand already.」


 Aya, this fellow, what's the hurry?



「Seiji-onii-chan, have a good day!」


 I've been seen off by Hilda,

 and went to the company under the gentle falling rain.